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  • Very detailed search system
  • Most women’s profiles look real
  • Years of experience in online dating


  • Mobile apps are not available
  • Women tend to be inactive
  • Virtually no free features
  • Monthly membership is rather expensive
  • Limited contact options


There is a lot that can be said further about Rose Brides, but at the end of the day, you probably want to find the answer to just one question: “Is Rose Brides legitimate?” Unfortunately, we cannot say with confidence that RoseBrides is a legit dating site worth joining. This service is quick to take your money, but it doesn’t have an audience or features to match its higher-than-average rates. If you are searching for a dating site to have a nice time and maybe even meet someone you will eventually marry, is probably not your first or even tenth choice.

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RoseBrides is a typical international dating site, but it has enjoyed moderate success in the past decade and has therefore attracted many new members. But is the Rose Brides dating site safe, legit, and, most importantly, effective? In other words, is Rose Brides worth the money you need to pay to access its features? That is exactly the questions we want to answer with our RoseBrides review.

What Is The Rose Brides Dating Site?

We cannot talk about the features and problems of RoseBrides without talking about the nature of the site. So what is Rose Brides and why should you consider joining it? Rose Brides is a dating site that has been around for more than two decades. It can be used for meeting people from your own city or country, but it’s much more popular for international dating — specifically, to help men from the US, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia to meet women from foreign countries.

Rose Brides is sometimes referred to as a mail order bride service, but it’s not true at all: there are no mail order brides on the site and all the women you see there run their own profiles. However, it’s true that many of its female members are searching for potential marriage, not just dating, so if that’s also on your mind, make sure to discuss it with the ladies you meet.

My Experience Of Using RoseBrides

As always, we strive to make our Rose Brides review not only informative and honest, but also personal. We have to confess that we did not have a great time on Rose Brides. First, we were taken aback when the only option to continue using the site was to pay for a premium membership, and that was before we even had a chance to check out the functionality of the site and decide whether it’s worth it.

Second, the audience of Rose Brides turned out to be much smaller than we expected. If you search for women from a specific location or using specific parameters, you may realize that your options are very limited, and in some cases, only a few women on RoseBrides match your preferences.

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Third, we discovered that most of the female members on Rose Brides are not particularly active. We sent out several dozen introductory messages to women but only got a few replies, even though most of the women we wrote to were online or recently visited the site. It means that it can take you a lot of time and effort just to get a response from a woman, let alone to move the relationship further.

How Does Rose Brides Work?

If you want to know what to expect from Rose Brides if you eventually decide to join the site, you are probably wondering: how does Rose Brides work? At first glance, RoseBrides is not too different from other dating sites you may have visited in the past. If you intend to become a regular user on RoseBrides, you can create your account right away. It will take you around 5 minutes and there is no need to confirm your registration via email right away.

rose brides review

Surprisingly enough, Rose Brides allows you to browse its members even as a guest. You can browse the members with the help of categories, which include different age groups, women from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Asia, Latin America, and other countries, as well as additional categories with top brides, new brides, and brides who are currently online.

However, those categories only allow you to filter women by one parameter, so if you want more control over your potential matches, you can use the search. Rose Brides offers several types of search, including search by ID and username. Still, the most popular option is the regular search, where you can describe your ideal partner in many details. Ths search on is very thorough and contains more fields than you possibly need to find your significant other.

rosebrides review

The profiles of women on RoseBrides have the potential of being as detailed as the search filters, but it largely depends on the woman and whether she wants to spend the time filling out every field. A typical female profile on Rose Brides contains a few profile photos, answers to the standard questionnaire including the birthdate, the location, and marital status, as well as a more detailed questionnaire with answers about the woman’s taste in music and literature, her favorite ways to spend free time, and her dating goals.

rose brides reviews

We were definitely surprised to see a very limited range of contact options on Rose Brides. You can add the lady to your Hotlist if you want to return to the profile later, or send her a personal message. RoseBrides does not offer popular contact methods such as virtual or physical gifts, phone calls, and video chats. So if you have used those features on other dating sites in the past, RoseBrides can feel very restrictive to you, given that it costs you a considerable amount of money just to be a member of Rose Brides.

Who Can You Find There?

When we decided to review Rose Brides, we were convinced that it’s a dating site for Western men to meet Russian women. Even the side menu of the site is largely dedicated to women from Russia. However, that first impression was not entirely correct, and after spending some time on the website and looking at numerous Rose Brides reviews, we concluded that RoseBrides does not have a clear purpose and you can find just about anyone there.

