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Characteristics of Hot Irish Women

Why do so many guys date hot Irish ladies? The answer comes from astonishing beauty combined with personality traits that make for better relationships.

Welcoming and Social

The Irish are a pretty united nation overall. Six million people share their island peacefully due to their welcoming, easy-going nature.

Attractive Irish women find it easy to talk about everything. As a result, finding common ground with the Irish is not that of an issue. They can get along with others without even developing much commitment.

A Beautiful Woman is What You Need!

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Irish people are generally social due to their friendliness and talkative nature. Therefore, it’s easy to get along with beautiful Irish girls mainly because most of them know how to break the awkward silence with an engaging topic for conversation. Besides, the natural speech skills help Irish women pick supportive words when their significant others feel bad.

Also, if you’re getting nervous on the first date, your hot Irish girl will add a relaxing tone to your conversation.

Lovely and Polite

Politeness is another trait that makes the Irish friendly and easy-going. “Thank you,” “nice to meet you,” “please,” “have a nice day” are some ear-soothing words you will always hear while talking to Irish hot girls. Most of them also ask for something indirectly, not to insult your feelings or make a wrong impression.

Irish people also respect personal space – they usually maintain about 22 inches of distance during a conversation. They won’t spontaneously touch you or invade your personal space in any other way.


Ireland sits at the bottom of the divorce-by-country listing. In 2019, only 15.5 out of 100 marriages ended in divorce. To put things into perspective, Luxembourg leads the ranking with a jaw-dropping 88.9% divorce rate. In the United States, the divorce rate is not that high, but it still outnumbers Ireland’s by nearly 200%.

So the Irish indeed become reliable wives and husbands. It’s relatively easy to get divorced in Ireland due to the absence of significant legal, social, or religious obstacles. However, 84.5% of Irish couples choose to live together for the rest of their lives. So Irish beautiful women make up reliable partners.

Why Are Irish Women So Sexy?

People of all nations are generally beautiful, so you can’t say that some women are prettier than others. It’s up to you to decide what women seem the most attractive to you. So if you are obsessed with redhead girls with emerald eyes, you’re welcome to Ireland. This nation has the highest percentage of redhead people in Europe – around 10-30%.

But hot Irish girls have many more attractive features. Check them out below.


You may find lots of women in Ireland well-groomed and generally pretty attractive. Thanks to high living standards, Irish girls devote plenty of time to beauty routines and fashion. Colder climate also provides variety to their outfits throughout the year.

Physical Features

As for appearances, these girls usually have blue, hazel, or green eyes, dark brown or red hair, broad cheekbones, and straight noses. Beautiful Irish women also do fitness, which makes them undeniably as hot as the Sun.


Irish culture cultivates family values and commitment in relationships. Family-oriented women are unicorns these days. Everyone talks about them, but a few manage to marry one of them. However, you will find lots of beautiful women of Ireland who don’t mind establishing a huge, close-knit family and taking care of children.

In fact, most Irish families live this way – having cozy evening gatherings, spending holidays together, with their grandparents teaching children wisdom.

It doesn’t mean that your sexy Irish woman will put aside her career. But she will spend as much time with kids as possible because she also seeks fulfillment through children.

Consequently, if you’re tired of sly, unreliable women who treat guys like consumables, you can opt for hot women of Ireland instead. Most of them are not like that, which is evident due to the lowest divorce rates in Europe.

The chances are you will meet a cute Irish girl who will love you for the person you are, not for the money you have. As a result, she will support you and believe in you whatever may happen. Indeed, unconditioned support is what most guys seem to miss these days. However, you will have pretty high chances of meeting a hot Irish woman offering you this luxury.

Popularity Among Men

Demand creates its own supply – the more Western marry sexy Irish women, the more they want to date them. Thus, 2273 guys from Britain, the US, and Europe altogether married Irish brides in 2019. It’s 11.55% of all Irish marriages of that year. As a result, many guys spread the word about loyal, reliable, and sexy Irish girls, adding to the hype around these beauties.

