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    Bulgarian Brides: What Makes Bulgarian Women So Popular For Marriage Among Western Men?
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    Bulgarian Brides: What Makes Bulgarian Women So Popular For Marriage Among Western Men?

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    Bulgarian Brides: What Makes Bulgarian Women So Popular For Marriage Among Western Men?
    Bulgaria may not be the first country you think of when you are imagining Eastern Europe, and it’s partially justified: Bulgaria is located at its very south and shares as much similarities with Turkey and Western Europe as it does with Eastern Europe.
    Bulgarian Brides: What Makes Bulgarian Women So Popular For Marriage Among Western Men?
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    Why Are Bulgarian Women So Popular?

    However, the mentality of Bulgarians is completely Eastern European, which is one of the reasons why Bulgarian women for marriage are so popular among Western men looking for an Eastern European match. Here is everything there is to know about Bulgarian brides. The popularity of Bulgarian mail order brides is not up for debate. Every year, thousands of Bulgarian girls leave their home country with a fiancée or spouse visa in their pocket. So what exactly makes Bulgarian women for marriage so coveted among foreign men?

    They are extremely attractive

    You don’t need to be a dating or marriage expert to guess that the number one reason why so many Western guys go for Bulgarian mail order brides is their dreamlike appearance. Bulgarian women’s genetics are a result of the country’s long and eventful histories with multiple nations being mixed to create one charming ethnicity.
    Bulgarian Brides

    Most Bulgarian women are dark-haired and have a slightly sunkissed skin due to living by the sea. The women in Bulgaria care a lot about their appearance. A typical Bulgarian bride is not someone who will leave her home in rumpled clothes, with no makeup on and with bed hair. Bulgarian women can spend an hour getting ready, but in the end, it’s totally worth it.

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    We also cannot finish describing the appearances of Bulgarian brides without mentioning their flawless bodies. Not only are Bulgarian girls blessed with wonderful genes, but they also invest a lot of effort into maintaining the wonderful look of their figures. An average Bulgarian woman eats healthy foods, rides a bike, does yoga, visits the gym, or has her own secret for always looking splendid.

    They know how to enjoy life

    Bulgarian women may go through some hardships in their lives, but they never allow them to break their spirits. The women in Bulgaria can easily identify the greatest things about life and know how to enjoy it to the fullest. A Bulgarian girl can find beauty in ordinary things and have the most unusual hobbies. Spending time with a Bulgarian bride can be enlightening, especially if you are not a particularly active or optimistic person. There is no doubt that dating a Bulgarian woman will completely transform your worldview and make you appreciate things you normally took for granted.

    Bulgarian Brides

    They are always honest

    It is simply not in the nature of Bulgarian brides to play coy or conceal the truth. A Bulgarian woman wears her heart on her sleeve, which Bulgarian brides actually consider to be their disadvantage. However, we believe that their honesty and sincerity creates a solid foundation for a good relationship and marriage. If you want a bride who will never be able to tell you anything but the truth and will want the same from you, you should definitely consider picking one of the beautiful Bulgarian women for marriage.

    Their priorities are in the right place

    You can study the relationships and marriages of thousands of Bulgarian women, and you will hardly find a single one where the woman sacrificed her family life for a career. The majority of single Bulgarian women work and they typically continue working even after the wedding, but they never allow work to get in the way of them providing the best for their families. If a Bulgarian woman feels that her work interferes with her personal life, or if you complain about not seeing her as often as you would like to, she will never hesitate to limit her working hours or switch to another job that is less demanding of her time.

    They are not materialistic

    Unlike many other Eastern European brides, Bulgarian women cannot be bought with expensive gifts and luxury vacations. A Bulgarian woman will happily accept those gifts, but she will never base her choice of her future husband on how much money he makes. All a Bulgarian woman wants is for her family to live comfortably, and you don’t need to be a millionaire for that to happen. So while you may try winning the attention of your Bulgarian lady with luxury presents, you will only truly succeed if she also enjoys you as a person and sees you as a romantic partner.

    Bulgarian Women: 3 Reasons To Date Them

    Dating a Bulgarian woman is a fantastic experience that, hopefully, will progress to a happy marriage. If you are in doubt over whether to date a Bulgarian woman or look for another match, here are at least three reasons to go for a Bulgarian bride.

    A Bulgarian woman doesn’t play hard to get

    Bulgarian women treat the relationship with a man as a union of two equals. She won’t make you work too hard to win her affection. If she is enamored with you and wants to see the relationship move forward, she will always tell you she wants a second date or give you another signal that she appreciates the romance and wants it to continue. A great thing about Bulgarian brides is that they don’t make men jump through the hoops just to win a single restaurant date.

    Bulgarian women will give you some space

    No matter how much a Bulgarian girl is in love with you, she will never try to win 100% of your attention. She perfectly understands the fact that you not only have work and family commitments, but may also not be ready to jump headfirst into a new relationship. A Bulgarian woman will delicately try to get herself to be a bigger part of your life, but all along the way, she will give you as much personal space as you need to not feel suffocated.

