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Why Are German Brides So Popular?

German brides are generally pretty and charming. Traditionally, there are no age restrictions for beauty in this country. There, even women after fortieth anniversaries can enjoy the same popularity as 20-year-olds. Of course, each of them corresponds with particular beauty standards, but no one can say that German women are unattractive or ugly.

German Brides

They Have an Attractive Appearance

German brides can be just as pretty as some representatives of other nations. Many men from other countries often believe that the typical beautiful German brides are thin blondes with light-colored eyes. However, you can see a lot of brunettes and brown-haired women among German women. These women often do not like their natural hair color and dye it in versatile and motley colors. However, their hair always remains well-groomed and styled.

Although the usual canons of female beauty in Germany are perceived differently than in other countries, these women are very neat and elegant. They try to buy and wear expensive clothes and use quality cosmetics. Many believe that in recent years, German women have been trying to look more feminine and gentle. Skirts and dresses came into fashion again to replace more comfortable jeans.

At the same time, German brides are not crazy about their appearance. The answer lies in their confidence in feminine irresistibility and the complete absence of complexes. German brides will never stand in front of the mirror for hours choosing outfits and makeup. Besides, these women follow diets, practice sports, and take care of their bodies, mostly to maintain peak fitness and perfect health.

They Are Independent and Practical

A particular feature of German brides is their independence, which is instilled in their childhood. They realistically assess their capabilities and life circumstances, as well as make every effort to achieve life goals without relying on anyone else. Such women consider men not as sponsors for solving their financial problems, but as partners with whom they can form an equitable alliance. A well-paid job allows them to be financially independent and self-confident in all life circumstances.

German brides demonstrate their economic and practical attitude in everything. They will not stock up their refrigerators with many food items and buy on sale a bunch of clothes that they will never put on. They keep particular records of expenses to know exactly how much they can spend on really needful things. German women know their rights and disregard public opinion. They courageously fight for equality in relationships with men and prefer to achieve everything in life by their own means.

They are Well-Educated

For centuries, German education has been considered one of the best in Europe. It is quite natural that excellent training and breadth of knowledge are highly valued in German society. For German brides, this is a reason for personal pride. It is not considered a bad form to demonstrate your readiness and knowledge. In this country, no one thinks that you are getting smart or perking up if you show your intelligence in a company with a pretty German girl once or twice.

A Beautiful Woman is What You Need!

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For German brides, academic degrees and qualifications mean a lot. Every woman in Germany knows that a good education is essential for career and life success. In the past, the Germans paid great attention to all kinds of noble titles and estates. Today, titles of nobility have been replaced by academic degrees, which now sound no worse than “baroness” or “duchess.” So, if a German woman has, for example, two academic degrees, she will certainly inform you about this when meeting in person.

They Take Marriage and Family Calmly

Contemporary German brides do not aspire to marry and have children. They are not obsessed with thoughts about children or marriage, and this gives them more freedom of expression. They do not have to hide their opinions or sacrifice their interests for the sake of the family. Many people in Germany are happy to meet or just live together in a civil marriage, even having common grandchildren. Each of the partners may have their own responsibilities, but their budgets are separated.

If there is a question about marriage, German brides have an overly cautious, weighed, and pragmatic approach to this issue. They will consider all the pros and cons, think for a long time, and thoroughly prepare for this event. Typically, these women think about family only when they have already achieved a lot in life, keep both feet on the ground, and ready to have children mentally. That is, they get married after 30 years old and give birth to their first child only when they can consciously raise and take care of it.

Of course, normal families and classic budgeting schemes in them are not rare in Germany. The country is trying to assist in creating strong and healthy families with official registration. The difference in salaries plays a significant role in this society, and the local taxation system is very complicated. An official marriage is financially beneficial for well-earning people since it allows two people to pay taxes legally.

German Bride

The procedure for cryopreservation of ovules is popular among young women. More and more of them decide to postpone a baby’s birth until the moment they gain financial stability. Children are brought up in complete freedom without excessive supervision. In Germany, it is not customary for all family generations to live together or maintain constant contact. After reaching adulthood, young people leave their parents and start to build their lives independently.

They Are Tolerant and Not Very Sentimental

In Germany, everyone tries to be tolerant towards other people. Any manifestation of feelings in public is considered unacceptable here. If, for example, you go with your girlfriend along the street, you should not hug or kiss her. You better not show any feelings in public and limit bodily contact. In the case of a quarrel, they prefer not to sort things out in public. German brides are entirely rational, cautious, and logical. So, they like to solve conflicts with calm words.

