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What about women? What are Norwegian women like in reality? Many guys from all over the world dream of having wives from Norway. Let us take a closer look at their personality and determine why so many men are obsessed with Norwegian brides.

norwegian women

Why Norwegian Women are so Popular?


If you are irritated with women flirting with some guys in the club or cheating on their spouse, you will probably want to start relationships with Norwegian brides.

When a Norway woman becomes your girlfriend, you can be sure she will remain devoted and reject anyone approaching her. The rough Viking ages carved a unique mentality in these people. They value love, commitment, and support from each other. These qualities once were crucial for survival.

Therefore, many Norwegian brides express maximum devotion in a relationship. Changing partners all the time is something unimaginable for most Norwegian brides. They usually seek a partner for a stable and long-lasting relationship.

Northern Beauty

Norwegians, alongside Brazilians, are considered some of the most beautiful nations in the world. While Brazilian girls charm men with their bronzed sexy bodies, Norwegian ladies win men’s hearts with their elegance and irresistible natural beauty. Norwegian brides don’t use makeup too often, but you will question the necessity of all these powders anyway. Their naturally flawless skin, charming blue eyes, and shining smiles make men fall in love with them very fast. What about bodies then? Can you meet any curvy girls in Norway? Sure, you can.

Norwegian brides don’t like sitting at home in front of the TV. They prefer doing sports, going to the gym, hiking, and jogging. Due to this, you will find many Norwegian brides who keep themselves in shape, pumping their glutes in the gym twice a week. In general, these women are fit since obesity is not a nationwide problem in Norway (as compared to the US).

Besides, this country produces lots of fashion models. Genetics plays a crucial role in the beauty of Norwegian brides, thus creating hot blonde blue-eyed angels.

Domestic Skills

Norway has one of the lowest percentages of young adults living with their parents. Many Norwegian women become independent in their 20s and move into a separate apartment. To put things into perspective, only 37.8% of young adults live with their parents compared to 80% of Italian youth.

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It means that Norwegians become mature much earlier, already being capable of creating a separate domestic unit. Due to this, Norwegian brides become skilled in housing in their early 20s. They can successfully manage all the household chores, from cooking and ironing to fixing the leaking tape or replacing the toilet’s fill valve.

Thus, while dating a Norwegian bride, you can be sure she will cook a delicious meal. However, there is a catch. A Norwegian girl will make a list of chores for you. So, you will inevitably share household responsibilities. Thus, don’t expect your girlfriend to do all the work on her own.

norwegian women


Just like the US and the UK, Norway belongs to the most educated countries in the world. Although the percentage of the local people attending universities is slightly lower compared to the US (43% against 45.6%), you will not feel any difference. In 99.99% of cases, you will communicate with well-educated and broad-minded ladies who follow modern views on gender roles and relationships. They are far less superstitious than girls from Asian or Latin American countries.

As for languages, everything is okay with English. Although the Norwegian language is official, most of the population speaks English and even a couple of other foreign languages, including German and Spanish. Therefore, you will easily communicate with the locals.

Norwegian Women: Reasons to Date or Not to Date Them

The qualities mentioned above make the local girls some of the most popular brides, but what should you expect from a relationship with one of them? Read further to learn why you should date Norwegian women.

Top Five Reasons to Date Them

1. A Green Light to Splitting the Bills

You can save a lot of money on dating Norwegian girls. Since they become financially independent from a young age and are used to taking care of themselves, they don’t need a knight with a bag of money to protect them financially. It is okay for them to split the bill, so your woman will most likely pay for herself.

Besides, you can rely on your girlfriend financially, knowing that she will contribute to your budget when you move in together.

2. Support

Norway is the top country in terms of gender equality. So, it is entirely acceptable for a Norwegian man to have trouble and seek support in a relationship. After all, men are humans, not robots designed to earn money. Thus, you will not be afraid of sharing your problems with your woman. You are not supposed to carry everything on your own, and she will understand it.

3. Directness

Norwegian ladies don’t like playing on their men’s nerves. Instead of hinting at some problems and holding grudges, they prefer discussing the issues directly. Norwegian women are also known for being cold, so they don’t like wasting so much energy on shouting at you. Instead, you will resolve disputes through peaceful discussions.

4. She is an Introvert

A fun fact about Norwegian brides is that they can do pretty routine things and consider them funny. They are mostly introverted, and that is why a peaceful walk near your girl’s house can count as entertainment. One may say that having such a girlfriend is a disaster, but it’s actually not, assuming that you will marry her. When you are 20, you might want some adrenaline boiling in your blood, but you will seek a calm and thoughtful wife when you feel you are ready to settle down.

Many Norwegian girls feel uncomfortable in crowded places and prefer peaceful campsites somewhere in nature. They don’t have too many friends. Because of this, they like spending time with their soulmates, which adds to their loyalty. Instead of grabbing you to an expensive restaurant, a Norwegian woman will suggest cooking some meals together in a cozy atmosphere at home. From this perspective, marrying a Norwegian woman equals having a healthy and stable relationship.

5. She is not a Gold Digger

Many Norwegian brides earn about $60,000 a year. Many people buy apartments or detached houses in their 20s. Why on earth will a wealthy woman be after your money if she can buy a house? Due to this, the local women fall in love sincerely and value personal qualities in the first place. Although money is important, you will hardly find gold diggers among Norwegian brides. It is another reason why so many guys dream of dating beautiful Norwegian women and living in this wonderful country.

