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Why Are Latvian Women So Popular?

Here is your ultimate guide to Latvia mail order brides plus helpful tips on how to date and how to meet Latvian women. These days, dating sites are filled with men who want to meet Latvian women for dating and even marriage. So what exactly makes Latvian girls so popular among men from around the world? When meeting a Latvian woman, you will probably point out these 5 most important qualities.
latvian women

They have striking looks

Thanks to Latvia’s unique location and history, Latvian girls have taken the best of both worlds, Eastern and Western Europe, in terms of their looks. A typical Latvian woman has fair skin, light eyes, delicate facial features, and hair in different shades of blonde. Women in Latvia are fans of the natural look and rarely dye their hair with odd colors or wear heavy makeup, let alone consider plastic surgery. The bodies of Latvian brides are petite but athletic thanks to their active lifestyle, but many Latvian women actually have nice curves, which means there is somebody for everybody.

They are highly educated

Education is highly valued in Latvia. Every Latvian bride goes to school, and most of them obtain higher education in various prestigious fields. That is why the majority of Latvian brides you meet will likely be established professionals or on the way to a degree. In addition to formal education, Latvian women also don’t miss any chances to educate themselves. They read, watch educational TV shows, and use every other available source to get as much knowledge about the world as possible, which helps them maintain even the most high-brow discussions.

They are kind and polite

When you talk to a Latvian bride for the first time, you won’t be able to believe how polite and kind these women are. They are a pleasure to be around simply because they seem to genuinely enjoy talking to other people. A Latvian girl will never intentionally make you feel uncomfortable with her questions or act rude if she doesn’t want to talk. She will kindly explain her circumstances and maybe even suggest you meet some other time. If you are often intimidated by the thought of talking to a woman, you don’t need to worry about your experience with a Latvian girl at all, because you are guaranteed to enjoy it.

They live for love

Latvian women may have the most brilliant career, active social lives, and an endless string of hobbies, but they will never be truly happy until they find love. Latvian girls are huge romantics and they love imagining their ideal man and relationship. When it all becomes reality, a Latvian woman will try her best to keep the relationship happy and maintain the romance alive. Even when you’ve been together with a Latvian woman for decades, you can still tell she genuinely loves you.

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They make the best wives and mothers

Your Latvian bride can be a talented professional and an all-around fantastic personality, but the one thing that every Latvian woman excels in is family life. When a Latvian woman has a husband and one or two children, she feels like she has completed her life goals and can now dedicate herself fully to her family. A Latvian woman is someone who knows what you need before you even have the chance to tell you, and her love for children is immeasurable.

Latvian Women: 3 Reasons To Date Them

After you meet at least one Latvian beauty for the first time, you probably won’t need a lot of convincing to date her, but here are just three best things about being in a relationship with a Latvian woman.

latvian brides

They are always honest

With a Latvian bride, you will never need to guess what she’s thinking, what she is upset about, or what she wants you to do. These women always tell it like it is without making a scene. If you’ve never been in a relationship that is based on honest and calm discussions, dating a Latvian woman will feel so refreshing that you’ll have no idea how you lived without her before. No more secrets or hidden disappointments — only sincere talks and working to make the relationship better.

They are 100% faithful

When a Latvian girl finds a partner, she automatically assumes this union will last for life. She will never even consider engaging in romantic behavior with another man, which includes flirting, texting, and meeting for random reasons. She will act friendly with other men and even smile a lot, but you should know that it’s nothing more than her being polite. When it comes to feelings, you can rest assured she only loves you and will never do anything to ruin the trust between you.

They are happy with what they have

You will never hear your Latvian bride complain about the home you are living in, the car you are driving, or the things you buy for her. As long as you have a place to live and have everything you and your children need to live happily and healthily, a Latvian woman will be more than satisfied. When you are choosing one of the hot Latvian brides as your life partner, you can know for sure that she is someone who will praise you for the littlest things instead of constantly demanding more.

Are There Any Cons To Dating Latvian Women?

We have no doubts that you will enjoy every minute of dating a Latvian girl, but here are some of their cultural peculiarities that may take some time for you to get used to.

