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Why Are Irish Women So Popular?

They are known for their beauty

The appearance of Irish brides is known all over the world. Their pale skin, red hair, and freckles look adorable at any age. Irish women are tall and beautifully built with subtle curves and feminine features. The fashion sense of Irish girls is more casual and you will hardly ever see them in heels and fancy dresses outside of important events. However, they know exactly what to wear and which makeup to put on to look attractive even on a regular day.

They are not shy even around strangers

One of the reasons why dating an Irish girl is such a popular idea among foreigners is that Irish women are welcoming to strangers and are a pleasure to be around. Even when you meet each other for the first time, you will undoubtedly be impressed by your bride’s cheerful attitude and her ability to talk for hours without making you bored. An Irish bride will make you feel welcome even as a foreigner and will always make sure you are comfortable and happy.

irish brides

They don’t want to date around

Unlike many other foreign women, Irish brides are not particularly interested in dating as many guys as possible before marriage. Irish women have several relationships by the time they decide to get married, but they prefer not to date around. An Irish girl takes her relationships seriously and will never date someone just to avoid being alone. So you can easily come across an Irish mail order bride who didn’t have any serious partners at all and was waiting for her ideal man.

They are ready for compromise

If you marry an Irish woman, you will find yourself in the most comfortable and caring relationship you have ever experienced. Irish girls are known for their skilful arguments, but they also want to attend to their partners’ needs and achieve a compromise whenever possible. When there is a disagreement between you two, an Irish wife will always consider your point of view and will try to find a solution that works for both of you instead of just pushing her agenda.

They will do anything for their families

Irish girls may seem like the most independent women in the world, but at their core, they only care about their families. There is nothing more important in the life of an Irish woman than her family and she will do anything to keep them protected and happy. An Irish wife is capable of huge sacrifices if her family needs her to make them and she will never regret turning her whole life around for the sake of her loved ones.

How To Meet Irish Brides

Irish women are curious and well-traveled, so there is a chance you will meet one of them while on vacation or even in your hometown. However, if you don’t want to rely on chance in something as sensitive as finding a perfect partner, you may want to get proactive in this regard. Your first idea is probably to book a ticket to Dublin and do your search there, but this idea is unlikely to work for several reasons.

A Beautiful Woman is What You Need!

Meet a Woman

First, by visiting only one or two Irish cities, you significantly limit your dating options. Second, there is a chance that locals will see you being too persistent with women and can take action against you. Third, not every Irish girl you meet will be ready to leave everything behind and move to your country forever.

If you want to meet Irish women who are not only attractive and clever, but also motivated to marry a foreign man and live with him in his home country, you’d better do your search on a special dating site. If your goal is marrying an Irish woman, you will find lots of eligible potential partners on those sites. They will be attractive, interesting to talk to, and deeply romantic, but most importantly, they are open to the idea of marrying a foreigner and will welcome your advances.

Dating Irish Brides: 5 Things To Know

Meeting a perfect Irish woman is important for the success of your endeavor, but it’s not enough to just meet Irish girls — you also need to know how to date them in order to make the best impression on them and get the relationship to your desired conclusion, which is a happy marriage. After you meet Irish woman you can see as your life partner, here is what you can do to make her choose you.

Irish Bride

Be honest from the start

When dating Irish women, it’s very important to be upfront from the beginning of your relationship. When you’re around a charming Irish bride, it can be very tempting to try and look cooler, richer, or more experienced in love than you really are. However, you should know that your Irish bride will always see the real you, so it’s best to be completely open about your insecurities, goals, and desires from the start.

Go easy on the compliments

You may not notice it during your first date, but Irish girls are actually rather shy. They are not very comfortable when they are showered with compliments and they try to avoid this awkwardness at all costs. Instead of listing all the things you love about your Irish date, you can simply tell her that you have never met someone as beautiful, smart, and adorable than her, and it’s going to delight her for sure.

Choose relaxed date ideas

When meeting Irish women, don’t rely on expensive dates as a way to impress your bride. Irish women are very casual in relationships and while an occasional dinner at a fancy restaurant may be a nice idea, taking your Irish mail order wife there every time is going to make her uncomfortable. Instead, try to go for a place where you can look at each other and talk freely, such as a cute coffee shop or even a nice park.

Avoid touchy subjects

You can talk to your Irish bride about anything, but there are several controversial topics that she would rather not discuss with a man she seriously considers for marriage. These topics include religion, the history of Ireland, the rumors about Irish people dating their distant relatives, and anything else that feels even slightly controversial to you. However, if she initiates the talk about those subjects, then it’s absolutely fine to discuss them.