Reasons not to Date Them

Beware of Exaggerated Feminism

Sometimes, dating Norwegian brides can be similar to walking through a minefield. In a country with developed human rights, social and gender equality, and high living standards, some women start getting mad. Thus, be careful of hardcore feminists that believe all males are tumors on mankind’s body. Many local women consider such terms sexist and insulting. Indeed, some women believe that saying “mankind” instead of “humanity” or “fireman” instead of “firefighter” is an unforgivable crime.

If you are unlucky enough to meet such a girl, she will play on your nerves quite often, competing with you, blaming you for no reason, etc. Thus, it is better to avoid such women at all costs.

They are not Easy to Impress

Unlike Eastern European women, Norwegian ones are used to handsome, stylish, and tall men with noble facial features, six-pack, and gentleman’s lexicon. It means that the competition is very high in this country, and you will have to apply much effort to win the local bride’s heart.

Besides, Norwegian brides feel uneasy with strangers, and typical pick-up lines don’t seem to work on them. You will probably find no success in picking up girls in nightclubs.

How are they Different from Russian Brides?

Russian and Norwegian brides have many things in common. They are beautiful, smart, and loyal. However, you should understand the crucial difference between Nordic and Russian mentalities. Check the difference between Slavic and Scandinavian brides below.

They are Confident

Russian girls tend to be submissive and wait for the guy to make the first move. They are usually shy, especially with foreigners, and blush while hearing compliments, receiving gifts, etc. A Russian girl may be interested in you, but she will struggle to approach you or text you first. A Norwegian one is entirely different. They are much more decisive in this regard. A Norwegian girlfriend will text you first, ask you out for a date, give you presents, etc.

They are Equal

As mentioned before, Norway is all about equality in everything. Walking around Oslo streets, you will see many men playing around with children or pushing the prams trying to calm the baby’s cry.

Many men receive a 15-week parental leave. Alongside that, some even prefer to stay at home and do the household chores permanently. The couples typically share domestic duties, including watching after children.

Most Russian women don’t let their men even hold a baby for a while or replace their diaper. With Norway girls, you will have to learn how to wipe your baby’s butt and accept your destiny when your toddler poops on your t-shirt. It is because a Norwegian woman will ask you to watch after your kid. Thus, don’t expect your Scandinavian wife to stir the soup with one hand and feed a baby with another.

They are Career-oriented

Norwegian brides are all about career opportunities and saving money. As mentioned before, these women are strong, powerful, and independent. While a Russian girl will gladly marry and bear a child in her 20s, the Norwegian one will break the glass ceiling with a powerful punch and get what she wants from life.

When she feels ready to settle down, she will think of a family and children. Or, she may even remain childless. In 2017, one in six Norwegian brides did not have children in their 40s. It is because lots of Norwegian brides don’t see themselves as mothers. They prefer climbing the career ladder, traveling, and enjoying life (from their perspective, sure) instead. If you share this mentality, you will get along with most women in Norway.

norwegian brides

Why do Norwegian Women Become Mail Order Brides?

They Want New Experiences

These brides like new experiences and environments. They can afford to spend money on Spanish resorts, skinning destinations in Austria, or a trip to the Grand Canyon. High living standards, traveling, and cultural awareness allow them not to limit their dating preferences.

They don’t mind starting relationships with foreigners, particularly with the US guys. From nearly native English to financial capabilities, they have everything to create a bond with a person from another environment. For many Norwegian brides, dating a guy from another country is a new experience that brings new emotions and satisfies their craving for a different culture. That is why you will find lots of Norwegian mail order brides on dating platforms.

They Prefer Online Dating

Nordic women tend to develop relationships much slower than American ones. Many Norwegian brides prefer starting relationships online because it is more convenient and allows them to keep their distance until they become comfortable with their partners. Besides, statistically, online dating brings more success than meeting in the pub or nightclub, or on the street. On top of that, Scandinavians, just like Russians or Germans, are mostly introverted.

It is another reason why so many Northern European brides, just like Russian ones, register on dating platforms to find a partner. Thus, you will meet Norwegian ladies online with ease.

How to Date Norwegian Women?

Check these tips to date Nordic women:

  • Go for online dating. You will have a much higher chance of meeting a girl online. Besides, it works ideally with introverted women.
  • Make sure you look stylish since appearance matters. You have to stand out to impress a Scandinavian girl.
  • Treat Norwegian brides with ultimate respect. A Norwegian girlfriend needs to feel valued, so show that you appreciate her decisions and views.
  • Accept their independence. Norwegian women are hardwired to be equal in the relationship. Thus, don’t make your girlfriend feel oppressed in any way. Instead, share the household chores, support her, and spend much time together. Note that this advice relates to marriage too since your wife will likely invest much energy into her career.


Norwegian brides become ideal partners when you win their hearts. They won’t cheat on you or get on your nerves. Instead, they will give you sincere love and support no matter what happens. These women are used to contributing to a relationship and keeping the family healthy and stable. If you want to marry a beautiful Nordic bride, you will definitely find your happiness with a Norwegian one. You can also find Norwegian brides reviews on our website to learn more about dating in Northern Europe and the best dating sites to meet Norwegian women. We publish independent reviews on matchmaking platforms to help you make your dating experience safe and enjoyable.

Toni Muller

Toni Muller

Toni is a certified dating coach and matchmaker with over a decade of experience. Toni Muller has spent most of her career researching the psychology of romantic relationships. She knows exactly what people look for in potential partners and she uses her expertise to help our readers meet the person who will make them truly happy.

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