Their family ties are very strong

Western women typically move out of their family home when they go to college and continue living apart with occasional phone calls and visits. Latvian girls, on the other hand, often continue living with their parents after graduating and generally have a very strong connection to their parents, siblings, and grandparents. Even after they move abroad for marriage, this connection does not go away and you need to get ready for regular phone calls and visits of your Latvian bride’s family to your home and vice versa.

They value their friendships

It’s not uncommon for women to gradually abandon their friends after starting a relationship and focus only on their romantic partner, but that is not the case with Latvian brides. A typical Latvian girl has lots of friends and she will continue dedicating a lot of time to them even after you begin your romance. You will just have to deal with her active social life and find something fun to do while you are waiting for your Latvian woman to come home.

There may be a difference in your cultural backgrounds

Although Latvia has been heavily influenced by the West, it is still a unique country with its own history, culture, language, and media. There is a chance your Latvian bride will be familiar with your cultural background, especially if you come from the US, since American culture is known all over the world. You, on the other hand, probably know little to nothing about Latvian culture. However, you will get a chance to learn when you’re in a relationship.

How Are They Different From Russian Brides?

Latvia and Russia have a long and complicated history together, and their shared history and close geographic location makes men constantly wonder: are Latvian brides exactly the same as Russian brides? However, there are at least three major differences between them you should know about.

latvian bride

Latvian brides have a Western mindset

Latvia has been part of the USSR for a long time, but modern Latvians are not particularly proud of that heritage and want to shake off the image of a former USSR country. That is why more and more Latvian women are naturally adopting the Western way of thinking about the world, family, the roles of men and women in a relationship, careers, and more. When you are talking to a Russian bride, you will inevitably run into lots of cultural differences simply because of how different your mindset is, but this is not going to be a problem with a Latvian bride, who is much more Westernized than you can imagine.

Women in Latvia prefer to have a source of income

The desire to have financial independence is one of the results of the shift in the mindset of Latvian brides. In the past, many of them were fine with fully depending on the man financially, but things have changed. These days, Latvian women prefer to keep their jobs even after getting married. They may scale down their work hours when they decide to have children, but in most cases, they will continue working no matter what. Russian brides, on the other hand, fully expect the man to be the sole provider in the family while they raise the children and work around the house.

You can hardly impress a Latvian bride with material goods

Whenever you read a guide on how to charm a Russian mail order bride, you will always see a mention of gifts as an integral aspect of dating a Russian woman. It’s no secret that Russian brides often have a practical attitude to relationships and always assess a man’s financial situation before deciding to date or marry him.

Latvian mail order brides have slightly different views on the material side of a relationship. They do need a man who can provide for the family financially, but they have no interest in the material aspect of the courtship. A Latvian bride will be happy to receive a bouquet or a small gift from you, but if you are hoping to impress her with expensive gifts and dates, your plan can actually backfire.

How To Meet Latvian Mail Order Brides

Latvia is one of the most under-discovered locations in Europe and is definitely worth a visit. However, your chances of meeting your future Latvian wife as a tourist are minimal for several reasons. First, Latvian girls are very friendly, but they will only treat you as a tourist, not as a potential boyfriend during your visit. Second, there can be a possible language barrier problem. Third, not every woman you meet in Latvia is willing to leave everything behind and move abroad to be with you.

Considering all these factors, the most viable way to look for a Latvian mail order bride is to use one of the numerous Latvian dating services. They are designed to help you find the perfect Latvian bride for you even if you live in a completely different part of the world. Becoming a member of a reliable dating site will multiply your chances of meeting a Latvian mail order bride and will become the long-awaited cure to your loneliness.


When it comes to the number and quality of mail order brides, Latvia consistently takes one of the top spots in Europe. If you are convinced that a Latvian bride is exactly what you need to make your life complete but don’t know where to start your search or how to effectively communicate with women, make sure to visit our site. We publish all the information you need to navigate the world of international online dating, including detailed guides to foreign women, honest dating site reviews, and insightful dating tips.

Toni Muller

Toni Muller

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