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Why Are Italian Women So Popular?

You cannot visit a foreign dating site without seeing hundreds of amazing Italian brides. So what exactly makes Italian girls so special and popular for marriage? Here are just 5 benefits of a typical Italian lady.

italian brides

She is good-looking

You cannot meet an Italian bride for the first time without noticing how attractive she is. Italian women have a signature beauty standard that consists of olive skin, dark hair, and beautiful eyes. Italian girls have strong facial features, which allows them to get away with minimal use of makeup. As for the bodies of Italian women, you can easily call them curvy, but the amazing thing about them is that Italian women live a very healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercising and an exquisite diet, which allows them to maintain their slim yet curvy figures for decades.

She is self-sufficient

An Italian woman is not looking for a man who will solve her problems, support her financially, and allow her to never work again. Italian girls are more than capable of living on their own, so when they enter serious relationships or marriage, it’s not for those perks. The only things an Italian woman wants from her man is love, respect, and care — she can do everything else by herself. That is why, when dating an Italian girl, you can rest assured she loves you for who you are, not what you bring to the table.

She values men

In the modern society, there seems to be a division between women who want to be treated as equals to men and women who don’t mind being treated like the weaker sex. According to the experiences of happy Western men who married Italian brides, these women combine the best of both worlds. They demand respect and can easily offer to split a check in a restaurant. At the same time, an Italian woman understands the value of men and will constantly remind you what a strong, successful, and attractive individual you are.

She wants a happy family

Growing up in large, happy families, Italian women realize that family is all that matters at a very young age. They may have a brilliant education, a variety of hobbies, and an active social life, but at their heart, they always want to come home to a loving family. Even if you meet a fairly young Italian girl, it won’t take you a lot of effort to convince her to become your wife. And don’t even get us started on how amazing Italian women are as mothers. They can not only masterfully support the basic needs of a baby, but also nurture the baby’s creativity, ambitions, and overall happiness.

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She is fun to be around

Being in a relationship with an Italian girl can be a lot of things, but it’s never boring. First of all, Italian women are very witty and intelligent, and they will always find the right thing to say in any conversation. Second, they have a famously dry sense of humor and you will never stop laughing at your Italian woman’s jokes. Third, a typical Italian woman has lots of hobbies and she will happily share them with you, helping you spend quality time together as a couple.

italian brides2

Italian Women: 3 Reasons To Date Them

You can get a pretty good idea about the nature of Italian women after the first meeting, but you need to spend some time together with your Italian girl to understand what she’s really like. Here are the three things you need to prepare for if you want to date hot Italian women.

They will rock your world

Whether you will date for a few weeks or a few years, your world will never be the same after you’ve met your Italian bride. These women have a completely different mentality and character from what you are used to. Every day with an Italian woman will bring you new experiences, and the best news is that all of them are going to be positive. An Italian bride will show you the best aspects of life without even trying — this is simply what Italian women are all about.

They are sincere

The first time you meet an Italian woman, you are probably going to learn everything that is on her mind, and her sincerity will only progress when you spend more time together. Italian girls simply cannot conceal their true feelings and emotions. They will openly talk to you about the problems in a relationship, but it also means they will express their love and adoration for you every minute you spend together. When you are dating an Italian woman, there will not be any suppressed feelings or quiet conflict, as everything will be expressed and resolved right away.

They love food

If there is one thing Italian women want besides love, it’s food. Italian ladies are some of the biggest foodies in Europe. They don’t eat a lot, but they prefer the freshest, finest foods their lands have to offer. Your Italian girlfriend will always know the hottest fine dining and street food spots and will gladly take you on a food tour across her own city or across the whole of Italy. But Italian women don’t just eat out: they are also skilled cooks who can whip up impressive meals no matter how little products they may have in their fridge. Delicious homemade dinners and baked goods will be part of your new reality when you date an Italian girl.

Are There Any Cons To Dating Italian Women?

When we say that dating an Italian woman is the best thing that can happen to a man, we are not exaggerating and you can definitely become happy for life if you choose an Italian bride as your partner. However, we also want to be honest with you about every aspect of a relationship with an Italian woman. Here are the three things that can sometimes cause rifts in your romance.