What’s interesting about RoseBrides is that it allows you to browse both female and male members, which is not something we’ve encountered on many other international dating sites. We spent hours browsing the female users of Rose Brides and we found that most of them are from Slavic countries, Latin America, and Asia, with an occasional European or African member to be met. The average age range of women on the site is between 20 and 40, and many of them have been married before and have children from previous marriages. We also came across many inactive profiles whose owners haven’t been online for a long time, so make sure to check that parameter when deciding who to write.

Is RoseBrides Legit?

“Is RoseBrides legit?” is one of the most commonly asked questions on the internet concerning Rose Brides, and if you researched the site online, you have probably come across the mentions of a Rose Brides scam. When you need to pay to communicate with foreign women, you at least want to know that the site and its members are legit and that your money doesn’t go to waste. We’ve spent a long time investigating RoseBrides and its members, and here is what we have to say.

To RoseBrides’ credit, we can tell you that most profiles on the site seem to be created and run by the users themselves, not the site administrators who simply take women’s photos and run the communication in their name. However, even a brief look at the female profiles on Rose Brides reveals that not all of them appear to be genuine.

There are lots of profiles that were clearly created by scammers. They either feature women who look too good to genuinely need to use a dating site, or are nearly empty and don’t contain any information about the member besides the name, age, and location. Rose Brides offers users an opportunity to report any profiles that seem bogus, but we personally don’t know anyone who would willingly spend their time looking for fake profiles and reporting them to the administrators.

As a result, the audience of Rose Brides is not exactly high-quality. There are a certain number of profiles that appear to be absolutely genuine, but you need a lot of online dating experience and intuition to tell real profiles from fake ones. That is why we cannot claim that the RoseBrides dating site is absolutely legit, although it’s not completely bogus either.

Is RoseBrides Safe?

Online dating has gotten a bad rep in the past decade. People have been complaining about stolen identities, lost money, wasted time, and other safety issues. Many dating sites have taken some real steps to ensure the safety of their members, so how does Rose Brides compare to those sites?

There is a special section on dedicated to the safety of the members. From this section, you can learn a few facts about the security on the site. For example, Rose Brides uses SSL encryption, as well as other advanced methods, to keep the data of its members protected. There is also a paragraph dedicated to dating site scam and how to protect yourself from it. Rose Brides also offers every user to reach out to the site administrators when you have serious concerns about your privacy.

And while all of those efforts look impressive and truly add to your feeling of security while using Rose Brides, there is one major safety aspect that is missing from the site. Unlike many other reputable international dating services, RoseBrides does not perform any verifications or checks of its members. It’s understandable when a dating site refuses to do background checks on the users, since it’s both impossible and illegal. But we would like to see RoseBrides introduce verified profiles where users verify their identity with the help of an official ID.

Does Rose Brides Have A Mobile App?

No, unlike many other dating sites from its niche, RoseBrides does not have a mobile app for any platform that you can download and install on your device. There is a mobile browser version that you can open from any smartphone or tablet, and while it shares most of its design and features with the desktop version, it still feels very lacklustre — probably due to the fact that the desktop version also has an outdated design that does nothing to enhance your user experience.

Which Features Are Free On The Website?

Rose Brides certainly isn’t the first international dating service we review, so we were certainly ready to see some of the features on RoseBrides being only available to paying members. However, our time on turned out to be one of the most frustrating experiences in our reviewing career for one reason: a free membership on the site is virtually nonexistent and you cannot go anywhere unless you are ready to pay.

It works like this: as soon as you create your account, you are transferred to a special page where RoseBrides tells you that it can only offer premium memberships to men from your location. You can’t go anywhere from this page and the only two options you have are to buy a membership and to delete your account completely. This is the first time we have seen a dating site handle the payment issues so clumsily.

Rose Brides Review

So, to answer the question about the free features on Rose Brides, we can tell you that there are no free features offered by the site. You can browse the members for a while without creating an account, but if you decide to sign up, you will either need to pay for a premium membership right away or delete your account from RoseBrides for good. To us, it looks like a blatant attempt to get as many users as possible to pay even though the site doesn’t appear to do anything to make it worthwhile.

Toni Muller

Toni Muller

Toni is a certified dating coach and matchmaker with over a decade of experience. Toni Muller has spent most of her career researching the psychology of romantic relationships. She knows exactly what people look for in potential partners and she uses her expertise to help our readers meet the person who will make them truly happy.

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