Top 10 Hottest Irish Women

Why even bother those Irish celebrities? These hot Irish ladies have families, children, and they’re practically unavailable for communication. The matter is that there is no difference between an average Irish girl and a celebrity, except for the latter appearing on-screen.

In terms of appearances and lifestyles, they’re all the same. So, meet the most beautiful Irish women on our list below to see what level of beauty you can get from Irish ladies.

Also, we believe there’s no such thing as the most beautiful Irish woman ever, as we can call each of those ladies the sexiest and the most attractive.

Holly Carpenter

Holly Carpenter is a successful Irish model who has been strolling at beauty peasant stages since 2011. That year, she was placed first at the Miss Ireland beauty contest. Later on, she participated in the Miss World contest but only ranked 41st. But the victory at Miss Ireland ensured Holly a firm place in the spotlight.

She participated in the following TV shows as well:

  • Britain’s Next Top Model.
  • Celebrity MasterChef.
  • Dancing with the Stars.

Today, Holly develops her Instagram account and promotes beauty products.

Holly Carpenter

Nadia Forde

  • Born – 3 May 1989.
  • Instagram – Nadia Forde.
  • Twitter – Nadia Forde.
  • Career – Model and TV personality.

Nadia Forde is an Irish model of Italian descent – her mother was Italian. She has been active since 2012. That year, she appeared in the Irish TV series Celebrity Salon. In 2013, Nadia entered the Late Late Show, which is an Irish late-talk TV show, played at the theater, and appeared on other TV shows.

In 2014, she directed a documentary depicting her career endeavors, Nadia Goes to Hollywood. Later on, this beautiful Irish woman appeared in I’m Celebrity…Get me Out of Here, an Irish TV show. Nadia also debuted on a big screen in 2019 by playing Rita in Once Upon a Time, a British crime drama.

This woman received nationwide recognition and was ranked among the world’s 100 sexiest women by FHM, a British men’s style magazine. Lastly, Nadia toured with her “MPB” single to the UK, Spain, and other states.

Nadia Forde

Katie McGrath

  • Born – 3 January 1983.
  • Instagram – Katie McGrath.
  • Career – Actress.

Katie McGrath dreamed about acting once she was a child, and her dream came true in 2007. Initially, she tried modeling and posed for a couple of magazines. But everything changed once she became a costume assistant for Michael Hirst and his historical fiction TV show The Tudors.

This TV series inspired Katie to contact promotion agents and receive her first role in Damage. This Irish TV series was released the same year.

Overall, Katie has performed in 22 movies and TV series, including The Tudors, Merlin, The Queen, and Jurassic World.

Katie McGrath

Sarah Bolger

  • Born – 28 February 1991.
  • Instagram – Sarah Bolger.
  • Career – Actress.

Sarah Bolger was born to an average family of a butcher and a housewife. This beautiful Irish girl started living up to her expectations thanks to her charisma and determination. She debuted on-screen in a road drama In America.

Later, she succeeded in different genres, including fantasy, horror, and historical fiction.

Sarah’s most remarkable movies and TV series include:

  • Emelie.
  • The Tudors.
  • The Moth Diaries.
  • The Lazarus Effect.
  • Agent Carter.

This girl has been featured in 30 movies and TV series since her career started. Her impressive portfolio and passionate acting have made her one of the hottest Irish women.

Sarah Bolger

Rosanna Davison

  • Born – 17 April 1984.
  • Instagram – Rosanna Davison.
  • Career – Model, actress, singer, and writer.

Rosanna Davison is a gifted Irish actress and model of phenomenal beauty.

She debuted in the modeling industry with a magnificent image at Miss World 2003, winning the contest and everyone’s hearts. She became the first Irish contestant to win the show since its inception in the 20th century.

Later, Rosanna starred in five movies and posed for Storm Model Management, a British model agency.

This pretty Irish woman is a vegan and eco-activist promoting a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle in her book Eat Yourself Beautiful. She’s a mother of three children and currently promotes healthy products via Instagram.

Rosanna Davison

Vogue Williams

  • Born – 2 October 1985.
  • Instagram – Vogue Williams.
  • Career – TV personality and model.

