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Why Are Slovakian Women So Popular?

We are talking about the magnificent Slovakian brides and the fact that they have enough positive qualities to make any single man forever happy. Here is everything you should know about Slovakia brides before you decide to make one of them your loving wife. Despite the fact that there are relatively few Slovakian brides on dating sites, their popularity among foreign men continues to grow and you need to be really fast if you want to land the best Slovakian lady. These are just some of the qualities that draw men to Slovakia brides.

They are incredibly beautiful

Slovakia lies in the heart of Central Europe and it’s clear that Slovakian women have taken the best of both worlds, which are Eastern and Western Europe. Like Eastern European females, Slovakian girls have fair hair and skin, as well as curvy figures that are, nonetheless, very toned and fit. On the other hand, close location to Western Europe has given Slovakian women strong facial features with pronounced lips, eyelashes, and eyebrows, which allows them to go out with little to no makeup and still look beautiful and fresh.
slovakian brides

We also cannot talk about the beauty of Slovakia brides without mentioning their impeccable fashion sense. First of all, these women know their strong suits and know exactly how to draw attention to them with the help of clothing. Second, they have mastered a unique fashion style where they don’t go for the trendiest pieces and instead create flattering and feminine looks that fit both their bodies and personalities.

They are absolutely feminine

You don’t need to spend a lot of time with a Slovakian girl to realize that she is, perhaps, the most feminine creature you have ever met. Femininity is in every aspect of the personality of Slovakian brides, from their way of dressing to the way they talk. And wait until you’ve seen a Slovakian woman walk and move! She moves with so much dignity and femininity that you can spend ages on the streets of Slovakia just watching the magnificent Slovakian ladies. However, why simply watch them when you can create a loving marriage with a Slovakian bride?

They don’t compete with men

Unlike most Western European and US women, Slovakian ladies are not trying to create absolute equality in the society in general or in their families in particular. A Slovakian girl understands that the traditional family model, where the man is the primary breadwinner and the woman attends to the family and works to have her own income, is the best thing that was ever created. Slovakian girls were raised in families just like this, and they are not in any rush to change the rules of the game.

A Slovakian bride will not turn a relationship into a competition of who works more, makes more money, or contributes to the family budget more. When two people are working to create a nice life for themselves and their children, a Slovakian woman is completely satisfied with this arrangement. If you’ve spent a good portion of your life trying to emerge as a winner in a relationship with local women, dating a Slovakian girl will feel like a welcome change of pace.

They value family above everything else

A Slovakian bride may have an active social life, lots of hobbies and interests, and a brilliant career, but there is nothing more important to her than her family. From the moment your relationship becomes serious, she will care about you as much as she does about her parents and siblings. And you will be delighted to know that she will treat your family the same way. When a Slovakian bride gets married, she considers her husband’s family to become her own big family, so don’t be surprised if she calls your mother and father by their first names or simply “Mom” and “Dad”.

slovakian brides

They will always stand by your side

The decision to get married to a foreigner is a very serious one for a Slovakian bride and the one she spends a long time thinking about. If she eventually decides to become your wife, you can know for a fact that she’s given this step a lot of thought and fully realizes what it means to get married.

One of the most important aspects of marriage to a Slovakian woman is support. If you are going through major changes in your life, are experiencing troubles at work, or simply want to talk to someone who cares about you and understands you on a deep level, you will find all the support you need in your Slovakian wife. It will help you realize once again that you made the right choice by marrying a bride from Slovakia.

They make the best mothers

Not all Slovakian girls grow up in large families or have any siblings at all, but they appear to be complete naturals when it comes to raising children. A typical Slovakian lady does not experience any baby fever when she is single, but she begins considering having children as soon as she begins a serious relationship.

If you have wanted to have children for a while but never found the right woman to do it with, you will definitely find what you are looking for in a Slovakia bride. These women believe that children are the greatest joy in the world and will spare no time or effort to make their babies the happiest, healthiest, and most accomplished children on the planet.

You will never have doubts about their fidelity

It’s natural for you to have worries about your relationship with a foreign woman. You may be worried about the differences in your cultural background, or how her Slovakian family will treat you, or how your Slovakian bride will get used to living abroad. The one thing you never need to worry about is your wife’s loyalty.

Slovakia dating culture has several important rules, and one of them is absolute fidelity. Most of the relationships between Slovakian people are completely exclusive, not to mention the exclusivity of marriage. When you are in a relationship with a Slovakian bride or are married to her, you can expect her to always be faithful to you and never even consider a romantic interest in another guy.

