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Bulgaria has a land area of 108,560 Km2 (41,915 sq. miles) and a population of 6,882,747. Going by available data, 75.6% of the country’s population is urban.

The Bulgarian nation was conquered by the Persian, Ottoman, and Roman regimes. However, the country was resilient against the attempts to repress its local culture. The resilience of the Bulgarians is a result of the nation’s solid linguistic base, thus advancing as an independent country with unique traditions, food, beliefs, and habits.

The Bulgarian nation is the home of kind, warm-hearted and charming brides known for their outrageous care and love. However, what men find so attractive and desirable about these Bulgarian ladies are their stunning olive skin, thin figure, and curly hair. These ladies are uniquely stylish; they love high heels and mini dresses. In terms of attitude, they are very temperamental and passionate characters. However, they are gentle and know how to form a close bond with their husband.

Awesome Bulgarian Girl

Characteristics of Bulgarian Women

There are so many virtues that make Bulgarian women unique and adorable. While Bulgarian women are inexplicably beautiful, other characteristics make Bulgarian women an ideal choice for companionship. These features are as follows:

Unrivaled commitment to national traditions

Bulgarian women are known for their unrivaled love, honor, and respect for their ancient traditions and challenging past. Bulgarian women are committed and proud of their country, villages, and towns.  It is no surprise that these women have a wide range of knowledge of their past and local attractions. 

Bulgarian women are socially active

Bulgarian women have an extremely active lifestyle. Bulgarian girls are engaged with studies, work, and try to make more money simultaneously. Along with their men, Bulgarian girls are mastering professions and building careers in business.

Among these Bulgarian ladies, there are enthusiasts with various hobbies and specialties. These ladies are actively mastering or practicing a variety of sports around the world. While Bulgarian women are well-mannered, they are also modern, cheerful, full of energy, and seek self-realization. Generally, Bulgarian women are socially active and vibrant women.

Bulgarian women are welcoming and family-oriented 

Generally, Bulgarian women have a powerful character; they are self-confident and have a strong spirit. It is the common tradition of a Bulgarian woman to stay at home with her family, particularly her children. These women are good mothers with excellent knowledge of raising their children to be kind, committed to traditions, and respectful to elders.

In the past, Bulgarian girls got married at a young age. But modern-day Bulgarian ladies get married around the age of 30. The reason behind this is that at this age, the lady is thought to be well-grounded on what it takes to raise a family and bring up children. 

Guests always feel welcomed in the house of a Bulgarian wife. Because everything is always in order, their families are always fine and happy,

The table is always full of delicious meals, meat, fish, salad, red or white wine, depending on the month. Bulgarian women are generally hospitable and excellent in raising a family.

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Bulgarian women are religious 

One crucial feature of Bulgarian women is their decency, self-respect, and religious nature. Orthodox Christianity, as the traditional religion in the country, plays a vital role in unifying and ordering the Bulgarian society. 

The morality and spirituality of Bulgarian women are on a high level. In this regard, they are always faithful, respectful, and loving to their husbands. A typical Bulgarian woman has a combination of religious norms and traditional culture; she takes cultural and religious events and activities seriously.

Why Bulgarian Brides Are So Popular

In most regions in Bulgaria, patriarchy is still being preserved. However, Bulgarian brides are exceedingly compassionate and hospitable. Other features that make these women popular are the following:

They are lovely 

Bulgarian mail order brides are always sought after for marriage or dating because of their exceedingly attractive appearance. The genetics of Bulgarian women are primarily a result of Bulgaria’s eventful past with different nations combined to form a charming ethnicity.

Bulgarian women give special care to their appearance; they are dark-haired and due to the seaside where they live, their skin is sun-kissed mainly. It is not common for a Bulgarian bride to leave her home without makeup, with rumpled clothes, or with her hair not well done. The attractiveness of Bulgarian brides is like that not owing to the long time they spend getting ready; they are naturally flawless and are exceptionally beautiful with or without makeup.

They are not materialistic

While Bulgarian women happily accept expensive things, they are not materialistic and cannot be bought with luxury items. A typical Bulgarian bride will never choose a husband based on income. Bulgarian women are popular for this particular trait. The happiness of a Bulgarian bride lies in the comfort and joy of the family.

One does not have to be a millionaire to impress these women. Furthermore, impressing a Bulgarian woman does not depend on what you give her but on her perception of you.

They are honest

Playing coy or concealing the truth is not the nature of a Bulgarian bride. Bulgarian brides are known to be honest and upright. It is believed that sincerity and honesty create the perfect condition for a happy home or a food relationship. The openness of these ladies is the chief reason why dating Bulgarian women is ideal. 

Bulgarian Brides From Different Regions

Bulgarian ladies are always interested in making friends and getting involved with single men with a good attitude irrespective of nationality. No matter your nationality, you can count on Bulgarian ladies to give you an unforgettable experience. Although most Bulgarian women are beautiful and good-natured, the following cities are more notable for dating the most attractive and socially active women in Bulgaria.


Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria. Unlike most prominent cities in the world, Sofia is a quieter city with its unique charm. The ladies in the city are always full of life and always ready to mingle with single, positive men. It is an ideal city to have unforgettable fun with a beautiful Bulgarian damsel.


The city of Plovdiv is a romantic, beautiful old town. The city is renowned for its unique architecture. The seven hills in the city are an ideal choice for visitors. This city is impressive not just in appearance but also because of the beautiful Bulgarian ladies ready to mingle. 

Bulgarian Brides: Reasons to Date or Not to Date Them

There are several reasons why dating a Bulgarian damsel is a perfect decision. Dating a Bulgarian woman is usually a wonderful experience that often leads to marriage. The following are reasons why dating a Bulgarian woman is the right choice:

Bulgarian women do not play difficult to get

One distinct feature of dating Bulgarian women is how they relate to men as equals. Bulgarian ladies do not play hard to get or make a man work too hard for her affection. If she finds you attractive and positive enough, she will want to go on a date with you or give you a sign that she is interested in you. Bulgarian brides typically have the trait of not making a man suffer too hard to go on a date with her.

Sexy Bulgarian Bride

Bulgarian brides give their partners some space

A Bulgarian woman will never attempt to win a hundred percent of her husband’s attention. Bulgarian brides are very sensitive; as such, they know that their husbands have family and work commitments. Also, it is not typical of these women to make you feel suffocated. Therefore, they try to give the needed space to their man.

They are fun to be with

Bulgarian ladies are fun, social, and inventive. With these three features, they are ideal for an exceptional date. Bulgarian brides will always want to make you feel relaxed and have the best time of your life with her. It is advisable to listen when you are out with a Bulgarian woman because they always have something meaningful to say. No matter where you choose to go on a date, you are sure to have an excellent time because Bulgarian women are far from boring.

How are Bulgarian Brides Different From Russian Brides?

Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Poland are considered Slavic countries. Based on this, Bulgarian ladies are always compared with brides from these countries. Besides the similarities, certain qualities make them distinct from women from these countries. Firstly, Bulgarian women are perceived as Southern Slavs. On the other hand, Russian women are considered Eastern Slavs. The reflection of this grouping is evident in their behavior and appearance.

Women from Bulgaria are gorgeous. Brides from these two countries are mostly slim and tall. However, Bulgarian ladies have hazel or brown eyes, dark hair, and tanned skin. Russian ladies, on the other hand, are mostly white-skinned; they have fair hair and blue, green or black eyes.

Generally, Slavic women place family first. To them, they put their children, husband, and parents before anything.  However, Bulgarian brides have a more modern and unique approach to marital life. Bulgarian brides are experts in combining their career and family responsibilities. On the other hand, Russian brides do not pay that much attention to their jobs. However,  they pay full attention to their family.

Why Do Bulgarian Women Become Bulgarian Mail Order Brides?

The dream of most Bulgarian ladies is to get married. However, some may not fancy the men within their surroundings. Bulgarian women for marriage have different perceptions and feelings; some fancy wealthy men, some fancy educated men, while some place high regard on appearance. They may not find a partner that fits their needs in their surroundings. Therefore, to attract men that suit their needs, they settle for other alternatives, mainly dating websites.

Bulgaria’s connection with the European Union makes it possible for Bulgarian women to travel, work, and study in Western Europe. Based on this, Bulgarian ladies take it upon themselves to learn English and other languages for international communication. Bulgarian women are always willing to meet with foreigners and effectively communicate with them in person, not just online.

Where Can You Meet a Bride From Bulgaria

Visiting Bulgaria is the right decision if you are willing to meet a Bulgarian woman for marriage. Bulgaria is a perfect choice for visitors because it is relatively cheap as compared to other European countries. One can meet Bulgarian women using the following approaches:


Bulgarian ladies are typically full of energy; they are always seen in clubs to have fun in. Night places like Tiffany Sofia, PR Club, Club VOID, and Premium Nightclub are nice places to visit in Bulgaria. Also, Bulgarian ladies have an attitude of trying to get the attention of foreigners if there are any in the club. Moreover, these clubs in Bulgaria are open all night, so both the foreigner and the lady can have enough time to get to know each other.

Online dating

Considering that there’s no geographical boundary to finding a life partner, one can find many Bulgarian ladies on dating sites. Registering on sites like, Sibir. bg, and Romans. bg, gives Bulgarian ladies the chance to meet the love of their life. These dating sites make it possible for Bulgarian ladies to meet men from the western world.


Bulgarian brides are the ideal choice for dating or marriage. Finding love among Bulgarian ladies comes with so many benefits. However, to see these ladies, you must dedicate your time to visit Sofia or some other Bulgarian cities. Alternatively, you can focus on online dating sites. Generally, Bulgarian brides are an ideal choice for dating because of their unique attributes. So grab a chance to win one today.

Toni Muller

Toni Muller

Toni is a certified dating coach and matchmaker with over a decade of experience. Toni Muller has spent most of her career researching the psychology of romantic relationships. She knows exactly what people look for in potential partners and she uses her expertise to help our readers meet the person who will make them truly happy.

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