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Characteristics of Italian Women

If you are dating an Italian woman, consider yourself to be extremely fortunate! Why, these gorgeous ladies will keep you on your toes with their exciting uniqueness. To ensure you have a satisfying romance, the following are some tips you should keep in mind when dating an Italian woman.

Italian Charming Girl

They will evaluate you based on your relationship with your mother

An Italian lady judges you by your actions towards your mother. If you continually disrespect your mother, an Italian lady will feel you’ll treat her the same way. In contrast, they will truly value you if your relationship with your mother is excellent. In the end, your attitude towards your mother determines your attitude towards an Italian lady.

They prefer more experienced men

The average age difference of Italian women who marry men is 3–5 years older. However, in the last decade, it has become more common to meet couples where the man is much older than his Italian bride with seven, ten, fifteen, or even twenty years.

Your relationship with them will involve their entire family

According to the saying, “When you marry someone, you marry their family.” This is precisely the case if you are dating Italian women for marriage. If you wonder why an Italian woman is unique, know that Italian culture is mainly responsible. Their culture is the totality of family values, beliefs, and traditions. If you disagree with Italian women, problems are inevitable because they always put their families first.

They prefer marrying foreign men

Even though most Italian women married Italian men in the past, many Italian women today prefer foreign men. Because Italian culture is distinctly male-chauvinistic, it is still common for women in Italy to be subjected to some form of discrimination and are targets of sexist jokes, sexual harassment, and teasing.

They are excellent housekeepers

We know an Italian woman to be an excellent housekeeper, wife, and mother. She caters to the household with pride because she sees it as something meaningful and valuable.

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They take things to heart

It is common for Italian girls to hold grudges for a long time because they remember every little thing. They are likely to still talk about something you did that got them angry for a decade or more.

Italian Beauty

They have a voracious appetite

You might be conversant with the way a non-Italian lady eats. Well, the case is different for Italian ladies; they are not ashamed to indulge. They clear their plate and leave no trace of the food!

Care and passion are their hallmarks

Italian women are highly loving and hospitable. They go an extra length to do anything for their loved ones. But don’t take their passionate nature for granted!

They love adventures

Although they are homely and suitable housekeepers, they still love living for the moment and spending adventurous times with their partners. They never get scared of trying out new things, and life is beautiful to them, so they appreciate everything it offers.

They are fun to be with

Italian women are not boring. They have a fabulous sense of humor, a bold personality, and a sense of spontaneity that will ensure a fun time. And if you are a merry kind of guy, you will have a perfect union.

They feel joy from cooking

Italian brides will not allow you to cook or buy fast-food meals. They don’t see cooking as an enormous task, and they have incredible cooking skills. Italian brides can cook delicious meals with minimal ingredients, and they hardly ever complain about their cooking duties since it is already a passion.

Why Are Italian Brides So Popular?

They are fashionable 

The reason for Italian brides’ popularity is their unique sense of fashion. Their styles are classy and attractive. As we earlier stated, these women love to look their best no matter the occasion.

They always speak their mind

When dating Italian brides for marriage, they will never make you guess their thoughts or feelings while with you — they speak their mind just the way it is. Little wonder people think they are too emotional. Still, their loud and passionate attitude has them confronting any issues bothering them and being upfront about their feelings. 

They are not affected by the opinions of others

Italian women are famous for their carefree lifestyle. They are not concerned about what others think of them. There can be no hypocrisy or trying to please others, being true to themselves in all they do.

They aim above societal standards

Beautiful Italian brides are hardworking, self-sufficient and they don’t wait for any man to foot their bills. These ladies set a high standard of success for themselves. Being average is not acceptable, and they go all out to be the best they can be in every aspect of their lives. Most of them can be described as alpha females.

They are gorgeous

Italian women are always good-looking. In Italy, not only is beauty an attribute, but it is also a lifestyle. Women from Italy dress to make a good impression – and they never disappoint.

From their attire to their handbag to their perfect heels, Italian women can seem like runway models when it’s just for grocery shopping. Although beauty is not the only reason Italian brides are popular, it is the reason so many people fall in love with them at first sight. Italian brides for marriage have magnificent physiques, flawless, sun-kissed skin, wavy dark hair, and gorgeous eyes.

Italian Brides From Different Regions

People may hardly realize how huge Italy is and its diverse culture in different parts of the country. For some, surprisingly, Italy has a few large groups with their unique traits and culture. These groups in Italy occupy several regions. However, North and South Italy are the basic divisions you should know about.

