How We Review

Navigating the online dating business with no experience whatsoever can be a daunting task. You can end up getting hooked by one site’s empty promises and losing your time and money in the process, while some of the less flashy and popular but still good dating sites can be out of your reach. We are here to help you find your ideal international dating site quickly and safely, and here is how we do it.

Why Do You Need Our Reviews?

International online dating is increasingly popular among people all over the world. Modern technology has given us an easy way to meet potential partners who live thousands of miles away, but it also creates new challenges for us. With hundreds of dating services to choose from, it’s no wonder that novice online dating fans are more confused than ever.

The challenges can become even more serious when you are not just looking for an ordinary dating site but are instead interested in something specific. For example, you have been a fan of a particular nationality of women for a long time and want to find a site where thousands of female members fit your description of an ideal partner. Or you are not simply looking for a fling and instead have marriage plans, so you want the women on the site to have serious intentions too.

This is why you need our reviews. We carefully approach every dating website and test it from all possible angles to give you an objective idea of what to expect from it. We will tell you which dating sites are worth your attention and which ones will bring you nothing but disappointment. With our reviews, you will never make the wrong choice in your online dating journey again and will instead enjoy the cream of the crop of international mail order bride dating.

Why Should You Trust Us?

TopRussianBrides is home to some of the most competent and experienced dating site experts. We have spent the last several years actively researching the international dating market, identifying the key players, and checking whether they deliver on their promises. We collaborate with the leading international dating experts who know exactly how to achieve success on foreign dating sites. Finally, our reviews are always impartial and based solely on our expertise, not some outside factors or influence.

How We Review Dating Sites

Our approach to reviewing popular dating sites has been formed for years and we now test every dating service using the same algorithm to bring you the most consistent results. When analyzing a foreign dating site, these are the factors we take into account:

  • Site interface. We see if the site is easy to navigate, pleasant to use, and offers a competitive mobile experience in addition to an adequate desktop version. A mobile app is especially preferable for a good dating site.
  • Creating your account. When you want to move on straight to exploring the beautiful women of a particular dating site, you will definitely be bothered by having to spend 15 to 20 minutes signing up for the site. Brief registration forms are ideal.
  • Search and filters. The variety of female members on a dating site can be huge. When you are looking for specific traits, you don’t want to waste hours searching for them. The site needs to have a variety of filters and search tools to get you closer to your dream match.
  • Number and quality of profiles. The number of women on the site and the quality of their profiles are the two most essential features of any dating site. There should be enough women to satisfy your curiosity and their profiles need to be detailed enough.
  • Communication options. When there is only chat and mail as the available contact options on a dating site, you are bound to get bored sooner than later. When a site also offers video chat, gift delivery, and other contact methods, you can have more effective communication.
  • Prices and free features. Most of the international dating sites allow you to create your account for free, but after that, this is where the differences begin. You will have to pay for your experience eventually, but the amount you will be paying is what matters here. Essentially, you want to know that your money is not being wasted.
  • Safety and customer support. When you have questions or concerns while using a dating site, the last thing you want is to wait for an email reply for days. Ideally, a dating service should have around-the-clock phone or chat customer support, or, at the very least, provide a speedy response via email.

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Our site will give you all the information and tools you need to create an effective and satisfying dating site experience. With our help, your possibilities of meeting a perfect partner for dating or marriage truly skyrocket. Don’t rely on chance in something as sensitive as meeting a foreign woman to marry — use our huge database of reviews and guides to find out everything you need to make the right choice!