Russian Mail Order Brides: How to Date and Find a Russian Bride in 2024?

Russia has the most powerful nuclear arsenal, the deepest lake on Earth, the most abundant forest resources, and some of the loveliest women in the world. If Russian culture and women have ever fascinated you, you’re in the right place. This time, you will learn how to meet Russian brides on dating sites and start online relationships. Ready for the journey? Then keep reading.

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Who Are Russian Mail Order Brides?

Russian mail order brides are women from Russia who register on dating sites and specialized marriage agencies to find husbands abroad. These girls would love to leave their home country once they marry foreigners. However, speaking of marriage is simple. But leading your Russian bride to the altar is a whole different story. That is why you would want to know some facts about Russian women and Russian dating culture before rushing into online relationships.

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What Should You Know About Russian Women?

Check some peculiar Russian features to understand the local women better and find a Russian wife faster.

Russian Brides Date to Marry

In North America and plenty of European countries, many people date casually. They hang out, socialize, flirt, and often jump into bedroom rodeo. You may get into dating games for fun and pleasure.

But casual dating is not the case in Russia and most post-soviet countries. These games appear to be much more personal to them. A Russian girl dates a person specifically to marry them in the future.

Please, take it seriously since no Russian woman will tolerate the fact that you spend time with some other girls or “date” them (how dare you!). If she gets to know about your “affairs” (indeed, she will think so even if you know each other for a week), it’s all over. It’s also over if she realizes that you won’t marry her.

One more thing – most Russians don’t bother with “what are we” questions. Have you asked out a girl at least once? Have you kissed? If you can confirm both instances, then congratulations! You’re dating a Russian woman, and you’re exclusive. You’re in a relationship that your girlfriend is expecting to result in marriage.

Russian Mail order bride

So before you proceed further, please understand that you will succeed in dating Russian women only if you plan to marry one of them.

Russian Girls Are Mild-Mannered and Loyal

Russian women have a reputation as some of the most stoic females. They can tolerate suffering for an exceptionally long time. One can recall a famous story about courageous Decembrists’ wives as the manifestation of ultimate Russian loyalty.

The Decembrists’ wives voluntarily followed their men in exile to Siberia because they couldn’t leave their loved ones in suffering. Are such Russian brides real today? Yes, they are. Times change, but many Russian women still sustain hardships for the sake of their families these days.

Russian Mail Order Brides Speak English

Most Russians, especially these days, can speak English. Thus, about 30% of the population can read and translate English pieces using a dictionary. Besides, they learn it in schools and universities.

Another good news for you is that many Russian girls enroll in universities to learn and teach foreign languages.

Lastly, Russia ranks 41st among 100 countries in the region regarding English proficiency. It doesn’t mean that all women who register on dating sites speak English. However, you will have a higher chance of meeting an English-speaking girl among Russian brides since these women usually learn the language.

What Makes Russian Mail Order Wives So Popular?

Delicate Appearance

Russian women have the charm that makes them virtually irresistible. A secret to this magic comes from their delicate facial features. Russian girls have oval faces, small bulbous noses, big eyes, and also thick lips. As a result, these women have cute and innocent appearances.

Feminine Fashion

Like all Slavic nations, Russians dress up while going for a short walk or shopping at the nearest grocery. Russian girls always put on makeup and the most elegant outfits while going outdoors. 

Besides, they keep up with the latest fashion trends but preserve their feminine touch, charming everyone around them. 

Severe Gender Disproportion

You may have heard about the gender imbalance in China and India, where men outnumber women. Russia experiences the opposite demographic issue – there are only 86.8 men per 100 women. 

So a whopping 11.5 million Russian women (14% of the entire female population) may never establish a family because there are just not enough guys in their country. As a result, thousands of Russian women search for partners abroad.

Traditional Distribution of Responsibilities

Russians follow traditional gender roles and allocate responsibilities accordingly. Thus, women usually do all the domestic work while their husbands earn money and provide for the family.

It means your Russian wife will accept that you do little in the house because she believes cooking, washing the dishes, and cleaning are not men’s chores. 

Your role is to earn money. As a result, your wife will let you have a rest once you come back home. Recent polls show that Russian wives spend 18.4% of the day doing housework, which is about five hours. For comparison, American women spend 3.7 hours.

Your wife will also take care of the baby. However, it doesn’t mean you can abuse your woman and never help her at home. 

Treat this information as the recipe for your success. If you help your Russian woman with cooking and cleaning, she will flourish like a beautiful flower. By doing so, you will show her that you value her efforts and care about her wellbeing, letting her have a rest of the unpaid domestic work.

Traditional Gender Roles Force Russian Brides to Marry Guys Overseas

The orthodox family roles are the biggest tragedy of Russian families and one of the answers to skyrocketing, record-breaking divorce rates in Russia. At the same time, this is another reason why Russian girls search for men overseas.

