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2021 Update On Dating Russian Women Online: Best Tips And Hints

When you think about international mail order brides, Russian women are probably the first ones to jump to your mind. We are so used to the concept of mail order brides in general and Russian brides for marriage in particular that most of us know someone who is already happily married to a Russian wife or, at least, have seen these charming love stories in movies and other media.

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Unforgettable Appearance Russian Women

If you want to see a beautiful Russian wife by your side at all times, it’s not enough to just decide that you want to get married. You also need to know what makes Russian women special, how to charm them and make them want to marry you, and, most importantly, how to get a Russian bride when you live in a completely different part of the world. Today we are here to answer any questions you may have about the gorgeous brides from Russia.

What are Top Russian Brides?

Like you, we are big fans of Russian mail order wives. However, instead of just admiring them from a distance, we made it our goal to become experts in the world of dating Russian women. Right now, we believe no one knows more about finding, charming, and marrying girls from Russia. That is why we founded Top Russian Brides and currently help thousands of men meet the love of their lives without even leaving their couch. So what exactly do we do? On our websites, you will find three types of insights into single Russian brides:

  • Extensive information about Russian women, their best features, and what makes them absolutely perfect for dating and marriage.
  • Helpful dating guides, where we detail the romantic and cultural peculiarities of Russian women and how to maximize your chances of finding your soulmate.
  • Honest dating site reviews, where we look at the most famous Russian mail order bride sites and tell you whether you should check them out or skip them.

How to Meet Hot Russian Brides?

It’s hard to believe that even in 2020, there are not as many opportunities to meet a Russian woman who will eventually become your loving wife. Today, most Western guys find their Russian wives through one of these three ways:

  • Traveling to Russia. On one hand, this is a fantastic way to meet your ideal woman. Not only do you get to meet lots of charming Russian girls in person, but you also get to see the magnificent Russian architecture and beautiful landscapes. However, this method has its problems. First, you will need quite a lot of money to spend even one week in Russia. Second, the women you meet will never agree to move to your country after just a few dates. Third, Russia is not the most welcoming country for foreigners and you may not feel as comfortable in its streets or public spaces.
  • Through your social circle. If you are lucky enough, you already know some Russian women: they may work in your office building, serve you coffee at your favorite coffee shop, or you may know the same people and meet through them. However, the chances of that happening are very slim and it’s even more improbable if you consider yourself a loner without a thriving social life.
  • Meeting online. This is by far the smartest, most budget-friendly, and effective way to meet hot Russian brides. There are plenty of Russian women on Instagram and other social media, but you have a better chance of finding your new significant other on a specialized Russian dating website. You can do it from the comfort of your own home, take the relationship at your preferable pace, and arrange the offline meeting whenever you want.

Russian Women

Russian Women: Reasons to Date Them

Whenever you come across any Russian brides review, you will probably see men who are completely in awe of Russian women and think they are the most wonderful ladies on the planet. And they are definitely not wrong, as Russian girls make some of the most coveted wives in the world. So why exactly should you consider dating a woman from Russia? Here are just a few reasons.


Russian ladies have that signature look and you can instantly tell they come from a Slavic country. This is what a typical Russian woman looks like.


Women in Russia have very delicate facial features. Their best feature is usually their eyes, which can be light blue or light green, although there are plenty of Russian women with piercing brown eyes. It is common for women in Russia to have medium-sized lips and small noses. Every woman in Russia is a talented makeup artist and can effortlessly improve her look with a masterful yet subtle use of makeup. When meeting a Russian girl for the first time, you also cannot help but notice her beautiful fair hair that women usually wear loose or create elaborate hairstyles for special occasions.


A typical figure of a Russian lady is the subject of many legends around the world. Girls in Russia have naturally small frames, but they also have curves in all the right places and generally look very feminine. Russian women are not usually workout buffs, but they combine exercise with a healthy diet to keep their bodies slim and toned for a long time. You will also be inevitably surprised by the ability of your Russian wife to regain her appearance quickly after giving birth to your children.

Family values

There is nothing more valuable in the life of a Russian woman than family. At first, this only includes her parents, grandparents, and siblings, but once you two become a family, she will pay 100% of her attention to you.


