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By creating reviews like this, we aim at helping you understand all peculiarities and features of women from different nations to avoid getting into relationships that were not meant for you. Here, you will get to know everything about Moldovan brides, their attitude towards foreigners, and how they are different from mail order brides from Russia.

Why Moldovan Women Are So Popular?

They are super hot

Moldovan women possess a unique and unforgettable appearance that will stalk you in your dreams once you meet them. They have dark brown or black hair, hazel or dark green eyes, and tanned skin. However, there are a lot of blondies among Moldovan brides too. Since they come in various body shapes and heights, you are 99% likely to find a woman of your dreams in Moldova. Local ladies are short, of average height, and tall. They can be fit and thin or curvy and full-figured. Despite their appearance, they are extremely hot due to their charisma and special vibe that they seem to inherit from their mothers and grandmothers. Moldovan brides are truly brilliant partners that can brighten every day of your life.

They are eager to create a family with traditional gender roles

In Moldova, girls are brought up in traditional families where women spend most of their time with their families and kids, while men are the main providers for the family. Such a division of roles and responsibilities is handed down from generation to generation, so Moldova girls for marriage are fine with such an approach to the family relationships. They do not look for equality in finances and jobs as they prefer to have big families and devote themselves to the kids and husband in full.

moldovan women

They are loyal

Loyalty is one of the strongest features of Moldovan ladies. It is expressed in the way they build up relationships with their family members, friends, and lovers. Moldovan brides make friends in school and keep them for years. They prefer to have one partner for life as well. They only get married twice if their husbands die or abuse them, so if you get married to a woman from Moldova, you will not have to worry about her commitment to you.

They are good at housekeeping

Moldova women are used to doing the cleaning, washing dishes, and cooking from a young age. Mothers teach their daughters to help them with the housework, and that’s why little Moldovan girls see these activities as the regular part of their days. When they grow up, they do not need to hire housewives to do cleaning at their houses or apartments. Moreover, they consider women who do not do this work on their own immature and not ready for family life. If such an approach is similar to yours, choose a Moldova bride to spend your life with and you will not regret it.

Moldovan Women: Reasons to Date or Not to Date Them

Pros of dating Moldovan brides:

  • They are fun. Once you meet Moldovan girl, you will have no sad days anymore. Girls from this country are very adventurous and open to new people and new things. She will support every idea of the unusual date that you can propose, so you will hardly ever get bored with her;
  • They are supportive. Moldovan brides know how to cheer up their men and make them feel confident and powerful. Hence, you will never feel insecure by her side, even if you have to make a tough decision. A girl from Moldova will find the necessary words to show you how much she appreciates you and all your effort in your work or relationships with her;
  • They are kind. Another positive trait of Moldovan women for marriage is their kind nature. They are polite and friendly to everyone they meet, be they strangers, foreign tourists, or new colleagues at work. They are always ready to offer a helping hand to those in need and they do it sincerely;
  • They love kids and respect their husbands. Finally, the most important reason why you should date Moldova mail order brides is that they consider their men and their kids to be their greatest treasure and blessing.

If you are interested in open relationships or just a few overnight stands, you need to consider a few ‘disadvantages’ that Moldovan brides have.

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Cons of dating Moldovan brides:

  • They are not interested in hook-ups. If you are not looking for anything serious at the moment, we suggest you avoid meeting Moldovan mail order brides. This is due to their views on dating: they are too conservative to engage in quickies and meet men for sex. Therefore, do not waste your time and consider women of other nationalities for that;
  • They will not get it if you date a few women at a time. Romance is very important to Moldovan brides: they need to feel that they are the one and only for you. So if you intend to date a few ladies simultaneously, it will not work with Moldovans. They are loyal and expect the same from their men;
  • They are not easy to get. Are you thinking of picking her up with a few standard lines? Forget it. Moldova women expect the treatment full of respect, good manners, and conquering. If you are not ready to put any effort into making her notice you, do not start playing games. You will lose;
  • You will have to meet her parents and keep in contact with them. Moldovan families are big and their bonds are strong, so they will expect you to meet them often for dinner and talk. Even if you move out of the country with your Moldovan wife, she will need you to travel with her to her family a few times per year. You are also likely to be invited to all family celebrations and holidays, so think twice whether you are ready to devote much time to that. In case if you refuse to do that, you may offend your wife and her parents a lot.
moldovan women

How are they different from Russian brides?

