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Why Are Romanian Women So Popular?

We are talking about the beautiful Romanian women who cannot wait to get married to an eligible Western bachelor — in other words, today we will talk about the magnificent Romanian mail order brides. For a relatively small country, Romania has an impressive number of mail order brides. This is not only due to the fact that Romanian girls want to build a better future for themselves and their future children outside of Romania, but also due to the fact that Romanian mail order brides are extremely popular with foreign men. Here are just a few reasons why.
romanian women

They have a wonderful appearance

The women of Romania look positively different from other Eastern European mail order brides you may meet online. Instead of understated features and neutral coloring, Romanian women are ready to present you with the most striking appearance you have ever seen in Eastern Europe. Their dark hair and eyebrows create a beautiful contrast with their slightly tanned skin. Romanian women are usually not very tall, but they have curvy and athletic figures that they are not afraid of showing with the help of revealing clothes. Plus, a Romanian girl can be easily recognized from her posture and walk — these women carry themselves with so much dignity that you can’t help but be left in awe.

They don’t date around

When looking at a beautiful Romanian girl, who is often carefree and flirty, you are probably imagining that she has had a lot of romantic partners before you simply because men cannot resist such beauty and charm. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Romanian women are well-aware of their effect on men, but they prefer to date only when they have genuine feelings for the guy. As a result, there is a huge chance you will meet a Romanian mail order bride who has little to no dating experience and you will be able to become her first in many regards.

They are polite and respectful

Romanian women receive a very good upbringing from their parents. The parents of a typical Romanian girl teach her to be respectful and polite to everyone she meets. Even if a Romanian mail order bride is not interested in you romantically, she will never deliberately hurt your feelings. For the same reason, you can safely take your Romanian bride to the most important social or work function: thanks to her unproblematic behavior and polite demeanor, she will effortlessly charm everyone around her and add some points to your social value.

They understand the value of money

Most Romanian mail order brides you meet online come from very modest backgrounds. In the majority of families, both parents are working and from a young age, they teach their daughters the importance of being responsible with money. Romanian girls begin working while still studying and they know exactly how hard it is to earn and keep the money. A Romanian mail order bride is not a gold digger and she is more than capable of providing for herself, but she wants her man to be ambitious and smart with money as well.

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All they want is a big, happy family

Hot Romanians may have a bubbly personality, an active social life, and a variety of hobbies you’ve never heard about on top of a very successful career. However, at the heart of it all, there is nothing they want more than a big and happy family of their own. Most Romanian girls grow up in households with more than one child and that’s exactly what they want for their future family. No amount of expensive presents or luxury travel will make a Romanian mail order bride happier than the prospect of a loving husband and at least two beautiful children who are the carbon copy of the two of you.

romanian women

Romanian Women: 3 Reasons To Date Them

Thousands of men from every country of the globe are currently chasing Romanian women for serious relationships. They believe that dating a Romanian woman can make them the happiest guys on the planet. Here are just a few reasons why that is 100% true.

A Romanian woman is old-fashioned

When looking at sexy Romanian women, you tend to assume that they have very modern views. And while that may be partially true — for example, Romanian women prefer working even after getting married — they are still adorably old-fashioned in some of the most essential things in life. For example, they still love to be treated like princesses and enjoy it when men display gentlemanly behavior on and off their romantic dates. Plus, Romanian women consider the man to be the head of the family and will never compete for leadership in your union.

She will be happy just to be with you

Hot Romanian girls don’t need expensive gifts, extraordinary dates, or luxury vacations to enjoy a relationship with you. She will enjoy simple dates with takeout coffee and walks in the streets or city parks. The only thing that matters to a Romanian bride is that she’s spending time with a man she loves, and she doesn’t really care about the background. Of course, a Romanian girl won’t say no to a nice gift, but that is not the most important thing in a relationship for her.

A Romanian girl will treat you to exquisite home cooking

After you spend some time dating a Romanian bride, you will find yourself enjoying home cooking more and more and going for takeout or ordering food to go less and less. A culinary talent and knowledge of intricate techniques and world-famous recipes is a source of pride for a Romanian mail order bride. She will often insist that you stay home for dinner, and you will definitely never regret it. She will enjoy it even more if you help her with the cooking process.