Typically, German brides are quite open-minded, friendly, and sincere. At the same time, German women rarely accept new people in a close circle, and they prefer to maintain friendship relations distantly. They are willingly discussing intimate topics too. Many foreigners perceive it as an invitation, although this is not the case. Many people in Germany believe that times have changed, and romantic relationships are replaced by practicality, and sensitive recklessness gave way to cold calculations.

A woman herself can offer a man to become her husband. However, if a man has any problem with money or a job, his German woman will most probably lose interest in him at once. Church influences these women’s behavior significantly. Mostly, German brides are very devout, lead a righteous lifestyle, and try not to miss church services. One of the main principles of a German woman’s life is an active position and constant work.

How to Meet German Brides?

In Germany, the question of how to get acquainted usually does not arise. Young people do it anywhere and at every opportunity. It is perfectly normal to make acquaintances in nightclubs or cafes. It is less appropriate to do this in transport, gyms, and city parks. Mature people are more conservative and practical. They find it appropriate to flirt only at certain times and in suitable places. Romantic relationships at work are unacceptable in this country.

In the past, noble German brides used to tease and seduce men with the help of gestures, half-hints, or movements of a fan or lorgnette. Nowadays, a German girl can calmly approach a man she liked and ask for his phone number without any extra glances and ambiguous gestures. During Oktoberfest, women usually tie a bow on the left side of their skirts if they are not married. If the bow-knot is on the right side, any man has no chance. However, this does not mean that such a woman is ready for any adventure. It is just a tradition that has been around for centuries.

Pragmatism and practicality are firmly established in the character of German women. If a German Frau flirts, she does it purposefully to get acquainted with the man. Without the goal of finding a partner, she will never flirt and seduce a man. Unfortunately, lonely and middle-aged women rarely feel the need to find serious relationships in our times. With age, their desire to make acquaintances can disappear completely.

In this way, think twice before opening a door in front of a German woman. A man should show such signs of attention to these women cautiously. Such a man’s behavior can be considered unacceptable and even offensive. It may end up in court since she may take this gesture as an allusion to her weakness. So, it is better not to try to be overly caring when you date a German woman.

At present, speed dating is a widespread method to meet German brides. This relatively new way of meeting for serious relationships and communication came from the USA. Parties are organized in clubs, and dozens of lonely people are invited. The number of men and women is the same. Boys and girls talk to each other for a while and then change. Participants write down the names of those persons with whom they want to meet later.

A man can invite a woman on a first date to a cafe or restaurant. If the girl says no, the further attempts to insist are pointless. In the meeting, the topics of conversation are usually neutral, and relationships develop gradually. If you want to make a good impression on a German woman, you should not ask her about personal things from the very beginning. In this country, people have strict boundaries of personal space, so they are not inclined to discuss private life or open heart to strangers.

At the end of the first meeting, a man usually offers to pay for the lady. Many emancipated women adhere to the separate bill rule, so you should not try to pay the bill without notice. Then, it is a bad sign if a man is in a hurry after dinner. But when a man silently walks next to a girl, this will be perceived fine. In general, a German woman herself usually offers a plan for the evening continuation or the next meeting.

Why Do German Women Become Mail Order Brides?

Although flirting on dating sites is not similar to a full-fledged courtship, German brides can not ignore these online opportunities. Modern people consider communication in a smartphone or through a laptop to be quite complete. Many German mail order brides take an online meeting and dating as a comfortable way for light flirting and starting a serious relationship. With their inherent pragmatism, German women use new technology to find true love on the Internet.

Many German girls post their photos and fill out their profiles on various dating sites. Judging by images and data, it becomes clear who these people are and what they want. It is enough for a single man to select an attractive female profile, send a welcome message to the girl, and wait for a response. If the sympathies are mutual, you can start communicating without any problem and even arrange a personal meeting.

According to statistics, a quarter of those people who used dating websites for building marriage found their current partner online. The reason for the success of German Web resources is the simplicity and speed of the dating process. These online platforms have become an alternative to night clubs and discos for both young and middle-aged people. Work and career do not allow them to spend a lot of time on courtship, so the desire to find a couple can be satisfied on these sites.

