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Norwegian women: who are they?

Norway is the first country that comes to mind when we hear of Scandinavia. It is quite a popular tourist destination and fairly one of the best places to live, and it does not come as a surprise. Apart from being so popular for its breathtaking mountains and picturesque fjords, the country has one of the highest living standards to offer. What is more, Norway has some of the world’s most beautiful, charming women who all contribute to the country’s ultimate diversity and attractiveness. It is impossible not to fall in love with a Norwegian woman, just like it is impossible not to be fascinated by the country’s magnificent views. 

Cute Norwegian Girl

If you are ready to meet the one who will make you always feel loved, you may consider establishing a relationship with a Norwegian woman. Her unique features and personality traits can blow your mind and instantly make you believe in love again. If you can’t wait to meet Norwegian mail order brides, we are happy to help. In the guide below, we will help you discover what makes these  Scandinavian beauties so special and give you a couple of useful tips with regard to dating. 

Why Norwegian Women are so popular? 

Scandinavian beauty

First things first, marrying a Norwegian woman is worth it because of her unearthly beauty. Their looks literally blow every single man’s mind far far away. If you travel to their country, you will be amazed by the attractiveness of Norwegian blonde brides, as well as the blue depth of their eyes, the plasticity of their pale-skinned bodies, and the general charm they all have. All in all, Norway is literally paradise for men who adore natural blondes. But if you admire ginger girls – you will certainly find some as well.

Excellent English-speaking skills

Norway has a lot in common with English-speaking countries. For instance, their language sounds somewhat similar to English, which is why learning the latter isn’t a big deal for them. This means that most young ladies speak English at a level that is more than sufficient for you two to understand each other. Additionally, you will probably understand half of the words she says in Norwegian, because both languages, as already said, sound somewhat similar.


Norwegian brides are stunning. One reason for us to say lies in their readiness to face all kinds of challenges and get ripped out of their comfort zone. It does not seem like some situations or things scare them. But even if there are such, Norwegian girls cope with them with utmost confidence. But however powerful and independent they are, they always wish to be around the man who will protect them. 


Norwegian brides are incredibly self-sufficient and perfectly introverted. They don’t have trouble being on their own and doing what gives them ultimate pleasure. It seems that they always know what they want and are aware of all possible ways to achieve their goals, especially when they are near someone they love. 

Gender equality protectors

Norway has taken a step forward in terms of gender equality. Even though men still give gifts, buy flowers, and do all the small cute things for their women in Norway, gender roles equality is quite prominent. For instance, you will certainly find yourself in a situation where a girl approaches you without waiting for any action from your side. It is highly possible to get to know Norwegian brides online and even get the first text from her.

A Beautiful Woman is What You Need!

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Norwegian Women: Reasons to Date or Not to Date Them

Norwegian women are literally some of the most attractive and loving partners and can easily adapt their mindset to the person they love. Here are few excellent features we love about Norwegian brides:

They are sincere and quite direct

We love the way we feel about talking to Norwegian women. Whenever she is around, you feel incredibly calm and relaxed. We bet this is all due to their special sincere attitude and a willingness to stay 100% true. Norwegian brides don’t make an effort to make others like them for the things they are not – they simply won’t keep in touch with the ones they don’t feel positive about. But if she likes you indeed – she will always be around and always show you her most sincere emotions. Such a quality helps men to avoid a great deal of confusion: if she smiles at you – she really does like, and not just trying to be friendly.

Charming Norwegian Bride

They are well-educated

Norway is in part famous for its excellent education system. There are quite many colleges and universities where students can get a quality education, which is why most Norwegian brides can boast of their scientific degrees. You can always trace her intelligence during a talk: you will always have a list of topics to discuss and exchange opinions. Moreover, Norwegian girls are curious about learning new things and getting to know the world they live in, so continuous education is just their thing. 

Norwegian brides are top hostesses

Norwegian women admire taking care of their houses and turning them into the coziest place on earth. They are always in search of things that can make their home even warmer and more welcoming. She will indeed make you feel at home and make every effort to create a safe haven just for you two. Besides, Norwegian brides have outstanding cooking skills! You will hardly leave her place without having tried a few traditional Norwegian dishes.

A Norwegian woman can be your best partner in crime

Whatever you are up to – you will always have complete support from your Norwegian wife. Moreover, she will gladly accompany you in the craziest activities and approve of your mind-breaking ideas. If you are in search of a woman who will make your life 10 times brighter and fancier, a Norwegian bride sounds like your perfect match.

Yet, dating isn’t always about never-ending romantic nights and carefree living. In fact, being in a relationship sometimes has its difficulties, which are easy to overcome by means of mutual understanding, support, and contribution. Occasional problems and misunderstandings are pretty often the case, and Norway girls are no exception. There are a few warning things you need to keep in mind when starting dating a Norwegian girl.

