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Characteristics of Romanian Women

Many men around the world consider Romanian brides as beautiful women, and this is true. Physical features play a key role in the growing popularity of Romanian girls for marriage. Genetics has had a huge impact on the evolution of their magnificent female beauty that cannot be confused with women of any other nationality. Romanian women took the Orthodox faith from Bulgarians, a gentle disposition and calm character — from Ukrainians, as well as a love of songs and music — from Gypsies.


The appearance of Romanian brides unites both South European and East Slavic features. Researchers claim that Romanians were originally blonde. A close connection with other peoples has left its mark on the appearance of Romanian women and their character. The long Turkish domination also left a certain imprint on their appearance. An admixture of Turkish blood made the Romanian women’s skin darker. Close contacts with neighboring Slavs also affected the formation of the appearance of this nation.

Many contemporary Romanian brides are very attractive. Natural beauty and charm are their trump cards. Usually, these are women with straight noses and slightly pointed features. Mostly, they have dark brown, long, thick, and velvety hair. They also have large hazel eyes and full lips. Their wide and sincere smiles can drive men crazy. Romanian brides have slender figures and proud posture. They are usually of medium height and have a seductive flowing gait.

Beauty of romanian bride


An insatiable thirst for life drives Romanian brides in everything: in the desire to be beautiful, the happiest, and wealthiest women. They strive to build successful careers and healthy families. These stunning women are symbols of volcanic passion. Starting a relationship with a Romanian woman is like visiting an amusement park. Spontaneity and impulsivity are in the blood of these beauties. However, this does not mean that they cannot control their impulses. When necessary, they come down to earth, try to find a compromise, and make the right decisions.

Romanian brides are very dignified and self-respecting women. They are very tolerant and accurate, but at the same time, they follow modern trends and strive for self-realization. These women, especially those who live in large cities, take every opportunity to work anywhere. They do this not just for the sake of money, but because employment provides them a sense of independence and personal satisfaction. Active, austere, and pragmatic are the words that best describe the image of the typical Romanian bride.

Proactivity and optimism are the best characteristics of a Romanian woman. These ladies are independent by nature, so they prefer to behave the way they want. Romanian brides often get married early when they are young and in bloom. It seems that nothing is impossible for these young women, since they can perform several tasks at the same time and enjoy the process. Any adversity in life only doubles their level of self-confidence. On top of that, they are incredibly supportive and willing to lend a hand to their close ones when they need help.

Why Are Romanian Brides So Popular?

Romanian brides definitely have a natural charm that makes them special. Many Romanian girls, thanks to their outstanding appearance and vivid temperament, have become world-famous models, singers, actresses, and winners of beauty contests. Romanian single ladies for marriage give the impression of friendly and welcoming persons who are always ready to help in a difficult situation. They are also very hospitable and love to treat everyone with different homemade delicacies.


You can talk to a Romanian girl about anything. Romanian brides are known for their sincere desire for education and knowledge of things. Parents do a lot for their daughters to be comprehensively developed. In their turn, Romanian women for marriage strive for excellence, and this is especially noticeable in their literacy and eloquence. They often win men’s hearts thanks to this feature, as Romanian brides are convinced that beauty is not only a memorable appearance but also an ability to share thoughts and meaningful ideas with others.

Family Orientation

Romanian girls keep up with the time and progress, but they remain committed to ​​the traditional order in their families. For them, a husband is a breadwinner, as well as a protector of women and children, while a Romanian wife should be engaged in the household. However, Romanian brides for marriage do not seek to be imprisoned in a golden cage. They are working on their personal development, looking for career prospects, and trying to create the best version of themselves. Starting a family is not a compromise for hot Romanian women, but one of the best ways of self-realization in life.  

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Sex Appeal

Romanian brides stand out for their catchy, vibrant, and unusual beauty. Several studies have shown that Romania ranks among the top countries with some of the sexiest girls in the world. In this regard, it is believed that they are also excellent mistresses. For example, journalists from the British tabloid newspaper Sun have recently conducted a survey to find out which countries have the most attractive girls in the Army. Romania was ranked first, and Israel — second. According to the majority of those surveyed, the military uniform makes Romanian girls especially sexy and attractive.

Romanian Brides from Different Regions

In addition to ethnic Romanians, more than half a million Roma live in almost all regions of this country. Many do not see any difference between Romanians and Gypsies. However, the difference is significant. Romanians belong to the Romance group of peoples, while Gypsies are of Indian origin. By their nature, Romanians are less emotional than Gypsies. From Gypsies, Romanian women have adopted such qualities as the love of music and dexterity in household chores. Outwardly, Romanians and Gypsies are also different. Perhaps the only trait that unites these two nationalities is a dark skin tone.