Russian guys are unable to earn decent money because of ruined economics and a dying labor market. After all, Russians earn around $10,000 annually, struggling to make ends meet. With that said, Russian women seek men overseas because they struggle to find guys who can provide for the family in their home country. 

Consequently, most Russian women will ascend to seventh heaven once they meet guys who earn more than $1,500 per month. If you’re one of those, you will outperform most Russians on the dating scene.

Awesome Russian Bride

As a result, dating Russian girls is easy from a financial standpoint. At least, these women are much more grateful.

Specifics of Russian Brides from Different Regions 

The Russian Federation occupies one-eighth of the world’s habitable land and spans across eleven time zones. It’s home to 180 nationalities. That’s why you may find Russian brides of different origins. So how do they differ one from another? Check this out below.

Ladies from European Russia

Russian mail order brides from the European part of the country will meet most of your expectations about ideal Slavic wives. These girls have typical Slavic appearances – blue eyes, fair skin and hair, oval/round face, wide cheekbones, and delicate noses with rounded tips. Here, you may find Russian girls of Ukrainian or Tajik origin.

Many girls from the European part of Russia, especially from Moscow and St. Petersburg, speak English on B1-B2 levels. Also, you may find plenty of women studying English professionally in European Russian cities as these are the most popular tourist destinations.

Russian Women from Southern Russia

The southern part of Russia comprises several republics of Caucasus, like the republic of Dagestan, North Ossetia-Alania, Ingushetia, Chechen republic, etc.

Most girls from these republics possess slightly different appearances – mostly straight noses, slimmer faces, almond eyes, slightly darker skin tones, and dark hair. They may have Georgian or Azerbaijani origin as these countries sit close to Southern Russian borders.

These girls may not speak or write in English as fluently as their counterparts from European Russia.

Religious Beliefs of Caucasus Russian Brides

The Caucasus has been an Islamic region historically. It means people from Southern Russian republics follow even stricter orthodox social norms and traditions regarding gender roles. Thus, Caucasus Russian women often cover their faces with hijabs because religion prohibits females from revealing their faces and bodies to strangers.

Islam also implies that Caucasus parents have far more authority over their children, and most young adults live with their parents there for quite a long time. So if you date a Russian woman from Southern Russia, you have to win her parent’s favor before proposing to her in most cases.

Russian Girls from the Far East

Russians and Ukrainians are the largest ethnicities in the Russian Far East, but you can also meet Mongolians, Yakuts, Koreans, and indigenous North Asian people.

So these Russian brides have distinctive Asian features – monolid eyes, round flat faces, small noses, wide cheekbones, and black hair. Sure, hot sexy girls combining beautiful European and Asian traits are included!

But you will hit a significant language barrier if you locate Russian mail order brides from these areas since they don’t usually speak English. All you can expect from these ladies are a couple of basic English phrases like “how do you do.” It’s because most of these people never deal with the English language in daily conversations or at work.

So if you wish to buy a Russian wife from the Far East, you may need to spend some money on English courses for your significant other.

Specifics of Dating a Russian Woman Online and Offline

We have said that Russian society remains patriarchal, but the extent of this patriarchy might seem weird to American eyes. So we should tell you about the specifics of dating mail order Russian brides online and offline to help you overcome the cultural barrier.

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Dating Brides from Russia Online

Let’s start with online dating because it might be the first stage of meeting a Russian girl. After all, you wouldn’t want to fly to Russia without testing the waters beforehand. The reason is that Russian girls are not approachable in the street. But while online dating is much easier overall, it can also become a nightmare sometimes, especially if you make some of the following mistakes:

Sounding Bossy

Would you ditch a cocky woman with a profile headline that reads: “I will chat only with a guy who has at least a Lamborghini Aventador and a ten-million-dollar bank account?” Sure, you would think: “what a swollen head this female gets!”

If you don’t want girls to think of you similarly, don’t put any requirements on your dating profile – avoid “shout be” and “must be” lines.

Using the Wrong Focal Length while Taking Pictures

A selfie camera distorts the image, shrinking your face and enlarging your nose and eyes. If you take default selfies, you steal from yourself because selfie cameras make you much uglier than you are.

To steal the show instead, you should use a tight lens (210 mm focal length) and put your phone as far away as possible. If your phone doesn’t have such options, then try taking pictures using your main phone camera.

Speaking but Not Acting

Do you tell your prospect that you’re an adventurous person while your dating profile doesn’t give even the slightest hint that you go outdoors?

Or, you tell your woman that you’re funny, but you haven’t cracked a single joke yet. If you do so, you will turn off all Russian brides for marriage you will ever meet. So instead of telling your woman about your qualities, show them to her.

Hitting a Generic Greeting

Hi! What’s up? Well, if you want to spark the woman’s interest, such a generic, boring line won’t do the trick. But if you start a conversation with a compliment (no sexualizing) and mention some facts from the girl’s profile, you will show that you actually care. Try to find common ground to establish a conversation.