Language barrier

When starting a relationship with a woman from a different country, you might often encounter language problems. It may sometimes be complicated to find common ground with a partner who does not speak your language or does not speak it fluently. Even though most Norwegian girls speak English fluently, there is always a risk of miscommunication or misinterpretation. However, the language barrier isn’t always a bad thing. Not being capable to speak the language eloquently and express oneself fully does not always do you bad: for instance, it is quite hard to argue and find a foreign language speaking partner, and thus hard to get into a destructive conflict.

Different perspective on marriage

Just like most Scandinavian girls, Norwegian brides don’t assume that getting married is an urgent thing. No matter how much they love their partner, they are sure that a marriage is a huge step ahead and it should be taken only when both parties are ready for that. As the evidence shows, Norwegian brides are way too independent and don’t consider marriage to be the utmost meaning of their lives. So if you’d like to pop the question after a year of dating, you might better not want to hurry up. 

Different dating culture

The dating culture in Norway is quite different from the one you might be accustomed to. Norwegian women are rather open-minded and aren’t afraid of getting intimate with a man. They don’t assume that it is vital to spend a couple of dates before finally taking their relationship to a new level. But it might be quite problematic to make sure your relationship does not end after the night together. For instance, you might have difficulty getting to know her and getting closer. A lot of women don’t have trouble going intimate; they have trouble getting to know their partner.

Norwegian Mail Order Bride

How are they different from Russian brides? 

Norwegian women have a lot in common with Russian girls. First, they are talkative and friendly, which is why starting a conversation isn’t a problem at all. Additionally, they are incredibly attractive, stylish, and always aware of their most fabulous features. However, few differences become apparent once you approach a Norwegian girl. Here are three major differences:

  • Minimum makeup. While Russian girls are real pros at putting on their makeup and using all sorts of beauty tools, girls in Norway give preference to natural looks. They usually use nothing but mascara and a lightweight base to highlight their tender natural features. For a man who values natural beauty, a Norwegian bride is the ultimate treasure.
  • Highly independent and always seeking equality. Norwegian women are really opinionated when it comes to equalizing gender rights and living a highly independent life. 
  • They take an initiative. Yes, while Russian girls are inclined to wait for a man to make the first step, Norwegian brides are different. They aren’t afraid to be the first to talk and ask a guy for his number. They assume that there are no rules when it comes to starting a relationship – everyone has equal rights.

Why do Norwegian women become Mail Order Brides? 

Norwegian women usually don’t experience problems finding a man, since their beauty has a magnetic power. However, they are pretty often disappointed with the dating situation in their country, which is why a lot of beautiful Norwegian brides seek a relationship abroad. First and foremost, all they want is just to find a man who will respect them, and simply treat them properly. Moreover, mail order Norwegian brides are extremely curious about meeting different men from different corners of the world, which is why they are always curious about international relationships. They easily find common ground with foreign guys and sometimes have more in common with them than with Norwegian men. 

To make sure you make the most out of your dating experience, we would like to give you a couple of tips to enhance it. Here are some most crucial pieces of advice:

  • Make her and her friends admire you. Norwegian girls put a big value into their interactions with friends as well as inside their families, and so they always listen to their opinion. To gain her recognition, you first need to get her beloved ones to like you. Why is this critical? Well, family and besties are the first people she will turn to for advice. Thus, it would be beneficial if you maintain a good image and show that you are a nice gentleman who is worth that girl.
  • Talk about things that interest her. Norwegian girls don’t really like guys who constantly talk about themselves or simply ignore the topics that they find interesting. Don’t be one of those guys. Instead, try to discover what she likes and revolve around it. They always appreciate it when a man is attentive and caring!
  • Be active. Once you meet Norwegian ladies, you will surely notice how good their physical shape is. This is in part due to their active lifestyle, which they indeed love. Show your bride that you are also into sports. For instance, you may think of offering her to do some shared sports activity – she will certainly join you.


Online dating can give you a chance to encounter new cultures and explore new horizons. It opens a huge spectrum of opportunities and allows you to experience things you’ve never experienced before. If you are interested in starting a relationship with a girl from Norway but aren’t sure about how to begin, we are glad to help. Whenever you need a piece of advice, you can always find it in our comprehensive brides reviews right away. There are a lot of perfect Norwegian brides for Americans out there, so hurry up and meet your destiny!

Toni Muller

Toni Muller

Toni is a certified dating coach and matchmaker with over a decade of experience. Toni Muller has spent most of her career researching the psychology of romantic relationships. She knows exactly what people look for in potential partners and she uses her expertise to help our readers meet the person who will make them truly happy.

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