They can be very emotional

The positive quality of Italian brides is that they are ready to discuss matters then and there, but it also means they let their emotions run free. If you are not used to women openly displaying their feelings and emotions, the first argument with an Italian woman can become somewhat of a cultural shock to you, especially if you tend to be more reserved and quiet. However, if your relationship survives that first crucial argument, it will only get better with time and you will learn how to express your emotions too.

They lead active social lives

It’s very common for European mail order brides to be rather lonely and focus 100% of their attention on their husband. However, that is not the case with beautiful Italian women. A typical Italian girl has lots of friends and loves spending time with them. She will not be in any rush to give up her social life after the wedding, so you will just have to deal with it. The good news is that no matter how much an Italian woman may love her friends, she always considers her husband to be her top priority and will not hesitate to cancel her meeting with friends if she feels you need her attention at that moment.

They don’t care about money

Italian women are not reckless with money, but they don’t consider it to be the most valuable thing in the world. Many Italian women work to support themselves financially, so they know money doesn’t come easily. At the same time, an Italian bride can be very impulsive and may book an expensive vacation for you two when she feels like you need a rest or make you an expensive present to lift your spirits. An Italian woman simply has a lighthearted attitude towards money, so if you want to save for something important, you will need to manage the family’s finances yourself.

How Are They Different From Russian Brides?

Italian and Russian brides constantly compete for the title of the most popular women in Europe. At the moment, there is no clear winner, but you definitely should not confuse Russian and Italian mail order brides. Here are the three things that Italian women do differently from Russian brides.

Italian women prefer to work

Most Russian and Italian girls work after graduation to support themselves and their families. However, once a Russian bride gets married, she often leaves work and becomes a full-time stay-at-home wife. Italian women, on the other hand, want to preserve that aspect of their independence and will often continue working even after getting married. However, an Italian wife may scale down her working hours or choose part-time employment to spend more time with her husband and children.

italian women

Women in Italy like to take the initiative

When you are still at the early dating stages with a Russian woman, you will have to do most of the decisions and activities by yourself. A Russian girl will never send the first message on a dating site even if she is very interested in you. Italian women are much more proactive and cannot stand sitting around and waiting for their man to do all the work. An Italian bride will not hesitate to reach out to you on a dating site and she will gladly accept the initiative at every stage of the relationship. There are even Italian women who propose to their boyfriends, so you’ll always have something to look forward to when dating an Italian lady.

An Italian woman only wants love

When choosing a potential partner, a Russian woman never judges men by their character. She also wants her man to be financially well-off, handsome, socially popular, and generous. These qualities are also important to sexy Italian women, but they will never make the choice based on a pragmatic approach. If there is a spark between you and the Italian woman falls in love with you, none of those qualities will really matter to her. It may not be the smartest approach to finding a life partner, but at least, an Italian woman will not abandon you if you lose your job or have serious health problems like a Russian woman could.

How To Meet Italian Brides

Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations and there is a good chance you have already visited Italy or plan to do it in the nearest future. However, while you are guaranteed to enjoy your time in Italy and bring back lots of cherished memories, the possibility of you meeting your future wife there are very slim for several reasons.

First, many of the women you encounter will be already taken or won’t speak enough English to understand what you want. Second, they may not be interested in dating a foreigner. Third, even if you do go on several exciting dates, she is very unlikely to abandon everything and move to your country right away.

That is why the best way to find sexy Italian girls for marriage is to use one of the Italian dating sites. These sites are populated with the finest Italian mail order brides. These women have many advantages, including their beauty, intelligence, and ambitions, but most importantly, they know exactly what they want. What they want is to get married to an eligible foreign bachelor, and that is why they will be much more open to your advances than a woman you randomly meet in the streets of Italy.


The decision to marry an Italian woman will positively transform your life, but even though you already know a lot about beautiful Italian women, there is still a lot to learn. Check out Italian brides reviews and honest opinions about the most popular foreign dating sites on our website, and your search for your ideal Italian wife will end in a happy marriage.

Toni Muller

Toni Muller

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