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Greek Brides: Who Are They?

Greek Women For Marriage: Why Are They So Popular?

Marrying a Greek woman is a growing trend among Western men, and there are a few reasons for their popularity. Some of them are only visible when you spend some time with your Greek bride, but some of them are so famous that even if you are yet to meet your first Greek mail order bride, you can still learn about her best features.
Greek Brides

They look like goddesses

The beauty of Greek women for marriage is their most frequently mentioned positive trait. Greek girls have golden-tinted skin and hair with the same golden tint, which makes them look simply perfect under the sun. Women in Greece have strong facial features and they rarely use makeup to make them more visible, which is why your Greek bride will look exactly as beautiful in the morning as she does on your date night. Greek girls are tall and lean, but their subtle curves will make you think about them 24/7.

They are full of love

A typical Greek woman has a lot on her plate, but none of those things matters as much once a Greek woman meets a man who sweeps her off her feet. Greek brides are hot and passionate, and they are ready to show those qualities when you prove you are worthy of their love. And the best thing about it is that Greek mail order brides are completely monogamous and are able to love the same man for many decades, making them the perfect marriage material.

They are exceptionally smart

People in Greece value education and even the poorest families put in all the resources they have to give their daughters a good education. More importantly, Greek girls grow up with a notion about their country’s exceptional legacy, which makes them hungry for knowledge. A typical Greek woman has hundreds of books at home and encyclopedic knowledge about nearly any subject. It means you can talk to them for ages without getting bored even for one second.

They are ready to start a family

If you are looking for a woman to marry, not just for someone to date for a month or two, a Greek mail order bride is certainly your best option. These women are no prudes and have certain dating experience, but they are usually to get married in their early to mid-twenties. As a result, you can find a wife who is still young enough to spend her best years by your side but has already gone through some experiences in life that shaped her as an individual.

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They are very easy to date

When you are dating a Greek woman, you won’t need to think too hard of the ways to make her like you or get her attention. A Greek woman puts a lot of effort into a relationship, especially when it’s only beginning. Your Greek bride will instantly reply to your messages, send you lovely texts of her own, be always available for a date, and ready to do anything you suggest just to keep you happy in your romance.

Greek Brides: 5 Things You Should Know

Dating a Greek woman is something you should definitely put on your bucket list, but Greek mail order brides have enough charm to make you want to marry one of them and stand by her side forever. These are the five qualities of Greek women for marriage that will make you want to meet and marry a Greek bride right away.

Greek Mail Order Brides

They will do their best to make the marriage last forever

Divorce is not prohibited or looked down upon in Greece, but Greek women still grow up thinking that divorce is the last resort. They carefully choose a partner to marry to avoid the disappointment. In the course of the marriage, a Greek wife regularly invests a lot of effort into keeping the spark alive, resolving conflicts as soon as they appear, making compromises to keep both parties happy, and generally making your relationship even better than it was in the beginning.

They are fond of healthy living

Greece is a fantastic country for healthy living: local food is fresh and delicious, the climate is perfect for long walks, and there is so much sun and sea that you cannot help but become a fan of a healthy lifestyle. That is why it’s not surprising that Greek brides are very careful about what they eat, love spending time outdoors, follow a healthy sleeping schedule, and generally want to make sure they live a long and healthy life. Naturally, they will extend the same treatment to you.

They will spend every free second with the family

Many Greek women are very busy, but when they get some free time, they never have any doubts about the ways to spend it. Instead of going shopping, meeting with girlfriends, or going somewhere on her own, a Greek wife will always suggest a great activity for the whole family. The time you spend with your Greek bride will strengthen your bond and will once again prove you that you made the right choice by marrying a Greek woman.

They love having a good time

Greek women love their afternoon naps, but it’s hard to find a Greek bride who spends her nights and weekends at home doing nothing at all. Greek women have a wide outlook and they always know what to do to have fun, whether they are on their own or with a man they love. In your marriage to a Greek wife, she will be the one responsible for the entertainment and making sure you both take the most from life.

They are unquestionably loyal

When a Greek bride makes a commitment to one man, she automatically assumes that she will stand by his side no matter what happens to them both. You will never regret marrying a Greek woman just for one reason: you will hardly ever find a more supportive and unquestionably loyal partner. You can tell your Greek wife anything and expect her to come out with the wisest piece of advice without any judgement.

Dating Greek Brides: Top 5 Tips You’ll Ever Need

Even though meeting Greek singles will feel completely natural to you since there are many similarities in your mentalities, you still need to brush up on your international dating knowledge to make the relationship perfect. Here are the 5 tips that will help.

