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Why Portuguese Women Are So Popular

Portuguese mail-order brides are popular among Western men for various reasons. Why wouldn’t they be? They possess many characteristics that you typically wouldn’t come across in women from all regions.

Let’s start with their femininity. Portugal women boldly embrace their feminine side. They tend to be independent in every aspect, especially in decision-making. But, they don’t hesitate to be submissive and play their role as a woman or wife in the house. Portuguese girls enjoy it when their partners protect them. It makes them feel special.

Another reason Portuguese brides are popular is because of their beauty. These women have natural golden tanned skin due to the sunny weather of their country. They are not tall, but their beauty always makes up for them in that aspect. The aura around their beauty is so strong that almost every man that sees them is attracted.

portuguese women

Also, there is more to them apart from beautiful looks. The personality of a Portuguese woman is one to die for. They have an easy-going personality which makes them receptive. Being friendly is at the top of their personality traits. They know how to make new friends and keep the people around them happy.

Additionally, these women are accommodating. Portuguese parents inculcate this trait in their children from a young age. So, Portuguese women tend to be hospitable and kind to strangers. 

Furthermore, Portuguese girls exude a strong character. People typically misunderstand their expressiveness and strength for stubbornness and pride. Despite their tender and straightforward approach to people and life, they don’t allow people to oppress them. They like to be in charge of their lives and actions. So, random people cannot influence them without their consent.

The popularity of Portuguese brides is related to their emotional nature. We know that women are typically more sensitive, but Portuguese women have theirs in the highest range. When you meet them initially, they conceal their emotions. However, when they get close and comfortable, they express their feelings without holding anything back.

Finally, when you meet Portuguese brides, be prepared to have fun. They are cheerful beings and always ready to turn up for the next party. But, even if they may be mini party animals, they never do it at the expense of their relationships. Plus, their fun-loving personality doesn’t make them obnoxious.

Portuguese Women: X Reasons To Date or Not to Date Them

Portuguese girls are beautiful, and their personalities are top-notch. But just like almost everything on Earth, there are pros and cons to being with them. So, we will be sharing some of the good and bad reasons attached to dating these women. 

Reasons to date Portuguese women

  • Their gorgeous looks.

As a man, when you date Portuguese women, people will respect you more because they are drop-dead gorgeous. So, dating one will add more prestige to your status. One of the most spectacular things is that they don’t need makeup to look beautiful. Their natural beauty is unmatched. Although they aren’t crazy about fashion, they still know the trendy items. Plus, they know how to maintain their looks without spending too much.

  • They are submissive.

With the rave of women not caring anymore about their men’s opinions going around, it’s almost impossible to find a woman that will submit wholeheartedly to her man. However, Portuguese brides are not part of that narrative. As much as they tend to be independent, they also listen and obey whatever their partners ask them to do. Even if they want to disagree with whatever their partners say, they do so with good reason and present their points calmly.

  • They are smart

Dating a Portugal woman means that you will get a woman you can rub minds with. These women are intelligent and also know how to maintain thought-provoking situations. They almost always know what to do in every given situation, and it’s like a super-power for them because they never get stranded.

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  • They are great cooks.

Portuguese brides are great cooks because every female in Portugal learns how to cook from childhood. So dating a Portuguese woman gives access to homemade Portuguese dishes. Additionally, they are fast learners, so learning about your favorite dishes won’t take much time. You will never come home to an empty dinner table.

  • They are willing to go anywhere with you.

A Portugal woman is willing to go to the ends of the Earth with her man. All he has to do is love her adequately and protect her. These women know how to reciprocate love in the sweetest ways. Plus, they will leave their country and move in with you without asking questions.

  • Language is never a barrier.

When it comes to international dating, the thought of using Google translate to chat with your prospective bride can be a complete turn-off. However, it will not be the same case with Portuguese mail-order brides. If you plan on dating a Portuguese woman, communication will never be a problem. They typically understand and speak at least two foreign languages so that you won’t have any issues.

  • They are loyal

Portuguese women are loyal to a fault. They don’t cheat and will not condone it. Once they are in love with you, they demand exclusivity. So if you keep wondering if these women are faithful, the answer is yes. They make it apparent that they are in relationships and don’t flirt back when guys hit on them. 

