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Belarus: Wedding Traditions

  • Paying ransom for the bride. The first thing you do in the morning on your wedding day isn’t seeing your bride. First, you will need to overcome the obstacles created by her friends and family. You will need to answer their questions, fulfil their humorous tasks, and often even bribe them with money or gifts to let you go and retrieve your bride.
  • A civil wedding ceremony. There were times when virtually every wedding in Belarus happened in church, but those times are gone. These days, the absolute majority of couples in Belarus get married in a registry office. This ceremony isn’t as long, but it can be very touching and only the most important guests are allowed inside.
  • Releasing the doves. Once the wedding ceremony is over and you leave the registry office, there is a big probability that you and your new wife will be handed a pair of white doves. You will need to release them into the air simultaneously as a symbol of your love, unity, and a peaceful marriage.
  • The wedding emcee. In Belarus, people don’t rely on themselves to provide the entertainment for a wedding. There is a special person for that called tamada or a wedding emcee. The emcee will direct the celebration, make sure everyone gets a chance to congratulate the newlyweds, and will make the reception an unforgettable one.
  • Fun activities and contests. A Belarusian wedding isn’t a streamlined, quiet, elegant event. It’s an event where everyone just lets go and has as much fun as possible. The typical Belarusian wedding entertainment may seem outlandish for you at first, but soon you’ll take part in those contests like it’s no big deal.
belarus brides

Why Are Belarus Women so Popular?

The popularity of Belarus mail order brides is now bigger than ever and it’s now slowing down. Belarusian girls have more advantages than we could ever list in a single post, but here are 5 most important ones.

  • They are the embodiment of beauty. Belarus brides embody classic European beauty. Their light brown or blonde hair, fair skin, delicate facial features, and fit, curvy bodies are probably the first things you’ll notice about a Belarusian women. And what’s even better is that Belarusian girls get only better with age.
  • They are incredibly smart. As a former USSR country, Belarus has a strong education system. Both higher and university education is widely available in Belarus. Most Belarusian girls get at least one university degree and are avid readers, which makes them fascinating to talk to.
  • They are caring and compassionate. When talking to a Belarusian woman for the first time or after you’ve been married to her for years, you will still think that she’s one of the most caring individuals you’ve ever met. Belarus brides care about their partners and can always tell when you’re not feeling well.
  • They are strictly monogamous. When a Belarus bride is in a serious relationship, talking to other men or even thinking about them in a romantic way is not an option for her. She only has her eyes on one man, who is her partner. You can always count on your Belarus mail order bride’s absolute fidelity.
  • They are perfect for starting a family. A typical Belarusian girl has a lot on her plate. She studies, works, goes out with friends, reads, practices hobbies, and takes care of herself. Throughout it all, she remains focused on building a family. Family is the ultimate life goal for Belarus brides and when that finally happens, you can expect your bride to pay 100% of her attention to her loved ones.

Where Can You Meet Belarus Brides?

By now, you are probably in love with Belarus brides and want to find one to date or marry. However, if you think that it can happen in your own country or while you and her are both vacationing in a different country, you will likely end up being disappointed. Belarusian girls don’t travel that often, so the possibility of meeting a Belarus bride outside of Belarus is virtually non-existent.

A Beautiful Bride is What You Need!

Find Your Bride

You can try going to Belarus directly as a tourist and doing your search on the ground. Some men succeed in this quest, but in most cases, it ends with a failure. First of all, Belarus is too big of a country to meet enough different women in one visit. Second, many of the Belarusian women you meet may be already taken and they won’t tell you right away because they are polite and don’t want to hurt your feelings. Third, Belarusian girls know English well but a language barrier problem is still inevitable.

All things considered, you have a much better chance of finding a Belarus bride of your dreams if you sign up to a reputable mail order bride site. Belarusian mail order brides who want to meet foreigners sign up to those websites and run their own profiles. So if you choose a popular trusted site and spend some time there, you may find your bride even sooner than you hoped.

belarus mail order brides

Dating Belarus Brides: 5 Life-Saving Tips

You can find plenty of Belarus women for marriage on the internet, but you will hardly ever meet a Belarusian woman who will agree to marry you right away. These women need to get to know their potential husband, and the best way to do it is through dating. Your dating period can last from several months to over a year, and here is how to make the most of it.

Approach her first but give her space to act on her own

Belarusian girls are very well-behaved and they are conditioned to believe that they should wait for the man to approach them. Even if you sense an obvious interest from a Belarus bride, this is exactly what you should do. However, you don’t need to be overbearing. When a Belarusian woman is more comfortable around you, she will get more proactive. For example, she might ask if you’d meet again after the first date.

Physical contact won’t happen for a while

We know that you are probably used to doing things differently with Western girls, but Belarus brides are very serious about the intimate aspect of the relationship. They know how important it is for budding romance, but they also like to take things slowly and make them more special. When you are dating a Belarusian woman, you will look forward to every kiss, hug, and touching of hands, and it will make you want to know what’s next even more.