How To Meet Slovakian Brides?

Even though Slovakia is not as popular as a tourist destination as some other European locations, it still has its charm. The capital city, Bratislava, and the smaller cities like

Košice and Žilina, offer tourists a fascinating mix of culture, history, and modern entertainment. However, even though you are guaranteed to have a lovely time in Slovakia and will definitely agree that it’s the undiscovered gem of Central Europe after your visit, you are still very unlikely to meet your Slovakian bride for several reasons:

  • There may be a slight language barrier that can prevent you from explaining your intentions to Slovakian girls.
  • Slovakian women will know you are only visiting the country as a tourist and won’t consider you for a serious relationship.
  • Even if you happen to strike a romance with a Slovakian lady, she is very unlikely to completely turn her life around and move away with you after just a short period of dating.

All things considered, you have a much better chance of meeting a woman who will make an ideal life partner for you if you sign up for one of the reputable Slovakian dating sites. There you will find Slovakian girls who are not only good-looking, educated, and lovable, but also ready to marry a foreign man and move abroad with him to his home country. This means you won’t need to waste any time trying to convince a beautiful Slovakian woman to consider marrying you and going to live with you in your country, and can instead focus on things that matter the most: love, care, and romance.

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Dating Slovakian Women: 5 Main Rules

We have already mentioned Slovakia dating culture, and now it’s time to take a closer look at it and what it means for you as a foreigner. When you want to date a Slovakian bride, these are the 5 most important rules to follow:

  • Don’t take all the initiative. Slovakian women enjoy it when the man takes the reins in a relationship, but they also want to have a say. Once in a while, you need to allow your Slovakian bride to make the decisions regarding your future.
  • Show interest in her culture. Slovakian girls are much more likely to date or marry a man who has a genuine interest in Slovakian culture. Learning a few phrases in Slovakian and reading about the country’s history is a good place to start.
  • Learn to let loose. A romantic relationship is a serious business, but there is nothing stopping you from having fun and acting silly from time to time. Slovakian women are laid-back and expect you to display the same behavior.
  • Meet her family and friends. Charming the friends and family of your Slovakian bride is the fastest way to make an even better impression on her and make her even more likely to consider you for marriage.
  • Don’t put an emphasis on material things. Your financial situation is important to a Slovakian bride, but it’s not the most important thing in the world. Overly expensive gifts or dates may even scare your Slovakian woman away.

Why Do Slovakian Women Become Mail Order Brides?

If you know anything about foreign mail order brides, you are probably familiar with the fact that many of them decide to become mail order brides for practical reasons. Without enough education and career opportunities in their own countries and with men who don’t treat them right and don’t make enough money, many beautiful foreign women don’t see any other way to escape their living conditions than to become mail order brides.

That is not the case with Slovakian brides. Slovakia may not be the most economically thriving country in the world, but its women are far from disadvantaged. They have all the opportunities they need to get an education, work, and build a life in Slovakia. Slovakian men are also not the worst marriage material and they generally treat their women with respect and don’t just consider a wife to be a property of her husband.

This is why, for Slovakian brides, marriage to a foreigner is not a matter of survival. Slovakian girls simply find foreign men more attractive, successful, ambitious, and caring than native men. They believe they have everything it takes to become a good match for a foreign bachelor, and they are not wrong. When you marry a Slovakian woman, you can know for sure that she doesn’t do it for the money or other practical reasons — she only does it for love.

How Are They Different From Russian Brides?

Slovakia and Russia don’t share any borders and don’t have a lot of mutual history, but it’s inevitable for Slovakian brides to be compared to Russian brides. Russian brides are, perhaps, the most popular variety of European mail order brides, but Slovakian brides have enough differences from them to be considered fantastic marriage candidates in their own right. Here are just some of the most major differences between Slovakian brides and Russian brides.

Slovakian women are not that interested in your finances

Women in Slovakia are used to working and providing for themselves financially. Most of them begin working before graduating and by the time they are ready for marriage, they already have an established career and a stable income. They are convinced that no matter who they are with, it’s important to be at least somewhat financially independent.

If your future Slovakia wife wants to and your income allows it, she may switch to a part-time or freelancing job to spend more time at home with the family. When your Slovakian wife decides to have children, she may want you to support the whole family for a while until she can return back to work. So while your financial situation is important for your future wife, your income will never be a deciding factor for her when she chooses her as your husband.