  • They enjoy sex

These women won’t come out straight up to declare that they love sex because of their conservative community. However, underneath the sheets, they are adventurous. It’s a natural trait for them, but they take it up a notch when they satisfy their partners. So, sex with them is always great. However, they require a sense of commitment before getting laid.

portuguese women

Reasons not to date them.

  • They are indecisive

Despite Portuguese brides being independent, they typically have a hard time making decisions and standing by themselves. They always come up with a thousand different ways to deal with one situation. Most Portuguese brides are like these because they don’t like mistakes and always want things to turn out as they predicted. 

  • They are naive

Many Portuguese girls believe that the whole world is as lovely as they are. So this mentality makes them let their guard down and be vulnerable around anyone they come across. Although they eventually get hurt, they cut ties with the person who hurt them and heal fast.

  • They are emotionally needy.

Portuguese mail-order brides are typically emotionally needy. They depend on people to feel good and appreciate them. When people don’t, they get hurt and angry. It’s one of their weaknesses, and that’s why they always look for partners who make them feel good.

  • They never make the first move.

Although making the first move is not a big deal, Portuguese brides will never approach a man first. They are proud and believe that the man will look down on them. So even if they are in love with a man, they typically hold off until he talks first. If he doesn’t, they kill the feelings.

  • They don’t hesitate to cut ties.

When you are dating a Portuguese woman, it’s like walking on eggshells. The minute you offend them, they may cut you off without thinking twice if you don’t sort things out. It’s both a good and bad trait because it means they would get over things faster which is good. But it also means that you must never get on their nerves which is impossible. 

portuguese brides

How Are They Different From Russian Brides

Russian and Portuguese brides are different in so many ways. They are so different that we may not be able to talk about all that distinguishes them. But, we will discuss the most important ones.

Let us begin from appearance. Portuguese brides are endowed with natural beauty in comparison to Russian girls. So they can go anywhere with a single trace of makeup. On the other hand, Russian Brides are also beautiful but need to enhance their looks with makeup. If not, men wouldn’t be so attracted to them physically.

Another thing to note is that in terms of fashion, Portuguese brides are laid-back. They don’t spend a lot of money on the latest clothes. Although they ensure they are always comfortable and in style. Russian girls go all out to get the latest clothes and follow fashion trends, making them extravagant spenders.

Then, when it comes to marriage, Russian and Portuguese girls have different views and attitudes. A Russian woman gets married to escape from her country. She sees it as a means to a bright future and one way to escape poverty for life. Portuguese brides, on the other hand, are independent. They like to take care of their needs on their own. So they get married for love and happiness.

Why Do Portuguese brides Become Mail Order Brides?

Portuguese brides become mail-order brides for various reasons. The major one is that Portuguese men don’t know how to treat women right. Portugal is a misogynistic country. So, men tend to look down on women in the country, which is a complete turn-off for Portuguese brides. They like to be in charge of their lives without anyone holding them back. Portuguese girls believe that Western men care about women adequately, so they always register on dating sites.

Another reason is that Portuguese women enjoy dating foreign men. It is mainly tied to them dating their countrymen with little to show for it. When these women get into relationships, they are always there for the long haul. So when they don’t get the proper commitment from their men, they opt for foreigners.

Then, there is wide acclaimed success attached to mail order bride services. So Portuguese brides sign up with them so that they can find love. Since they are naturally adventurous and fun-loving, they always bring life to a relationship.

Apart from failed love interests and lack of commitment from their countrymen, these women naturally appeal to foreign men. They don’t have to put in too much effort to look elegant, and that’s a characteristic that men from foreign countries love and appreciate. So the constant interest these men indicate in them, the more they hurry to sign up on dating sites.


Portuguese brides are beautiful, down-to-earth, energetic, vibrant, and healthy. They exude strength which makes them independent and self-sufficient. Also, they enjoy dating foreign men. Some people mistake their gringo nature for gold-digging. However, they settle with foreign men for true love and happiness.  If your only aim for approaching these women is to get laid, you may be disappointed as they are highly conservative. They only open up when they commit to a person. Another awesome thing about them is that they are faithful. So, cheating will never be an issue in your relationship with a Portuguese lady. If you want to successfully date a Portuguese lady, ensure that you are patient since they tend to be indecisive. Also, learn about their culture, and you will have them tripping. So if you are looking for reasons to love Portuguese brides, let this review guide your decision.

Toni Muller

Toni Muller

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