Marriage is a very serious issue for a Russian girl and she wants to get married once and forever. When you get married to a Russian bride, she will do everything she can to make your marriage a happy one. You will need to compromise and treat your wife like the most important person on the planet, and in return, she will make you feel loved and valued every day of your life together. Russian Women


Growing up in households with several children, girls in Russia not only learn how to take care of the little ones, but also can no longer imagine a family without children. Russian women begin experiencing baby fever in their early 20s and by the time they get married, they are ready to have a baby as soon as possible. If your goal is also to start a family, we are happy to tell you that you will hardly find a more loving, caring, and understanding mother for your children than a Russian lady.


Women living in Russia are completely monogamous by nature. When they enter a serious relationship, let alone get married, they will never consider being with another man out of respect for you. You may notice men’s flirty looks when you are walking with your Russian girlfriend by your side, but you should know that she doesn’t do anything to attract that kind of attention and she has only one man on her mind — you.


When your romance with a Slavic woman is only beginning, you may find your Russian date a bit cold and shy. However, you should know that it’s not what they are really like and it’s nothing more than a protective mechanism that helps them make the right first impression. In reality, hot russian brides have a lot of love and passion to share with their men, but they save the best for last and you can only unlock the truly passionate personality of your Russian wife after marriage.


A Russian woman perfectly understands the position of the husband in wife in a relationship. She will never compete with you for the leading spot in the family, instead treating you with the respect you deserve. When you are together with a woman from Russia, you always feel like the most important person, whether it’s in your own home, on a formal dinner with your business partners, or on vacation where there can be lots of other powerful men but you will always feel like a VIP thanks to your wife’s respectful attitude.


One of the common stereotypes about Russian ladies is that they love reading and educating themselves, and it is the one stereotype we are glad to confirm. Women in Russia grow up in intelligent families and they value knowledge above many other things in life. You will always be able to discuss an endless range of topics with your Russian girlfriend, from international politics to doping in sports, and you will be surprised by how intelligent and well-rounded of a person she is.


It’s safe to say that you have never experienced true hospitality until you have lived with a Russian woman. No matter how busy she may be with work or other commitments, she will always make sure your house is clean, your clothes are ironed, and there is a freshly cooked, delicious dinner waiting for you when you come back from work. A Russian lady is happy to share her homemaking talents with your friends and family members, which is why you will probably have a lot more guests at your home after the wedding than you did when you lived alone.

Where to Meet Russian Women?

If you are now convinced that a Russian mail order bride is all that it takes to make your life complete, you should know that the best way to meet Russian women online is through special Russian mail order bride sites. There you will find thousands of Russian women from all Russian regions, age ranges, and walks of life. What’s even more important, is that these women have decided to marry a foreigner and will be more than willing to get to know you better and consider you for marriage. If you type “meet Russian women” into your favorite search engine, you will see dozens of Russian dating sites offering you a chance to meet the love of your life from Russia. However, not all of those sites can be trusted: some only want to take your money without caring about the quality of women and your customer satisfaction at all, and others go even further and create fake profiles of women to convince you to sign up and spend money. This is exactly why we are here. Top Russian Brides was created to help lonely men navigate the precarious world of Russian online dating and choose a dating site that will get them closer to their goal of marrying a Russian beauty. With us, your Russian brides dating experience will be as smooth, safe, and satisfying as possible, and you will live happily with your mail order Russian wife sooner than you ever hoped.

Dating Russian Women: Basic Rules and Tips

Since most Russian mail order brides don’t look particularly exotic, you may think that dating them is exactly the same as dating women from your own country. However, this is a faulty strategy that won’t bring you any positive results. If you want your relationship with a Russian beauty to succeed and end in a beautiful wedding, here are 7 dating tips that will help you get what you want.

Be in charge

Russian girls love men who are confident and able to take charge. From making the first move on the dating site and suggesting the idea to the first date to proposing — women in Russia are completely fine with the man taking the lead in the relationship. At the same time, you should never pressure your woman into anything. It’s best to pay attention to her cues and she will always let you know what she wants without actually saying a lot of words.

Don’t just say things — do them

There are plenty of men in Russia who can talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. That is exactly one of the reasons why girls in Russia prefer to seek foreign husbands. It’s completely fine if you have a special way with words and can charm your Russian date by simply saying what she wants to hear. But that’s not enough to form a strong bond between you and create a good foundation for the relationship. If you are making any promises, no matter how vague or small they may look to you, you always need to deliver, as your Russian girlfriend will remember everything.