Northern regions comprise Italian brides famous for their work ethic. In these parts, women aren’t used to being idle and doing nothing. They either run businesses or have part-time jobs. Italian ladies in this region understand the challenges of generating income, and they always work to achieve it.

In contrast to the Northern region, foreign culture does not influence women in southern Italy as they have no land neighbors. The typical southern Italian bride is relatively easygoing and is more adept at homemaking.

Italian Brides: Reasons to Date or Not to Date Them

Despite knowing the primary attributes of Italian brides for marriage, you might be wondering if you should take the next big step- finding and dating one. Therefore, you make this big life decision, let us give you an honest opinion on the pros and cons of dating an Italian girl.

Beauty of Italian Bride

Italian girls love taking care of their men

Italian girls will make you feel like the only man in the world when they shower you with love. Excellent dishes, romantic walks, romantic pet names, and every treat you can imagine all await you. Expect to be treated like a king by these women.

Italian girls love having fun

A typical Italian woman likes to laugh, have fun, and spend as little time worrying as possible. It’s a pleasure to be with her because she will take you on mini-tours around the coast or to the Piazza to see a concert. Italian women enjoy spending time with friends and family, eating and drinking, and generally having a good time.

There will be no embarrassment

It’s rare to find a drunk Italian girl on the street. Also, you will never find them walking down the road to buy groceries with pajamas or acting awkward. In return, they expect you to act like a true gentleman.

Italian girls value their families

Italian women are good at putting their families first. Although they’re focused on their careers and jobs, they value their family life. Hence, no member of the family (husband and children) will feel abandoned.

They can be jealous

If you date an Italian girl, you will observe her jealous nature. Italian ladies are territorial and can be suspicious at times. Because they are protective of their territory, accusations of cheating and wanting to know where you are and who you are with should not be surprising.

They are too emotional

It is a positive trait of Italian brides to discuss concerns right away, but it also means they are prone to letting their emotions run free when they do so.

The men in their lives are overprotective of them

Italian women often have very protective fathers, grandparents, brothers, and uncles surrounding them. Many Italian fathers maintain that their daughters are not liable to have a boyfriend until they are thirty years old! Although this might sound like a joke, they have such reasoning.

How Are They Different From Russian Brides?

It is common for Italian women to be hardworking

Russian and Italian brides strive to support their families. Also, after marriage, most Italian brides continue being proactive. It’s impossible to see an Italian bride sit around and wait for her man to do everything. However, they may sometimes reduce their working hours to focus more on their husbands and children.

On the other hand, Russian brides readily choose to be stay-at-home moms once they get married.

Italian brides thrive on constant attention

When it is time to settle down, an Italian bride always looks for a man who will love her all year long. In contrast, a Russian bride doesn’t see love as a priority in a man. Due to their strict upbringing, Russian brides are more concerned about financial stability, social status, and looks than romantic love. Although these attributes also matter to a beautiful Italian bride, she will never prioritize such qualities. That assures you that an Italian bride will never leave you in times of hardship, say financial breakdown or terrible illnesses.    

Why Do Italian Women Become Italian Mail Order Brides?

The reason Italian women become Italian mail order brides is that they want a better experience. Italian women want love and commitment, but the men in their land do not fit all their desires. Also, these women feel Italian men are too demanding and aim for perfection. And, Italian men dress extensively and care too much about their looks. 

Where Can You Meet a Bride From Italy?

As a foreigner, meeting a perfectly endowed bride for marriage can be pretty stressful. And so, we have shown up to make it easy for you to meet a beautiful bride from Italy. 

Traveling to Italy will give you complete certainty of meeting with beautiful single ladies in every nook and cranny in the country. If you plan to visit Italy to meet Italian women, you can check out cities like 

  • Lecce (Apulia)
  • Milan
  • Cosenza (Calabria)
  • Salerno (Campania)
  • Venice 

If a trip to Italy is not possible, the internet offers a more convenient medium. There are many social media platforms to try. It’s best to use the most popular sites with excellent reviews and a proven track record of user privacy and security. Some sites offer dedicated mail order bride services at affordable costs.


You have already read a lot about beautiful Italian brides, but there is still a lot to discover if the ‘I want to marry an Italian woman’ thought comes to your mind. Italian brides are lovely women who are unique, beautiful, and unforgettable, attracting many men. However, if you're going to win an Italian girl's heart, you must put much effort into it. Lastly, many Italian women are Italian mail order brides, and it is a convenient way to get acquainted with an Italian bride.

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