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Eastern Europe is quite famous for the beauty of local women. Whenever one thinks of, for example, Czech Republic, they certainly picture stunning Czech women for marriage. A lot of men travel to the country each year with the goal of finding the best wife, and they seem to have quite a success in that. Yet, we can give you plenty of reasons to travel to the Czech Republic in search of your true love destination. In our review, you will be able to find any piece of advice applicable for finding the ultimate love in Czech Republic, winning your bride’s heart, and simply turning your unforgettable dating experience into a life-long joy.

Why Czech women are so popular?

A lot of men dream of meeting Czech brides and finding in them everything they fail to find in American or West European counterparts. Even though there are quite plenty of stereotypes around Czech mail order brides, some facts and assumptions prove true. Let us discover if these assumptions are true and why some features make us fall in love with Czech republic brides. 

Slavic beauty cannot be unnoticed 

It is indeed hard and, what is more, meaningless to argue that there is anything in the world that can be compared to Slavic beauty. The beauty of Slavic women is one of a kind since it somehow comprises all the best features that a female can have. As some of the most prominent representatives of Slavic society, Czech brides have all the soft, tender, and very eloquent features. Most women usually have blond hair, but you can quite often come across passionate brunettes. An interesting thing is that Chech brides have a lot of features in common with Germans, such as sharp, well-defined features and long legs. 

Czech Mail Order BRide

The organic sense of fashion

If you take a look at the way local women dress up, you will certainly trace a perfect combination of German and Russian senses of fashion. Here is what we mean by saying that. For instance, Russian girls admire being extra and always strive to look classy, even if they are about to go buy groceries. German women, on another hand, are different: they mostly dress up as if they were to go grocery shopping (date isn’t an exception). But Chzech brides are somewhere in the middle: they dress up in a simple, but classy way. They often highlight their personality with an accessory or lipstick and thus manage to look stunning even in a white t-shirt and blue jeans.

They love creating beauty around them

Chzech brides are indeed driven to constantly making this world a beautiful place. They enjoy doing all those little chores that let them create a terrific beauty around them. If you are unsure about what we mean by that, we will gladly provide a small example. It is pretty often the case that Czech mail order wives spend hours ironing freshly washed curtains to make their home a beautiful, cozy place. The same can be said with regard to practically everything that has to do with housekeeping: they do every chore with love and dedication because they admire it.

Sporty bodies and balanced diet 

Trying to find an overweight chech girl can be quite a challenge. Most of Czech brides you will come across are slender and they indeed have flawless bodies. One reason for that is, they tend to have quite a light dinner since the most part of their daily food consumption is during the lunch break. They are not big fans of eating late at night and thus manage to keep their bodies in excellent shapes. However, as already said, this is only one of the reasons. More importantly, Czech brides love working out and never miss out on an opportunity to go to the gym. 

They are not fake

West European and American cultures have a lot in common. It is quite typical that men and women always try to be polite and extremely kind to others no matter what so that others don’t get upset or interpret their message negatively. Putting on fake smiles does not always do other people bad, but it might not be the best strategy in building long-lasting relationships with people. Women in the Czech Republic, unlike in Western Europe, rarely fake their emotions and don’t tend to get too personal with the people they don’t know well. However, this does not mean that they are cold-hearted and mean; instead, it means that they act sincerely. Whenever she smiles at you, you can be certain that she likes you.

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Czech Women: Reasons to Date or Not to Date Them

Czech women are perfect in a multitude of ways. To help you get a precise overview and realize whether Czech bride can be your perfect match, we suggest that you explore the extensive range of reasons to date them. Luckily, we have gathered a couple of most prominent features that will quickly introduce you to Czech women dating. 

Quite and humble

Czech brides are rather introverted. They get pretty relaxed and easy-going with the people they’ve known for a while and with the ones they trust. But if you are new to her – she will be cute and humble. Such behavior does not mean that she isn’t too comfortable around you; instead, it means that she is exploring your personality and gradually getting accustomed to you. Once you’ve become close enough – you will finally get to know her entire personality and certainly fall in love with it! 

Charming Czech Bride


We have heard quite a few times that Czech brides are extremely hardworking. When they know what they want, they will surely find the way to get it, and they will accomplish each and every goal on their own. The same holds true with regard to higher education: most women have a degree and they indeed know what they need this degree for. 