The market for online dating services is growing in Germany. Currently, the online dating business operates hundreds of billions of euros. Registration on such websites is usually free. However, paid functions allow you to design your profile more beautifully and in more detail. It is also possible to promote a personal profile in the search and set up notifications about new users. People willingly pay for such options, which help meet German women and fall in love with one of them.

All in all, this complies with a pragmatic approach of German mail order brides to this matter. They willingly become mail order brides and communicate online with men from all over the world. At the same time, there is practically no language barrier since any German mail order bride knows English quite well. They are open and ready to communicate with interesting men. If you want to meet a German woman, you can do it not only in Germany, but in other countries as well since they travel a lot.

How Are They Different From Russian Brides?

Contemporary German brides marry foreigners quite often. Among the men who are perceived as attractive persons to German women are mostly Italians, Austrians, Americans, and Turks. On the other hand, German men often choose Russian girls because of their qualities that German ladies often lack. According to marriage statistics, Russian women are among the three most popular nationalities for German men. It is especially relevant for the Eastern part of Germany, where girls from Russia have outrun Turkish and Italian brides.

German Women

Russian girls look much more attractive. They take much care of themselves, their skin, and bodies. In Germany, only Russian women can walk down the streets in lovely dresses and high heels. Unlike Russian women, girls from Germany pay much less attention to their appearance. Most German brides do not strive to look attractive in terms of makeup, manicure, and wardrobe. Almost all German brides wear comfortable and functional clothing all year round. Instead of accessories, they prefer backpacks or duffel bags.

For Russian girls, relationships with a strong gender are of significant importance. These females need to have boyfriends or husbands. In contrast, girls in Germany are very self-sufficient. They very often refuse the guys for the sake of a job career. Until a German girl finds a decent job and builds her career, she will not strive to start a relationship with a man at any cost. For German ladies, work, interests, and hobbies play a more significant role than relationships with men.

If a German girl wants a relationship with a guy, she can come up herself and offer to spend a night together. Slavic girls always prefer a man to take the first step. However, Russian women are very attached to their men and rarely initiate breakups. They are much more attractive, gentle, caring, and sensual. These are the main criteria on which both Western European and American men often choose Russian mail order brides.

A German woman will not rush home after work to prepare a delicious multi-course dinner and clean the entire house. In everyday life, German brides are unlikely to be the embodiment of caring and homely ladies. Such women believe that they work enough in their main jobs and bring decent income into the family. Hence, part of the housework falls on the man’s shoulders. In such a way, these women strive to share all the responsibilities at home.

Russian women often forget about themselves and want to do well for all close people. In Germany, it is the other way around — German brides think about themselves first, and only then can they do something for their men and families. In Germany, women are much more independent, strong, and rational. In Germany, very few women stay at home with children. They cannot imagine and afford such a situation. In addition, German women do not like formal marriage and prefer to live in civil relations.

German brides aim to realize they are contributing to environmental care, even when they buy food. Many German girls are becoming vegetarians and vegans. Many of them purchase only organic products that do not harm animals. So, if you love a beef burger and eat it secretly from your girlfriend, it might be a good reason for her to part with you. Thus, you may need to make a difficult choice between a tender steak and your German girlfriend.

Although German brides may not be as gorgeous and feminine as females belonging to other nationalities, they have some outstanding virtues. Of course, you can find different personalities among the German population. However, the primary characteristics of German brides are rationality, single-mindedness, and self-restraint. These women react to any external stimuli with remarkable calmness. If something provokes a strong surge of emotions, it will not certainly become public knowledge.

Self-development and career play an essential role in the lives of German brides. They can be pragmatic and calculate everything to the point of commercialism. German women are very entrepreneurial and able to find different ways to earn extra money. They know how to combine everything at once — work, hobbies, and children’s care. Sometimes it seems that there are no barriers for these women.


These women know how to look soberly at the world, and they are always aware of their responsibility to themselves, society, and their families. German brides are very hardworking, but they rarely boast of their financial well-being. Of course, men are different too. But undoubtedly, many men can appreciate such qualities in women. Thus, if you want to know more about these unique women, find German Brides reviews on our website.

Toni Muller

Toni Muller

Toni is a certified dating coach and matchmaker with over a decade of experience. Toni Muller has spent most of her career researching the psychology of romantic relationships. She knows exactly what people look for in potential partners and she uses her expertise to help our readers meet the person who will make them truly happy.

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