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Best for Russian Brides

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Best for Ukrainian Brides

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Characteristics of Hot Russian Brides

First of all, knowing the first location to approach these beautiful women is absolutely critical to getting them to like you. Yes, I’m talking about the capital of Russia! The people there are always so friendly that it’s not as if they’re trying to poison you or force you to do something, it’s just kind of easy to be approached wherever you go-at school, in a park, in the gym or even at work. Plus, not just any women, but voluptuous Russian mail girls definitely thrill me to no end! And not only the older generation but young as well young girls enjoy hot lingerie and high heels as well!

Another thing I love about being approached by hot Russian women is that they usually know a lot about their country’s culture, so it’s not like you have to try to fit into their world or impress them with your knowledge of Russia’s history, for example. I’ve often thought that Russian brides are the most beautiful women in the world, and when I met one of my hottest Russian brides last year it was such a beautiful experience. Her name was Irina, and you can read more about her here in my profile.

Top 5 Hottest Russian Women

The reason why are Russian women so hot is simple – they are really beautiful, smart and charming. These women can clearly see this physical beauty from sports, TV shows, movies and in many other fields, they had chosen some top class beautiful Russian women models and photographed them. Here are the top 10 hottest Russian women pictures, which will make you love these women beyond words.

Anna Semenovich

Firstly, we have Anna Semenovich, a beautiful blonde woman who is one of the most well known Russian supermodels. She has won a lot of awards for her beautiful looks, and even became an in demand sex symbol due to her skills in modeling. Many people believe that she really does have a great personality, which makes her attractive as a model. In fact, many people compare her personality with Julia Roberts.

Anna Semenovich

Irina Shayk

Thirdly, there is Irina Shayk, another famous Russian supermodel. She is currently the face of a popular line of clothing called Vestalo-Mash. The clothing line has a lot of appeal for women of all ages, and Irina has certainly added glamour to her role. Her ten hot Russian women pictures are very similar to those of Irina, and when combined they have created a very attractive package. Many people believe that Irina has an intellect similar to hers, and perhaps even her looks.

Iryna Shayk

Irina Antonenko

Another model from Russia who makes our list is Irina Antonenko. She has been compared to Angelina Jolie, and it looks as though they have some sort of genetic link. After all, their parents were both professional models. Irina Antonenko faciton’s ten hot Russian women pictures are not only impressive, but also show a lot of natural beauty.

Iryna Antonenko

Yekaterina Guseva

The next on our list is Yekaterina Guseva. This talented actress has appeared in a number of popular movies and has managed to appeal to a younger audience. In her role as the sexy nurse in “Sneakers”, she showed great skills as an actress. As a result, many people think she might be interesting to play a sexier part in a movie one day. It is always fun to see new actresses playing sexy, strong characters, and Yekaterina Guseva is no exception.

Ekaterina Guseva

Yulia Volkova

The last on our list is Yulia Volkova. She is a talented singer and has released a few solo albums that have become popular around the world. Some of her music has reached top ten in the United Kingdom. Now, if you want to be seen on the same level as the top ten models mentioned above, then you need to work really hard at building your career, because this girl is on your team.

Julia Volkova

All these models are currently ranked at number four in our list of the top ten Russian women models. They all have different careers, but they are all considered to be supermodels. That means they have excellent physiques, great facial expressions, and are incredibly talented when it comes to their acting ability. The next time you are in Russia, don’t be surprised if you see one of these amazing women.

Why are Russian Women so Sexy?

The top two women on our list of the top ten Russian models are Kym Johnson and Marina Segalova. Both women have careers as professional model, and they also manage to fit into various Hollywood films and TV shows. Their looks and their careers have earned them places at the top of our list of the top ten hot Russian women. Kym is represented by Versace, while Marina has worked with some of the biggest designers in the world.

The top three models on our list of the top ten Russian models are Irina, and Elena Poferova. Irina is represented by Dior, while Elena has worked for Ciatrol, CieAura, and Estee Lauder. Elena’s career is closely tied with Valuentino, which is why she is represented by the brand. This is another reason why Irina is considered to be a hot Russian woman. The next time you visit Russia, make sure you meet with the top models, and you will see what it takes to become one of the best in the business.


Our list of the top ten Russian models continues with the names of Anna Akopyanin, and Elena Vesnina. Both of these supermodels have achieved worldwide popularity, and their contracts with well-known designers in the world continue to pay off. These two models rank at the top of our list due to their legendary beauty, and we can't imagine being pictured alongside any less beautiful models. Both models have earned millions, so it goes without saying that they are completely deserving of such a place in the world of fashion. The next time you head to Russia, make sure you spot at least one of the top ten Russian models, and you will definitely be impressed with the quality of Russian fashion that is shown off on a daily basis.