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Estonian Brides: Who Are They?

Estonian Women For Marriage: 5 Must-Know Facts

If you are a man living in a Western country who has never visited Estonia, you may have little to no idea about the qualities of Estonian mail order brides that make them so popular on the international dating scene. But there are many things to admire about Estonian brides, and here are the 5 most important ones.
Estonian Brides

They are simply gorgeous

When you first meet Estonian women, you will be so impressed by their beauty that you will temporarily forget everything else. Estonian women are often portrayed as blonde beauties with Nordic features, and this portrayal is not far from the truth. Women in Estonia are fair-skinned and blonde-haired. They have an above-average height and an athletic body type that looks both strong and feminine. At the same time, not all Estonian brides are created equal and you can easily find your favorite features in the diverse Estonian women for marriage.

They are well-educated

Talking to an Estonian woman feels absolutely fascinating for two reasons. First, they have a firm grasp of English and won’t have a problem understanding you or making you understand them. Second, education in Estonia is both highly valued and widely accessible, which is why most Estonian brides have at least one degree and nearly encyclopedic knowledge on lots of subjects. You can safely take your Estonian girlfriend anywhere and have her impress everyone with her intelligence.

They never make a scene

There are few things as uncomfortable as finding yourself in the middle of a loud argument with your girlfriend or wife. Many women will not hesitate to make a huge scene no matter where you are just to get you to do what they want. This is not something you should fear with Estonian brides. They are too naturally calm and have too good of an upbringing to start a fight in public. Instead, they will calmly discuss things with you until you reach the right decision.

They are exceptionally reliable

An Estonian mail order bride is someone you can count on in every situation. She will be by your side when you are going through some difficulties in life, and she will also be there to celebrate when things become better. Estonian women are not just looking for a husband or a boyfriend — they are looking for a soulmate. And when an Estonian bride finds a soulmate, she will always support him and make him feel confident and comfortable.

They always put family first

You will hardly ever find an Estonian woman who doesn’t have a job, a tight social circle, and a string of hobbies and interests. However, those things will be put on the back burner when she finally finds a man she wants to marry. And when there are children, the priorities of an Estonian wife will change completely. From the moment you meet, you and your kids will be your wife’s top priority and something that is always on her mind.

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Estonian Brides: Why Are They So Popular Among Men?

You can get a pretty good idea about Estonian brides from meeting them just once, but it may take you more time to experience their multiple other advantages. Here are the less obvious, but still very important benefits of Estonian mail order brides.

Estonian brides are never boring

The fascinating character and vibrant personality of an Estonian mail order bride can give you lots of joy in the beginning, but after you spend several years married to her, you will appreciate it even more. Estonian mail order brides are so interesting and diverse that you can date them for a long time and still find something new and exciting about their colorful charisma. Plus, your Estonian wife will teach you to also enjoy the things she loves.

Estonian mail order brides are low-maintenance

It’s no secret that a typical foreign mail order bride spends several hours a day working on her appearance. She only does it for her husband, but watching a woman shop for clothes, visit a hair salon, getting her nails done and going through other beauty procedures day in and day out can be tiring. Estonian women are much more comfortable in their own skin and will never waste so much time and money on their appearance.

Estonian Mail Order Brides

Estonian women are absolutely monogamous

Estonian culture does not accept any forms of infidelity and Estonian girls grow up with the notion that unfaithfulness is the worst thing you can do to your partner. Plus, Estonian brides spend a long time looking for a perfect husband, and they don’t want it all to go to waste because of a momentary fling. An Estonian wife will never compromise the trust between you and wants you to do the same.

Estonian girls will introduce you to a healthy lifestyle

The combination of Estonian climate, cuisine, and active lifestyle makes Estonian brides some of the healthiest females in Europe. And you can rest assured that it won’t be long until you adopt the same healthy way of living. In a few years, you will go jogging in the morning, hike on weekends, quit bad habits, and watch what you’re eating, and it will all happen thanks to your Estonian wife’s healthy influence.

Estonian women will treat your family as her own

Respect for the elders is one of the main principles in Estonia. We don’t even need to mention the love Estonian women have for their parents because that’s a give. However, they also highly value the older generation of their relatives and often have a very close relationship with their grandparents. Once you get close with an Estonian bride, she will accept your side of the family as her own and extend the same respect, love, and care to them.

Dating An Estonian Bride: 5 Things You Should Know

If you are about to begin a relationship with one of the beautiful Estonian women, we can only congratulate you. Estonian women are perfect for dating and it won’t be long until you will want to marry one of them. Here is how to make your Estonian bride like you even more.