  • Don’t be stingy with compliments. It may sound shallow, but Greek women actually love with their ears. There is nothing more effective for charming a single Greek woman than being honest about the things you love about her and maybe even exaggerating them a little bit to make a stronger impression on your bride.
  • Surprise her with unusual date ideas. Greek girls have enough dating experience to have gone through many standard restaurant and bar dates. And while meeting over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine may be a great way to get to know each other, soon your Greek bride will need you to step up your dating game.
  • Ask to meet her family and friends. Greek girls are super sociable, and dating a Greek woman means getting close to her social circle. Volunteering to do it early in the relationship will help you not only get to know Greek culture and customs better, but also make the right impression on people who matter the most to your Greek bride.
  • Gifts will never hurt. It’s not that Greek women are very interested in all things luxury and cannot live without expensive gifts, but they definitely view presents as one of the most effective and welcome tokens of men’s attention. Anything from a beautiful bouquet of flowers to some nice jewelry will work to your advantage.
  • Give her an insight into your world. When you first meet a Greek mail order bride, you will undoubtedly be fascinated by her personality and will want to know as much as possible about her inner world. However, it’s also important to show you what you are made of — for example, by inviting her back to your home country.

Why Do Greek Women Become Mail Order Brides?

Greek is a country that looks perfectly stable on the outside but has a few significant issues on the inside. Living in Greece as a young woman is certainly more comfortable and secure than life in many Asian and Latin countries, but the ambitious single Greek women still want better career opportunities and treatment from men, which is one of the reasons why they eventually become mail order brides.

However, that is far from the only reason why there are so many Greek mail order brides right now. These women are very romantic at heart and all they want in life is a perfect romance. From Western movies and books, they feel like they know foreign men enough to want them for marriage. They want a marriage filled with respect and love, and they feel like they can achieve it with a Western husband.

Greek Mail Order Bride

How Are They Different From Russian Brides?

The sheer number of Russian mail order brides makes it inevitable for any other foreign brides to be compared to them, and Greek brides are no exception. Both Russian and Greek girls have lots of advantages for dating and marriage, but if you need help in making the ultimate choice, here are the main differences between them.

Greek brides are not particularly interested in your finances

Love it or hate it, but a Russian woman will never marry a man who doesn’t give her a sense of financial security. Money is very important to a Russian bride and she will always try to make sure you are capable of providing for the family financially. It’s not to say that Russian mail order brides are hungry for money, but they are not prepared to live their life in a limiting financial situation.

Greek women are not willing to live a life of poverty either, but they are more likely to make a contribution to the family budget. Most Greek women prefer to work even after getting married, which means you probably won’t be the sole provider for your family. And even if your Greek wife will have to leave her job for some time — for example, while having your children — she will be very smart with money and ready to make some cuts until the financial situation in the family gets better.

Greek brides typically have some dating experience before marriage

When you meet a Russian woman in her early to mid-twenties, there is a high probability that she doesn’t have any dating experience whatsoever except for a few platonic relationships with her admirers. On one hand, it means that she won’t compare you to her former partners, but on the other hand, it means that you will be the one who will have to teach her everything about being in a relationship, which will require both time and effort.

Greek women, on the other hand, have some dating experience by the time they get married. It’s usually at least one serious partner and a few casual relationships. You shouldn’t worry about being compared unfavorably to former partners, as your Greek bride has made the choice to be with you instead of them. Plus, you will see your Greek mail order bride as your equal in terms of experiences and views, which inevitably means positive things for your relationship.

Greek brides are far more relaxed about household duties

Russian women consider house chores to be their top priority. The house of a Russian wife is always spotlessly clean and smells of fresh homemade food. However, this attention to chores comes at a price. A Russian woman will often work around the house too hard, which will result in her constant tiredness. Plus, a Russian wife may be unhappy with your lack of involvement, which will lead to her frustration and possible issues between you.

Greek wives display a very different attitude to home duties. Like Russian women, Greek wives don’t have a problem with doing all of the house chores by themselves. However, they don’t try too hard to keep their house flawlessly clean. In a home of a Greek wife, things can be out of place and there can be dust on the window sill, but it’s not going to be a problem, since there are plenty of other things you can do with your Greek bride other than clean.


Meeting Greek singles is one of the best decisions you can make if your goal is to find a loving and loyal bride. And since you don’t need to leave your home to meet the beautiful Greek mail order brides, there is nothing stopping you from becoming a forever happy man. With our guides and a hand-picked rating of trusted dating sites, your personal life will soon take a turn for the better and it won’t be long before you celebrate your first wedding anniversary with a wonderful Greek bride.

Toni Muller

Toni Muller

Toni is a certified dating coach and matchmaker with over a decade of experience. Toni Muller has spent most of her career researching the psychology of romantic relationships. She knows exactly what people look for in potential partners and she uses her expertise to help our readers meet the person who will make them truly happy.

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