There are a few more things that you need to know about Moldovan girls before you meet them. Pay close attention to this section if you think that the majority of women from Eastern Europe are the same and their cultural backgrounds do not matter.

  • Moldovan brides are not brand addicts

Unlike Russian brides who are fond of fashion trends and luxury brands, Moldova women are not interested in looking rich. They have their unique style that allows them to emphasize their natural beauty without loud brand names and logos on their clothes. They buy clothes and shoes when they like them and the manufacturers are not important to them. Also, Moldovan brides do not spend a lot of money on cosmetics. This is because they have a bright natural appearance and simply cannot afford Chanel face powders or Dior lipsticks;

  • Moldovan brides do not give a second chance to cheaters

Russian brides often stay with men who have cheated on them. They do that for kids because they think that they need to have a father or due to economic reasons, e.g. no place to live or job to support the kids on their own. Thus, they forgive cheating, alcohol, gambling, and drug addictions. Moldovan brides are not the same at all. They will never forget the wrong things you did to them and they will leave you immediately after the case of unfaithfulness. They are taught to respect themselves first, and that is why they would prefer to move on and build their lives all over again rather than stay with cheaters and suffer. So before thinking about how to meet Moldovan brides, ask yourself whether you can offer them your loyalty and commitment;

  • Moldovan brides are not hunting for your money.

Although Moldova is not a rich country, local people do not need a lot to be happy. They value simple things: warm relationships, country travels, meetings with the family, and friends. They do not need fancy mansions and cars to feel fulfilled and enjoy their lives. Consequently, you do not have to worry about your savings and real estate when you get married to Moldova girls. If you are not sure about the intentions of your woman, you can always create a prenup before walking down to the altar;

moldovan brides
  • Moldovan brides are more charismatic than Russian brides.

We already mentioned the special vibe of Moldovan women and would like to emphasize on it: they are much brighter personalities than Russian women. These women joke well, they have a broader worldview and can think outside the box. They also value their origin and language more than Russians. The patriotic nature is based on the love for their nation, not on hatred towards other countries. All these things make women of Moldova much more interesting people to foreigners.

Why Do Moldovan Women become Mail Order Brides?

Girls from Moldova have a few reasons for the desire to find a foreign husband:

  • Treatment of the local men. Unfortunately, Moldovan men do not pay a lot of attention to their wives after marriage. They do not bring flowers as often as they did when they only started dating. They do not help with kids and sometimes they even forget to organize a vacation to change the setting. All these things make Moldovan women feel lonely and forgotten as if they were only needed for taking care of children and doing the housework. Since Moldovan men are not romantic, women look for men of other nationalities to get the proper treatment even after marriage. They also think that foreigners would appreciate their effort in creating comfort for the family more than Moldovan men do;
  • Issues with alcohol of Moldovan men. In Moldova, the culture of drinking prescribes having a glass of wine during dinner, but not all men can resist drinking more. Hence, some men become alcohol addicts because they like the taste and smell. Others drink a lot to run away from the problems they have, e.g. low salary, job loss, etc. While men are getting drunk, Moldovan women should care about them, their kids, and house, and they do not like such twists of life. Consequently, they want to save themselves from such situations by getting married to foreigners who understand the role of the father and provider for the family;
  • Limited opportunities that Moldova offers. Finally, all women want their children to have better lives. They want them to get a good-quality education and competitive wages in the future. To make it possible, Moldovan brides seek Western men to start a family with and move out of Moldova.


Meeting a partner who is the one for you takes a lot of time. Building up a relationship of trust, love, and mutual understanding takes much effort. However, as you came to know from this overview, Moldovan women are worth your try if you are looking for a serious bond and life-long commitment. On the contrary, if you are not eager to start a family in the near future and want to find a woman just for fun, Moldovan brides are not for you. Feel free to read reviews of other women on our website to find the perfect fit for yourself.

Toni Muller

Toni Muller

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