    A Bulgarian woman always has the best idea for a date

    Bulgarian women are fun, inventive, and social, which are the three requirements for the most perfect date in your life. Your first few dates will probably be the standard cafe and cinema meetings, but a Bulgarian bride will also want you to have the time of your life while on a date with her. If she has some ideas about spending time with you, you should always listen because it’s always worth it. Whether it’s visiting a local petting zoo or going to a nearby shore to try wakeboarding, your relationship with a Bulgarian woman will be anything but boring.

    Are There Any Cons To Dating Bulgarian Women?

    Our goal is to give you a clear idea of what to expect from your relationship with a Bulgarian woman. Dating Bulgarian women has lots of pros, but there are also some potential cons you need to deal with.

    Bulgarian women can be quite independent

    If you are used to women chasing you and focusing 100% of their time and attention on you, the situation can be different with Bulgarian girls. These women know their worth and they value their independence. Not only will you need to work extra hard to convince a Bulgarian woman to date or marry you, but you may also find her to be more independent than most other women you’ve ever met. A Bulgarian bride needs some space, and you just need to accept it.

    Many Bulgarian women are too attached to their families

    The decision to get married to a foreigner and move abroad can be tough for every European mail order bride, but it’s especially difficult for a Bulgarian bride. Bulgarian women develop a strong attachment to their families throughout their lives, and the thought of leaving them to go and live in a completely different part of the world is truly devastating to them. They will still marry you, but don’t be surprised to find your Bulgarian wife talking to her parents every day via video calls, visiting Bulgaria more often than you’ve expected, or inviting them to your home several times a year.

    You will need to adopt her healthy lifestyle

    Part of the reason why Bulgarian women for marriage look so radiant and fit is that they maintain a very healthy lifestyle. Bulgarian cuisine is filled with fresh, high-quality ingredients, and Bulgarian women cannot live without at least some physical activity in their lives. If you want to spend the next few decades happily married to your Bulgarian wife, you will need to begin sharing her knack for a healthy lifestyle, which may include changing your diet, getting rid of bad habits, and introducing exercise into your routine.

    How Are They Different From Russian Brides?

    Bulgaria and Russia do not share any borders, but they share a substantial part of their history. Plus, Russia and Bulgaria are always on top of the popularity ranks when it comes to Eastern European mail order brides. However, while there are some obvious similarities between these two nations of brides, there are also some significant differences you should know about.

    Bulgarian women are not ready to have lots of children

    Russian brides are willing to have children very early in the relationship and they are definitely not opposed to having more than three children. They believe that having multiple kids is what a woman is destined to do. A Bulgarian woman, on the other hand, also cannot imagine living her life without children, but she also believes one or two kids are perfectly sufficient. That way, she can take good care of everyone without depriving anyone of her attention.

    Bulgarian brides want to see the world

    Marriage is a top priority for a Bulgarian bride, but she is not ready to give up her other interests in favor of marriage. A typical Bulgarian woman is passionate about traveling and experiencing new things, and nothing will make her happier than continuing to explore the world with her husband. Russian women, on the other hand, are not as passionate about travels and would much rather spend time with their family at home.

    A Bulgarian wife will always have friends

    Bulgarian women have a wide circle of friends that may include both female and male friends. Even if a Bulgarian bride moves half a world away for marriage, she will always gather another tight social circle around herself and will never have a lonely day even when you are out of town for work or visiting your relatives. A Russian woman typically also has friends, but she has a harder time connecting to people and prefers spending time at home with her loved ones.

    How To Meet Bulgarian Mail Order Brides

    Bulgaria is not the biggest or most populated country in Europe, and not the hottest tourist destination for Western tourists. Although Bulgaria has its attractions — specifically, its Black Sea resorts and its ancient sites — it is likely not the first or even the fifth country you would consider visiting in Europe.

    Bulgarian Women

    Bulgaria is also not particularly known for its strong international business ties, so the possibility of you traveling to Bulgaria for business is very slim. And even if you do arrive in Bulgaria for any reason, you are very unlikely to meet your future wife that way. Regular Bulgarian women are simply too attached to their families and work to abandon everything and move away with you.

    That is why you need to look for Bulgarian brides who made a conscious decision to get married to a foreigner and move with him abroad. The only real way to find them is to join one of the many Bulgarian mail order bride sites. There you will find women who are not only very good-looking and full of love, but also know for sure what they want, and what they want is to marry a guy from overseas and move to his home country for good.

    If, after finding out more about Bulgarian mail order brides, you now believe they make the best girlfriends and wives, you are definitely not alone. Marrying a Bulgarian bride is one of the best things that can happen to a man in life. Make sure to check out our site, where we not only post honest Bulgarian brides reviews and guides to other European mail order brides, but also review the most popular international dating site. Meeting your ideal Bulgarian woman may be closer than you think as long as you stick with us!
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