Vogue Williams debuted on-screen in 2010 with her role in Fade Street, an Irish reality TV show.

Later, the rising media star moved to Australia to participate in Dancing with the Stars. In 2012, Vogue Williams wasn’t that agile and skillful in dancing as the judges eliminated her from the show.

In 2013, she participated in Stepping Out, another dancing competition. But that time, Williams succeeded with the second place.

Since 2015, Vogue Williams has participated in TV talk shows and presented several ones of her own. Overall, she performed at 17 TV shows, with the last one being Your Face or Mine?

Vogue Williams

Tiffany Stanley

  • Born – 9 January 1988.
  • Instagram – Tiffany Stanley.
  • Career – Model, actress.

Tiffany Stanley is an Irish model who posed for the world’s most recognizable publications like Maxim, Esquire, Sports Illustrated, Cosmopolitan, and others.

But what was Tiffany like before everyone knew her as a stunning well-shaped model with washboard abs? Like most contemporary models, Tiffany earned recognition through beauty contests. Back in 2010, she competed against hundreds of models at Miss Universe Ireland.

Recently, Tiffany received a role in an international TV series, The Look All Stars. She was also a spokesperson for the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals organization to raise animal rights awareness.

Overall, Tiffany has been more into modeling than acting. Now, she leverages her Instagram presence, having accumulated over 800,000 followers.

Tiffany Stanley

Stella Maxwell

  • Born – 15 May 1990.
  • Instagram – Stella Maxwell.
  • Career – Model.

Stella Maxwell was born to Irish parents in Belgium. The Maxwell family moved a lot in the 2000s and eventually settled in New Zealand, where Stella started her modeling career. 

Being tall, beautiful, and slim, this Irish girl was an undiscovered gem for modeling agencies. But during her school years, she was assigned a contract with Dunedin, a local modeling agency. 

In 2014, she first walked at Victoria’s Secrets show and became their angel a year after.

Since then, Stella has posed for an impressive variety of beauty brands and fashion houses, including H&M, ASOS, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Chanel, etc. 

In 2016, at the age of 26, Stella Maxwell was ranked number one among the 100 hottest women in the world by Maxim.

Stella Maxwell

Nadine Coyle

  • Born – 15 June 1985.
  • Instagram – Nadine Coyle.
  • Career – Singer, actress, and model.

Nadine Coyle is a singer in the first place. Her parents once heard their little girl singing and immediately realized she would become a singer. The gifted Irish girl showed her charming melodic voice at Popstars, an Irish talent show in 2001 but didn’t make it although she passed all auditions. She lied about her age and was two years younger than the minimum age allowed for participation.

Later, she nailed it – she passed the casting and was selected to form a girl’s band, Girls Aloud, alongside five other female finalists. In the 2000s, the band dissolved but then reunited. Since 2013, Nadine has been performing solo.

Nadine Coyle also appeared in 20 TV shows (mostly music performances and talent shows) and four movies.

Nadine Coyle

Saoirse Ronan

  • Born – 12 April 1994.
  • Twitter – Saoirse Ronan.
  • Career – Actress.

Saoirse Ronan was born to Irish parents in New York. Saoirse’s parents moved back to Dublin in 1997 and raised their daughter there.

Saoirse began her acting career in 2003, at the age of nine. She debuted on-screen in The Clinic, an Irish prime-time TV series. Since then, this pretty Irish girl has received an enormous number of contracts and was nominated for plenty of acting awards.

Some of the high-rated movies and TV series featuring Saoirse Ronan include:

  • The Lovely Bones.
  • Hanna.
  • Lady Bird.
  • Little Women.

Saoirse has been more than successful at only 27 years old. She has performed in 39 movies, TV series, theater plays, and music videos altogether.

Saoirse Ronan


Ireland is indeed a land of attractive ladies who make up ideal wife material. You will have a high chance of meeting a lovely Irish woman who knows the way to your heart and will stay by your side, share your beliefs, handle crises, and raise your children. Ireland has been Europe’s last stand of family-oriented, supportive, sensual, beautiful, and sexy Irish women.