Are There Any Cons To Dating Romanian Women?

When we talk about the many advantages of Romanian mail order brides, we definitely mean it. However, Romania is a culturally peculiar country and some of the habits or features of a Romanian woman may seem odd to you. Here are the things you need to prepare for when you plan to date a Romanian woman.

They are very attached to their families

Romanian girls have very tight connections to their families, which include parents, grandparents, siblings, and even aunts, uncles, and cousins. They often grow up in larger communities, and Romanian girls don’t lose their connections even after getting married and moving abroad. Don’t be surprised when your Romanian girlfriend talks to her family every day over the phone or the internet, visits her parents in Romania more often than you would have liked, or invites her whole family to your new home several times a year.

They hate spending money

On one hand, a Romanian woman is the best person to manage the family finances, especially if you want to save for something major. On the other hand, Romanian women are rather tight-fisted and always feel bad about spending money on something other than necessities. Part of it may be due to the fact that they come from modest backgrounds, but being wary around money also seems to be a genetic Romanian feature. That is why trying to impress your Romanian bride with an expensive gift may actually backfire.

They want to get married quickly

A Romanian girl will never waste years of her time dating a man even if she sees a future with him. The maximum amount of time a Romanian lady is prepared to spend on dating is one year, but she would prefer to get married even faster than that. A Romanian mail order bride usually won’t pressure you into marriage, but she will express her desire to get married in other ways, and you’d better read her social cues in order not to lose her forever.

How Are They Different From Russian Brides?

Romania and Russia don’t share a physical border, but they are more alike than one may think. This is especially true for mail order brides. However, Romanian mail order brides are also very different from Russian mail order brides in several important aspects.

Romanian brides are more natural about their appearance

In the recent past, Russian brides were highly regarded for their all-natural appearance, but that has changed now. Russian women enjoy experimenting with their appearance, changing their hair colour, trying more daring makeup looks, even dabbling with cosmetic surgery. That is not the case with Romanian mail order brides, who prefer to keep their look as natural as possible and may only try natural-looking makeup and hair colors.

romanian brides

Romanian brides don’t care too much about your wealth

A Russian woman will never agree to marry you unless you have something to offer to her, such as a nice house, a comfortable car, and a respectable position in your company. Romanian women also want you to be able to provide for the family, but they will never base their choice of a husband on his wealth. Even if you are only beginning your career, a Romanian woman will happily stand by your side and help you succeed.

Romanian brides have a variety of hobbies and interests

After a Russian bride gets married, her family becomes her one and only focus. She will spend all of her time taking care of her family, which may feel nice at first, but then you may find yourself suffocated by her attention. Romanian brides are not like that. They will pay most of their attention to their husbands and children, but they also won’t give up their interests and hobbies that made them who they are in the first place.

How To Meet Romanian Mail Order Brides

Romania is an Eastern European country that is not particularly known to be a popular tourist destination. Romania has a beautiful nature, thrilling vampire legends, and charming villages, but the chances of you visiting Romania as a tourist are rather slim. And even if you do, you will hardly ever meet your future Romanian bride that way for several reasons.

First, Romanian women usually don’t know English very well and they may have trouble understanding what you want. Second, in Romanian culture dating is a serious step and a girl may not agree to date you right away, let alone move to your country. Third, the parents of Romania are often very protective of their daughters and will hardly allow a Romanian bride to leave Romania after just a few meetings with you.

All things considered, the safest and most effective way to look for your Romanian woman is to go to one of the specialized Romanian dating sites. There you will meet thousands of hot Romanian women who, in addition to all of their charming qualities, are very open to the idea of marrying a foreigner. They won’t reject your advances and will do their best to make the relationship succeed, which means less work and more pleasure for you.


Romanian mail order brides have many qualities that will want you to find your own Romanian soulmate as soon as possible. If you are already dreaming of a day where you can call a gorgeous Romanian girl your lawful wife, make sure to check out our Romanian mail order brides reviews and our honest opinions about international dating sites. We will give you all the tools you need to make your search and dating experience successful and make it end in a beautiful marriage.

Toni Muller

Toni Muller

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