Russian brides are a different story. Even if a Russian woman works when she is single, she will quickly leave work and expect her husband to be the sole provider for the family. A Russian woman pays close attention to the man’s finances and will never be with a man who makes less than she expects. Plus, Russian women expect to be presented with expensive gifts and taken on exclusive dates, unlike a Slovakian bride, who will be happy just to be with you.

Slovakian girls are not afraid to make the first move

Russian women are conditioned to wait for men to reach out to them first. They believe it’s undignified to show their interest in a guy even if they are genuinely interested in him. This leads to Russian brides signing up for dating sites and just sitting around waiting for men to contact them. Given that Russian women are very attractive, they usually don’t have to wait for too long, but there is still a chance they will miss an interesting man simply because they are convinced that they shouldn’t reach out first.

Slovakian brides are much more relaxed in this regard. They also like to be wooed and impressed by men, but they also have no problem with making the first move. That is why, when you first visit Slovakia, you may experience a few gorgeous Slovakian girls coming up to you in a bar or even in the street and just asking for your name. This is also true for Slovakian dating sites: it’s not uncommon for men to sign up for dating sites only to find out that Slovakian women are completely open to the idea of contacting men first if they like what they see.

Slovakian brides are less dependent on their parents

One of the first things you learn about Russian girls is that they are incredibly close to their parents, which is their shared feature with Slovakian women. However, Slovakian women are much more independent. They typically move out of their parents’ home when they begin working or graduate from school. They stay connected to their families and often visit their family home, talk on the phone with their parents every day, and don’t miss a chance to spend time with their loved ones.

slovakian women

Russian brides take it to a whole new level. Many Russian women continue living with their parents even after they begin their careers, and it’s not because they can’t afford to live on their own. They simply cannot stay away for too long without their parents, especially their mothers. When you marry a Russian bride, she will obviously move in with you without her mom and dad, but she will miss them every day, spend hours talking to them every day, and often invite them to your home or go and visit Russia several times a year.

Slovakian women prefer to split the chores

Most Russian women believe that housework is one of their true callings in life. A Russian wife is very unlikely to want to split the chores with you and will clean, cook, wash and iron the clothes, and wash the dishes every day without ever asking for your help. She may occasionally complain about your lack of involvement in housework, but she will hardly summon the courage to ask for your assistance. And even if you volunteer to do some of the chores, she will probably tell you that you don’t need to do it even though she may be tired.

This is not something you will experience with a Slovakian bride. These women don’t strive for absolute equality at home, especially if you work considerably more than your wife or if she doesn’t work at all. However, no matter how busy you may be, your Slovakian wife will always expect you to contribute to the house chores. You can wash the dishes after a dinner that she’s cooked or iron your own shirts to give your wife some rest — what matters the most is that you help as much as you can and do it willingly.

Slovakian girls want to live life to the fullest

It often seems like marriage and children are the only life goal of Russian brides. As soon as they get married and start a family, it’s easy to think that they don’t have any other ambitions and will be more than happy to just spend the whole life at home with their loved ones. It’s not because Russian brides are ignorant or don’t value themselves — they just can find happiness in simple things and don’t need regular entertainment to make their lives fulfilling and satisfying.

Slovakian brides have a different attitude to life. A husband and children are only part of what makes them happy. A woman from Slovakia is not ready to spend her whole life by her family’s side. She needs experiences and excitement to continue to enjoy life. A Slovakian wife will always be the first one to suggest a vacation, a hike, or even a visit to a family restaurant. You shouldn’t get the impression that a Slovakian woman doesn’t value her family, but she needs other things in her life to feel accomplished.


After learning more about Slovakian women than you ever knew before, you are now probably convinced that a bride from Slovakia is exactly what you need to experience true happiness in life. And thanks to the age we are all living in, now there is no need to travel thousands of miles in order to meet your soulmate. Signing up for a dating site won’t take you more than 10 minutes, and then it’s only a question of luck and online dating experience until you find the perfect Slovakian woman to make your wife. Don’t know which dating site to choose or how to maximize your chances of success on an international dating site? Check out Slovakian brides reviews on our site and make the right choice!

Toni Muller

Toni Muller

Toni is a certified dating coach and matchmaker with over a decade of experience. Toni Muller has spent most of her career researching the psychology of romantic relationships. She knows exactly what people look for in potential partners and she uses her expertise to help our readers meet the person who will make them truly happy.

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