Be on your best gentlemanly behavior

Chivalry may not be the most popular male quality in the Western world right now, but that is not the case with Russia. Women there have the same values as they did decades ago and all they really want is for their ideal Prince Charming to come and sweep them off their feet. Despite some women growing somewhat cynical from the constant disappointment from relationships with local men, Russian women are still huge romantics at hearts. As long as you are polite, know where to say a good compliment, and can show your woman what a gentleman you are, she will be yours in no time.

Don’t be stingy with gifts

One of the fastest ways to a Russian bride’s heart is a shower of gifts. Women in Russia are rather self-sufficient and most of them work to support themselves financially, but it doesn’t mean they will say no to your gifts. In fact, they will be delighted to get any gifts, from a simple bouquet of flowers to a new smartphone. Russian women don’t treat gifts simply as material possessions; to them, a gift is a token of your attention and love. It’s even better if you don’t just go for the most generic gifts, but choose something more personalized and based on your girlfriend’s tastes. russian mail order brides

Charm her parents

At any point in a relationship with a Russian bride, there will be a time where you meet your parents. In most cases, it will happen in Russia where your woman’s parents live, but sometimes they can fly out to your home city to meet you in your natural habitat. No matter where the meeting takes place and what kind of people they are, you need to make the best possible impression on them, since their opinion about you is highly valuable to your Russian bride. Respectful behavior, gifts, serious approach, and a couple of phrases in Russian or facts about Russian culture and history will surely increase your chances of charming your potential in-laws.

Accept her lifestyle

The lifestyle of a Russian mail order bride may be completely different from what you are used to seeing in your own country. Your future wife may be a complete bookworm who has never been to a nightclub, or she can be a real party animal who can not even imagine spending a Friday night at home. Hot russian brides are ready to accept you with all of your imperfections, and they expect the same treatment from you. Even if your personalities are completely different, it doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed — we all know that opposites attract and your differences can create the most powerful union the world has ever seen.

Show you’re in it for a long run

When you date Russian women, you should know that while they may be totally fine with a low-key relationship for a while, they don’t sign up for an international dating site simply to find a boyfriend or a long-distance partner. When a Russian bride meets a foreign man, she immediately begins to imagine a future with him even if she doesn’t tell him about it. Hopefully, you are also ready to settle down and live with your beautiful Russian wife for many happy decades, and you should really let her know that it’s not just a fling for you and you envision a future together.

Hot Russian Brides: Are There Any Cons?

Right now, you probably think that Russian brides are the ideal solution to your relationship needs and the missing piece that will make your life puzzle complete. And while you are not far from the truth and Russian women have enough positive qualities that can effortlessly charm any man, our goal is to give you the most objective and fair understanding of Russian girls. Here are the three potential problems you may have in your relationship with a bride from Russia.

Language barrier

More and more young Russian brides learn English at school and university, which is why many of them can at least understand you and express their thoughts in a simplified way. Still, the average level of English of Russian mail order brides is not enough to have meaningful conversations at first. She will quickly learn English when things start getting serious between you and there is a prospect of marriage, but until then, you will probably need to do most of the talking.


The important thing to know about women from Russia is that most of them are very possessive of their men. Whether it’s a genetic trait or the result of many Russian women being burned by infidelity in their previous relationships, a typical Russian bride will not even try to hide her jealousy when you talk to or just look at other women. The good news is that these women never go overboard with their jealousy, and after a short but heated discussion about fidelity, you can look forward to a long and satisfying make up session.

You will be the one who always pays

Russian women are not that quick to adopt the modern Western way of thinking where checks are always split 50/50 and everyone buys their own ticket when going to the cinema or theater. Girls in Russia expect you to treat them to dinners and other types of dating entertainment. If you suggest splitting the check, they definitely won’t make a scene and easily agree to do it, but don’t be surprised when you don’t hear from the woman ever again. At the same time, when the relationship progresses and you become a married couple, she will gladly cover some of the expenses to make you feel special.

Russian Mail Order Brides: 5 Cultural Peculiarities

The Western world and Russia have some similarities, but they are still very different. When you are talking to a Russian woman, you will often be reminded that you come from completely different parts of the globe. With long-term Russian women dating, you will become more and more like each other with your bride, but there will always be some peculiarities that you will never grow tired of exploring in your Russian lady. Here are 5 things that will probably surprise you when you first meet your future Russian wife.