Top Do’s While Dating Mail Order Brides from Russia

Be Real

Being sincere is the best way to win the woman’s heart. Don’t pretend to be cool because it works against you. Pretending to be cool demonstrates that you’re a two-faced sneaky guy who minds his own sly business.

Ironically, being real is what makes you cool, when you dare to show both flaws and strength of your personality.

Be Available

It’s easy to overthink when thousands of miles stand between you and your significant other or a prospective girlfriend. Once your partner is online but doesn’t read your messages or sends dry replies, you start thinking about what has gone wrong.

Generally, you don’t want to let this happen, especially with emotional Russian women. So be as available as possible and try to reply within an acceptable time.

Moreover, it’s far better to explain why you were unavailable. Just say something like: “Don’t worry dear, I sent my cat to cut off his balls, but now I’m all yours, let’s talk.” It will help you build trust much faster because you show your woman that you really care about her feelings.

Make the First Move

It’s against cultural norms for Russian women to take initiative. Russian girls love courtesy, and being the first to initiate a chat is an unspoken rule for Russian men. That’s why Russian mail order wives will expect their partners to start conversations. 

Pretty Russian Girl

Two Simple Rules of Dating Russian Mail Order Brides Offline

Surround Your Russian Mail Order Bride with Love and Attention

It may sound ridiculous for you, but Russian women love to feel weak and expect their men to show the care of father-daughter level. Essentially, you will become a man of Russian women’s dreams if you do the following:

  • Help her put on her coat.
  • Pull the chair for her.
  • Help her out of the car.
  • Carry bags.
  • Occasionally buy flowers and gifts.
  • Take her home.
  • Go shopping together and compliment her outfits and hairstyles.
  • Ask her out frequently.

In other words, Russian women love it when someone considers them in need of help. For Russians, it’s courtesy even though it might sound like outrageous sexism for Western women.

Pay for the Restaurant Check

Paying for the restaurant bill is an absolute necessity when you deal with Russian brides. Also, don’t listen to a woman from Russia if she wants to split the check. Just don’t do this because Russians often mean “no” when saying “yes” and vice versa.

How to Find a Russian Bride Online?

There are plenty of options to find a Russian bride without going to Russia. You can try fortune on international or niche dating websites. But if you want to speed up your dating searchers, you can address marriage services that center around Russian wives to buy specifically. The following features differentiate marriage agencies from regular dating sites:

  • Variety of communication and entertainment options – emails, text messages, video calls, phone calls, virtual gifts, etc.
  • Delivery services – you can purchase some gifts via a built-in online store and send them to your bride without extra hustle.
  • Verified profiles only. Girls have to provide passport scans to set up profiles on matchmaking websites.
  • Mail order brides seek marriage specifically. On these sites, you will find only single women in search of husbands.

How Much Do Russian Mail Order Brides Cost? 

Dating and marrying a Russian bride can cost you anything between $5,000 and $25,000. It includes everything – from online messaging to relocating your Russian bride. It also depends on how long you will be dating a Russian lady. Let’s consider one month:

  1. Online messaging – $30 for a dating site subscription.
  2. Matchmaking services – $500.
  3. A trip to Russia – $5,500 for two.

So you will spend around $6,030 per month on average if you wish to date Russian mail order brides comfortably both online and offline. Also, note that you can spend less money.

The Bottom Line

Slavic women have a reputation of being some of the most beautiful, faithful, committed, and undemanding women ready to follow their men. It’s easy to date them because all you need to do is surround them with love and care. That’s the recipe for melting their hearts. In return, your Russian wife will bring ultimate passion, loyalty, and support to your relationship.

So don’t hesitate and sign up on dating sites to meet one of the Russian brides who will become the woman of your dreams.


Are Russian Mail Order Brides Real?

Yes, Russian mail order brides are real and they are actively looking for relationships. You can check some studies investigating transnational marriages to make sure of that. You can also sign up on any international dating site and see for yourself.

How Can I Protect Myself from Scammers?

You can protect yourself from scammers by following these tips:
- Use only secure websites that provide encrypted connections and have SSL certificates;
- Don’t reveal any sensitive information (like credit card numbers) to mail order brides;
- Don’t provide mail order brides with money beforehand. Use common sense – invest in your bride only if you’re going to marry her;
- Block mail order brides who seem suspicious to you;
- Use Google reverse image tool to check brides’ profile pictures.

How Do Russian Mail Order Wives Services Work?

Russian mail order bride services work in the following way:
- You sign up on a matchmaking website;
- You create a dating profile and filter women who match your interests;
- You chat with women of your interest;
- The service helps you get to Russia and arranges a physical meeting;
- You continue dating your Russian bride online and offline and eventually marry her.

Do Russian Mail Order Bride Services Guarantee That I Find a Bride?

Russian mail order bride services don’t guarantee marriage. But they are committed to providing safe and uninterrupted online dating services, like chats, phone and video calls, and other means of communication.

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