Get into her social circle

As a foreigner, you probably know little to nothing about Belarus, and you won’t have enough time to learn when you are busy charming your Belarus mail order bride. This is where becoming friends with her social circle can really help. By getting closer to your bride’s relatives and friends, you will not only learn more about the way things are done in Belarus, but will also get to know more about your Belarus bride than you would ever learn on your own.

Don’t just focus on her beauty

Like any woman, a Belarusian bride will be delighted to know that you are in love with her looks. Brides in Belarus invest a lot of time and effort into their appearance and they are always glad when someone close to them appreciates it. However, if you only talk about your woman’s beauty, she may get bored soon or think that you only see her as a beautiful object. That is why you need to compliment your bride’s intelligence as well.

Show off your serious intentions

The only way a Belarusian woman will enter a relationship with a foreigner is when there is a future together ahead. If you only want to have fun for a while, the reveal will break your bride’s heart and she will never trust men again. That is why you should only approach Belarus mail order brides when you have serious intentions about them and discuss all important aspects of the future relationship from the get-go.

Why Do Belarus Women Become Mail Order Brides?

Life in Belarus doesn’t seem too bad. The country is relatively stable economically and Belarusian women have plenty of opportunities for education and career development. At the same time, they are feeling restricted by the largely patriarchal, conservative Belarusian society. Brides from Belarus are free-spirited and don’t want to limit themselves to the expectations society has for them.

At the same time, Belarus mail order brides are enamored of life beyond Belarus and, more importantly, foreign men. They either have a pretty good idea about Western guys from the media or know someone who is married to one. They see Western men as charming, generous, modern-thinking, and more open-minded than local guys. And since Belarus women don’t have a lot of opportunities to meet Western men, they resort to becoming Belarusian mail order brides and looking for their perfect match that way.

belarus women

How Are Belarus Brides Different from Russian Brides?

Belarus and Russia are neighbors, used to be in the USSR together, and share most of their past, present, and future. There are obvious similarities between the two countries and their female population, but there are also plenty of differences between Russian and Belarus mail order brides you should know about, especially if you somewhat know Russian women but have never met Belarusian girls. These are the three biggest differences between Russian and Belarus brides.

Belarus brides are more Westernized

Belarus is geographically closer to Europe than Russia is, but that’s not the only reason why Belarusian girls are now adopting the Western way of thinking. They are also naturally ambitious and curious, and they are determined to make their lives better. They are attracted to he Western life with its respect for women, equal opportunities, and a tolerant attitude to everyone. They want the same in their own country.

Russian women, on the other hand, are very conservative and rarely welcome any changes in their lives. They tend to do things exactly like their mothers and grandmothers used to do them. They don’t have a particular interest in Western culture and they are pretty happy with the way things are in their home country and don’t want anything to be different.

Belarusian girls are less experienced in love

Russian girls typically begin dating in their teens and tend to get married in their mid-twenties, which means they have plenty of former partners under their belt. On one hand, it gives Russian women an upper hand, since they know how to behave in a relationship and what a man might want. On the other hand, the novelty of romance is often worn off for them and they are not as excited to be in a relationship as they used to be.

Belarus mail order brides are different in this regard. Most of them don’t date anyone until their late teens or early twenties, and even if they do, they only want a serious relationship. A typical Belarusian woman will only have one or two former partners by the time she gets married, or even no exes at all. It means that she will be far less likely to compare you to the men who came before, but you will need to be patient when her lack of experience is showing.

Belarus wives are prepared to work hard

For Russian women, marriage is the main goal in life. When they finally get to the altar, they consider it to be their greatest accomplishment. Many Russian girls work hard to get married, but they are not prepared to do any hard work afterwards. Sure, they raise children and look after the house, but they consider making money to be a purely men’s prerogative. You will hardly meet a Russian wife and mother who also works full-time.

With Belarusian women, you will get a wife who is willing to be a diligent mother and partner but still wants to make her contribution to the family budget. Unless you are filthy rich and can support the whole family comfortably on your own, you are definitely going to appreciate your Belarus wife’s help. And her hard-working nature means she’s also the best partner and mother to your children you can imagine.


The decision to search for brides from Belarus can be nerve-wracking: while you are definitely attracted to the beauty and intelligence of Belarusian girls, the idea of dating or marrying a woman from a completely different country and culture isn’t an easy one to accept. However, even if you have to travel half of the world to get to your Belarus mail order bride, it’s going to be totally worth it in the end. And with the tools and knowledge we’re giving you, your experience of finding a Belarusian woman to marry will be safe, effective, and, most importantly, satisfying.

Toni Muller

Toni Muller

Toni is a certified dating coach and matchmaker with over a decade of experience. Toni Muller has spent most of her career researching the psychology of romantic relationships. She knows exactly what people look for in potential partners and she uses her expertise to help our readers meet the person who will make them truly happy.

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