Russian Brides

Traditional gender roles

There is probably no part of the world that has the same gender beliefs as former USSR countries and especially Russia. Real Russian brides are firm believers in the traditional gender roles in the family, where the man is responsible for providing for the household financially and the woman makes the home a better place to live in and takes care of the family. Sure, no Russian woman will say no to switching things up once in a while, but in the long run, they prefer to keep things traditional. If you are tired of the Western women’s agenda where they fight for complete equality in marriage, you will feel a welcome change with a Russian bride order.

Marriage and children come early

A typical Russian girl has her priorities straight: marriage and kids come first, and everything else comes afterwards. Part of it may come from the pressure of her older family members, but most of her beliefs about family are her own. A Russian woman may even consider herself to be a failure when she finds herself at 25 with no husband and no kids. Of course, this is far from the truth and Russian women are amazing in their own right, but it won’t take you a lot of convincing for your Russian date to agree to marry you, especially if she’s over 20 and has never been married.

Different attitude to work

When you get to know even a couple of Russian women, you will quickly learn that they are highly intelligent, often have a university education, and are proficient in at least one professional field. Women in Russia are definitely not lazy and they often begin working even before graduation. However, things change for them significantly once they get married and have children. If there is even the slightest conflict in their schedules and their work commitments prevent them from paying 100% of attention to their family, Russian wives will never hesitate to make the correct choice and either scale down their work or leave it completely.

Cultural background

When you find a Russian bride who was born in the 1980s or 1990s, don’t be alarmed when you realize how different your cultural backgrounds are. From the mid-90s, Russian girls began to get more acquainted with Western culture. They may have seen the same movies and listened to the same bands as you did. However, they also have plenty of original cultural memories, and if you ask enough questions and are an attentive listener, you may discover a completely new side of your Russian woman.

Financial views

Russian women have a very special attitude towards money. There is no arguing with the fact that women in Russia love nice things and are very impartial to beautiful clothing, shoes, jewelry, expensive restaurant dinners and luxury vacations. At the same time, they enjoy saving money and spending it wisely. They know exactly what to buy and where to buy it to save as much as possible on the purchase. In many couples consisting of a Western man and a Russian lady, the latter is responsible for the financial side of the family and this arrangement works perfectly for everyone.


Why are Russian women the best wives?

To answer this question, let’s stop for a moment and think about the things a typical Western man wants to see in his future wife. It’s safe to say that you want your wife to be beautiful, loyal, caring, an excellent mother and cook, and someone who will support you no matter what. That is exactly what you will get with a Russian mail order bride! Real Russian brides have everything you’d like your future wife to have and more, and that is exactly what makes them so popular on the international dating scene.

How to get a Russian mail order bride?

Men who have little to no experience with mail order brides often ask: where to find Russian brides for sale? However, these days, you cannot actually order Russian bride — “mail order Russian brides” is nothing more than an obsolete expression that has little to do with the real state of things. The term “Russian wives for sale” simply means women who have decided to get married to foreign men and move with them abroad. That is why, if you want to get a Russian mail order bride to be your lawful wife, you will need to invest some time and effort into the process. From meeting the woman and finding out more about her to deciding that she’s the one for you and making the ultimate proposal — like all good things in life, a Russian wife needs you to work for your happy marriage, but in the end, it will be totally worth it.

How much does it cost to get a hot russian bride?

When discussing the cost of getting Russian brides online, it’s important to remember that there is no price you can pay for your future wife. In this case, the cost refers to your cumulative expenses of joining a dating site, paying for a membership or additional features, sending your bride gifts, arranging phone and video calls, traveling to Russia or inviting her to your country, and more. Overall, you can expect to spend up to $30,000 on your search until the day you get married, but most men get away with significantly lower expenses, especially if they are lucky enough to meet their future Russian wife on the first try.

Are Russian brides legal?

If you have already made up your mind about marrying a Russian bride and all that is left for you is to find the answer to the question “Are Russian brides legal?”, here is what we have to say about it. If you see someone online offering Russian brides for sale, you should immediately consider it a red flag. Offering brides for sale is definitely illegal and not something we would condone on our website. But if we take into account only the modern definition of the term “Russian mail order brides”, we can say with confidence that it is absolutely legal. The women make the decision to become mail order brides themselves and no one else benefits from their marriage to you other than you and your lovely Russian wife.

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