In the northeast, Romania borders Moldova. Many believe that Romanians and Moldovans are single people, divided only by the state border. Others are sure that Romanians and Moldovans are still different ethnic groups and this division is more of a political nature. Both peoples speak the same language and have similar cultural characteristics. If we talk about appearance, then among the Moldovan girls living in Romania, fair-haired and blue-eyed ladies are much more common, which is explained by closer historical contacts with the Slavs.

Romanian Brides: Reasons to Date or Not to Date Them

One of the best ways to meet Romanian brides is to travel to their country. There, you will be surrounded by many girls of this nationality. Do not worry about the language barrier. Of course, these girls speak Romanian, which is close to Italian, French, and Spanish. Thus, many speak one of these languages quite well. At the same time, more and more young local people learn English. However, keep in mind that dating a Romanian woman is like playing with fire. Therefore, be careful not to be too annoying to ruin her first impression of you. Even the smallest mistake can be costly. 

Meeting a Romanian Girl Is Relatively Easy

Romania is one of the last countries to join the European Union in 2007. Due to the country’s low living standards, it can be quite easy to meet Romanian women if you come from a country that is said to be wealthy. Romanian brides love foreigners and are very often ready to meet attractive men. Romanian culture dating is similar to other European countries. According to Romanian dating culture, you can invite a Romanian girl for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and you will never regret this decision.

Consider Their Mentality

Romanian women have lived among the Slavic peoples for a long time. During this period, their Latin mentality has mixed with Slavic culture. As a result, Romanian girls have a lot from these two cultures. Then, Romanian brides are Christian Orthodox but this does not mean that they are conservative. Among other Eastern European countries, residents of Romania have westernized views, and this is especially relevant to the younger generation.

Amazing Romanian Girl

Things to Avoid

Romania is not a country inhabited only by Gypsies. If your girlfriend is Romanian, you should not call her a Gypsy girl. The girl with whom you are trying to establish relationships may take it very badly. Then, do not start humming Numa Numa Yei (the Dragostea Din Tei song) by O-Zone. Not all Romanian girls like this song and consider it the most famous one. Also, many associate Romania with Dracula. However, the legends about him are exaggerated and a million miles far from reality. Therefore, there is no need to call him a bloodthirsty monster.  

How They Are Different From Russian Brides?

Many foreigners believe that Romanian brides are very similar to Russians — just as attentive, helpful, and friendly. Women in Russia and Romania have almost identical character traits and behavior. Romanian brides make excellent housewives who, as Russian women, can take care of the entire household in the best way. Moreover, Romanian women are also loyal, loving, and respectful wives to their husbands, which is similar to the Russian approach. 

However, despite the fact that the differences are minor, you should not confuse Romania with neighboring countries of Eastern Europe and assume that their cultures are the same. The primary factor that distinguishes women of the two nations is their appearance. While Romanian brides have dark eyes with very thick black hair, Russian women have an entire palette of eye colors, from blue to green, and black to gray. The same goes for Russian girls’ hair.

Romanian women tend to communicate more directly using body language. They often express their thoughts emotionally and passionately. They usually use stories, anecdotes, and jokes to prove their point of view in conversation. Romanian brides usually do not hide their emotions or thoughts. This can sometimes seem rather harsh and outspoken at first. However, they can soften their tone when talking to strangers or discussing sensitive topics.

Why Do Romanian Women Become Mail Order Brides?

Indeed, like girls from other countries, Romanian brides often use international dating sites. These girls love to meet foreign men, communicate with them, and learn something new. In addition, many Romanian mail order brides want to marry wealthy and successful men, preferably from developed countries. Unfortunately, these girls are far from always able to find worthy partners among local men. To meet a pretty Romanian mail order bride, you may try using various dating sites in your region. 

Where Can You Meet a Bride from Romania?

Under ordinary life circumstances and conditions, you can meet single Romanian women in a variety of places, including pubs, cafes, clubs, etc. We know that fate is tricky and you even have a chance to meet Romanian brides on the streets of one of the cities of Romania. However, why keep trying if you can increase your chances and meet Romanian girls by simply registering on one of the dating sites and starting a conversation? With the help of a reliable dating platform, this is more than possible.

When you decide to meet a beautiful and intelligent Romanian girl in person, you will surely enjoy communicating with her and appreciate many of her qualities. Meeting a Romanian bride can change your life in almost every way. Marrying a Romanian woman is an achievable task. One of these women can show you that you can be a different person and these changes can have effective outcomes for you. Considering attractive appearance, traditional culture, and education, Romanian brides certainly deserve the highest praise.


We hope this article will help you meet and start a relationship with one of the Romanian brides. As you can see, there is nothing complicated about this matter, even though our recommendations are quite general. Therefore, if you like a beautiful, wise, and understanding girl who can boost your self-esteem, then take a look at Romanian brides. We wish you the best of luck and hope that you can become a truly happy man with a gorgeous Romanian girl for marriage beside you.

Toni Muller

Toni Muller

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