  • Be assertive but value her opinions. When it comes to equality and leadership in a family, Estonian girls are very middle-of-the-road. They want you to value their opinions and take them into account, but they also want you to be capable of making your own decisions.
  • Don’t make fun of her culture. Estonia is a peculiar country and some of its traditions and culture may seem odd to you. For example, Estonian women are not very religious but they are highly superstitious. However, the worst thing you can do is insult those little quirks — Estonian brides want complete acceptance from men.
  • Romantic gestures are a must. You may get the idea that Estonian girls are very forward-thinking, and for the most part, they are. However, they are also slightly old-fashioned in the romantic department and want to be impressed by the man they like. Even something as simple as offering your coat on a late walk home will work to your advantage.
  • Arrange a date at home. Restaurant and cinema dates are great ways to get to know an Estonian woman, but after that, you will need to take more active steps. Ask your Estonian bride to invite you home and cook a lovely dinner together. Don’t forget a bottle of wine and remember to compliment the food and her beauty.
  • Don’t waste money on useless gifts. An Estonian woman is not materialistic and cannot be swayed by an expensive but useless gift such as a huge plush toy or gaudy jewelry she will never wear. Instead, but something inexpensive but cute and memorable, such as a nice little bouquet or romantic memorabilia with your image.

Why Do Estonian Women Become Mail Order Brides?

Even though Estonia is a former USSR country, there is nearly nothing reminding of its Soviet past right now. Estonia is a well-developed, progressive, and peaceful country where women are perfectly happy to live. So when you see thousands of Estonian mail order brides online, you can rest assured that they want to marry foreigners not for financial gain or security of living in a Western country.

The reasons leading them to look for marriage opportunities abroad are purely romantic. Estonian girls want their men to be active, passionate, inventive, and ambitious. Sadly, many guys in their home country lack those qualities: they have a passive outlook and are perfectly content with whatever little they may have. This is not something an Estonian woman is ready to accept, and that is why she wants to try her luck as a mail order bride.

How Are They Different From Russian Brides?

Most foreign brides you meet online are inevitably compared to Russian mail order brides simply because there are so many of them. That is why it’s completely natural for you to wonder if Estonian mail order brides are exactly like their Russian counterparts, considering the two countries share a lot of similarities. But while it’s true that there are some similar things between Russian and Estonian brides, there are also a few key differences, and here are 3 of them.

Estonian Mail Order Bride

Estonian brides rarely stop working

When marrying a Russian woman, you need to be prepared for the fact that even if she works right now, she will likely quit her job after the wedding and will go on to become a housewife. There are a few exceptions from this trend, but generally, it is not customary for Russian wives to combine working with raising the children and doing the housework. It shouldn’t be a problem if you are well-off, but there will be fewer things you will have to talk about.

Estonian mail order brides have a different attitude to work. Most of them work prior to marriage just like Russian brides, but Estonian women are not that quick to quit working even when they have a family. Estonian girls realize how hard it may be to be the sole provider in the family and they will want to share that burden with you. Not only will your family budget be twice as big, but you will also be much more excited to see each other after work.

Estonian mail order brides want fewer children

Many Russian girls grow up in families with three or more children. As adults, they consider three to be the minimal acceptable number of kids in the family. Russian women prefer having their first child in their early twenties, so they are fairly young mothers. However, it’s not uncommon for married Russian women to focus solely on their children. It’s also worth noting that raising multiple children is a fulfilling but expensive endeavor.

Estonian women have a different attitude towards children. They also cannot imagine a happy family without kids, but to them, one or two children is the absolute limit. After your first child is born, your Estonian wife will likely want to give him a sibling, but after that, she will prefer to take care of existing kids and you instead of having more. That way, your children will get more resources and love from their parents.

Estonian women are not searching for luxury in life

Many Russian women come from humble beginnings, and their limited financial situations when growing up lead to them seeking finer things in life as adults. A Russian bride you meet will likely be a fan of expensive clothing, jewelry, fine dining, vacations, and gadgets. Needless to say, when a Russian girl marries you and quits work, you will be the one paying for her whims; otherwise, you need to brace yourself for sulking and silent treatment.

With Estonian women, the situation with shopping is very different. It doesn’t matter if an Estonian girl grew up in a rich or modest family, she has a very balanced view of luxury. They are nonplussed by designer clothes and accessories, jewelry, and devices. They want practical, comfortable things that don’t cost a fortune. And while an Estonian bride certainly won’t miss a chance to go on vacation with you, it’s likely going to be very affordable and yet just as exciting.


If you love women with a fairytale appearance, rich culture, and European values, there is no one who will meet your needs better than an Estonian mail order bride. These women have enough love and support for a lifetime and you will never regret having an Estonian wife. Find more guides to other foreign women for marriage, dating site reviews, and dating tips on our site and get empowered to begin your own search for your ideal woman.

Toni Muller

Toni Muller

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