Truly get to know your woman

When you plan to marry an Irish girl, you will probably do lots of research first. And while some of the information you find about single Irish girls will turn out to be true, much of it will be a bunch of stereotypes. Instead of believing them and measuring your Irish mail order bride against those stereotypes, dedicate the first few months of being together to just asking lots of questions and making a real effort to get to know your bride.

Why Do Irish Women Become Mail Order Brides?

Ireland is a country that went through its share of political and social troubles in the past, but now it’s a peaceful, developed country with strong ties to the rest of the world and lots of opportunities for women. The majority of beautiful Irish women are very happy with their native country and don’t consider moving abroad just to get more opportunities or to simply survive, like many mail order brides from Asian and Latin American countries.

For mail order brides Ireland is simply too small of a dating pool to successfully find a partner for life. There are relatively few people living in Ireland, which is why it can be hard for local women to find suitable men to date. Plus, many potential matches turn out to be related, which is another difficulty Irish women face. For them, finding a foreign husband is a way to meet a man who will make them happy without spending years looking for the right partner in Ireland. Plus, even though Irish girls have all the opportunities they need in their home country, they still believe that grass can be greener on the other side, and moving abroad for marriage is another way for single Irish ladies to change their lives for the better.

How Are Irish Mail Order Brides Different From Russian Brides?

Single Irish women get more and more popular among foreign men who are looking for a perfect partner, but they face some tough competition in Russian mail order brides. Brides from Russia are some of the most sought-after women on the planet, so it’s perfectly normal for any foreign ladies, including Irish mail order brides, to be compared to Russian women. Here are the five key differences between Irish brides and Russian girls.

Irish brides share your values

Even though Ireland is a culturally different country from your home state, it still shares its language and history with your motherland. Girls who grew up in Ireland speak the same language, love the same music, and watch the same TV shows and movies as you. It gives you lots of topics to discuss and makes your bond stronger from the get-go.

Russian language and culture are famous all over the world for its complexity and uniqueness. You will undoubtedly enjoy learning more about the language in culture in Russia if you decide to be with a Russian woman. However, you will have less in common with a Russian bride right away and may even face some cultural differences along the way.

Irish women are more career-oriented

There are plenty of Irish women who want to be stay-at-home wives and mothers and don’t have any career ambitions at all, but there are fewer of them compared to Irish ladies who also want to build careers. Many Irish girls have to work for a living after graduating and they enjoy having a personal source of income so much that they don’t want to lose it even after getting married.

Russian women are a different story. Many of them are supported by their parents until they decide to get married, and then they prefer to be fully financially supported by their husbands. A Russian wife may want to work part-time once the kids grow up, but until then, you will likely be the sole provider in your family with a Russian woman.

Irish Girl

Irish brides don’t rush to have children

Irish women typically prefer to have children when they are around 30 years of age. By that time, they already have a certain career, a house, and a good husband. They are confident that they can give their children everything they need, and they are in no rush to have children at a young age.

For Russian women, children are a top priority and they are usually ready to do it in their early twenties. Women giving birth over 30 in Russia are not at all rare, but the twenties are viewed as the best time to have children. Plus, Russian women typically want two or more kids, which is why they prefer to start young.

Irish girls want to share house duties

Irish wives are proficient in household duties, but they prefer to share the burden of housework with their partners. It may feel unusual to you when your Irish wife asks you to do the dishes after dinner or vacuum the floors, but once you see that this way, all chores are done twice as fast and you have twice as much time to spend with your wife, you will start to enjoy it.

Russian wives consider house chores to be one of their main duties in the family. They can truly enjoy cooking and cleaning, or they can do it because that’s how it was done in their own families. However, the fact that Russian women prefer not to share the chores with their husbands remains, whether you love it or hate it.

Irish mail order brides are more independent from their families

Irish girls love their parents, grandparents, and siblings dearly. They are very attached to them, and even when they move out of the family home to study or to live alone, they still maintain a close connection to their family. However, Irish women are very independent and don’t allow their loved ones to interfere in their lives no matter how much they love them.

Russian women are a slightly different story. They typically live with their parents until they get married and even when they move out, the connection does not go anywhere. The parents of a Russian woman take an active part in her life with financial support, advice, and even insistence on doing something a Russian woman wouldn’t do otherwise.


The decision to meet Irish girl can be the single most life-changing decision you’ll ever make. Irish women are perfect for dating, but they are even better for marriage. Don’t miss your chance to meet a beautiful, smart, and loyal woman who will always have your back and will make your life more exciting than it ever was. Choose your perfect site for Irish women dating from our trusted selection and give your life a new meaning!

Toni Muller

Toni Muller

Toni is a certified dating coach and matchmaker with over a decade of experience. Toni Muller has spent most of her career researching the psychology of romantic relationships. She knows exactly what people look for in potential partners and she uses her expertise to help our readers meet the person who will make them truly happy.

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