Excellent cooks 

Czech cuisine is quite tempting and ultimately worth trying. Well, if you are about to date Czech women, be sure that soon you’ll try local homemade delicacies. Czech brides are incredible hosts and are crazy about cooking. They are always happy to impress their beloved ones with novel culinary masterpieces, so get ready to have a gastronomic ecstasy!

They seek healthy relationship

Czech brides are not the ones who seek some temporary fling. If they decide to date someone, they are 100% serious about it. This does come as a surprise that they usually get married by the time they are 30, unlike they do in most Slavic countries.


Czech brides have quite a flexible mindset and never have difficulty in understanding a culture that is different from theirs. As a foreigner, you will always feel welcome when your Czech bride is around. Moreover, they feel totally fine about discussing any topic, even if the latter is quite personal. Since having a constructive dialogue is always a plus in a relationship, you will only benefit from your bride’s understanding, open-minded behavior. 

Language barrier 

Difficulties in verbal understanding are quite common in every international relationship. No matter how fluently you can speak the language, sometimes foreign words cannot describe the emotions you experience. Although most Czech brides usually learn English at school or university, some of them may lack a profound, intuitive understanding of the language. Therefore, you might sometimes have trouble understanding your partner. Vice versa, it might be the case that your bride says something she didn’t mean or just fails to talk about her emotions because of the language barrier. Thankfully, it is always possible to do something to get rid of this problem (for instance, by practicing the language on a daily basis).

Beautiful Czech Girl

Local women are very emancipated

The Czech Republic has taken a huge step ahead in terms of gender equality. It is quite normal to see men and women shaking hands and splitting the bill in a restaurant, even while being on a date. Thus, it might sometimes be quite complicated for a man to make a move, show some manners, and simply act like a gentleman. A Czech bride isn’t likely to ever let her man dominate her financially or morally. 

How are they different from Russian brides? 

Even though Czech brides undeniably have a lot in common with Slavic girls, their culture has been largely affected by the European mindset. As a result, they do like to dress up, look fancy, and are as easy-going as Russian women are. However, there is a couple of slight differences, and namely: 

  1. Independence. Czech women are quite ambitious and opinionated when it comes to taking care of their lives, building attractive careers, and even raising kids. When they want something or when they set a particular goal, they usually have a precise plan of action and certainly know what they should do to achieve it all without any external help. 
  2. Open-minded. At first, Czech brides seem quite cold and distant. However, this has nothing to do with their behavior and attitude to life. They are open to new people and particularly admire cultural exposure. Besides, they are incredibly easy-going and casual with the ones they trust. 

Why do Czech women become Mail Order Brides?  

So why do such stunning, charming, and independent women decide to seek their eternal life overseas? Well, they must certainly be disappointed with the local men and willing for better. First things first, a lot of Czech women admit that local men are quite infantile. What’s more, they are quite ambitious and independent by their nature. As a fact of the matter, they have quite a high plank and admire men who are equally ambitious and independent. Finally, they are always curious about meeting people from different cultural backgrounds and establishing a family together. 

Now that you know why Czech brides are crazy about Western men, you can slowly start taking action. Here is what you may do: 

  • Bring flowers. Although a lot of Czech girls are rather feminist and stand up for equal rights, this does not mean you must stop being a gentleman. Bringing some fresh flowers would do you good.
  • Let her know about your intentions. Czech brides are quite direct and don’t appreciate it when men conceal their real motives. While on a date, make sure you don’t transmit any misleading message and don’t give her false signals.
  • Run conversations smoothly. Czech brides are very educated and wise. What’s more, they hate stressful talks about nothing, so relax and discuss a wide, common topic. Avoid making it look as if you were playing ‘The Smartest’.


Dating a foreign woman is an unforgettable experience that certainly shapes your personality and contributes to your mindfulness. If you feel like you have nothing against Czech republic dating - you have your hands full! Luckily you can find everything you need to meet a Czech bride in our comprehensive reviews. We are always happy to provide you with useful dating tips and do our best to ensure your smoothest dating experience. Don’t hesitate to meet Czech woman right away!

Toni Muller

Toni Muller

Toni is a certified dating coach and matchmaker with over a decade of experience. Toni Muller has spent most of her career researching the psychology of romantic relationships. She knows exactly what people look for in potential partners and she uses her expertise to help our readers meet the person who will make them truly happy.

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