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Why Are Bosnian Women So Popular?

We are sure that once you get to know Bosnia and Herzegovina better, you will fall in love with this beautiful and fascinating country, but today we want to focus on just one aspect of Bosnia — the gorgeous Bosnian women for marriage who can make the best wives for any man in the world. Bosnian brides have lived in relative obscurity for decades, but lately, they have started getting more and more popular among foreign bachelors who are tired of the feminist agenda of Western women and just want to love and feel loved. Bosnian singles have more advantages than we could ever list in one post, but here are the strongest sides of Bosnian women for marriage.

Bosnian Brides

They are the embodiment of Balkan beauty

With most mail order brides, it’s hard to describe their appearance since it can be very different from one woman to another, but that is not the case with beautiful Bosnian women. Bosnia and Herzegovina is situated in the heart of the Balkan region, which heavily influenced the appearance of a typical Bosnian bride. It is instantly recognizable and is exactly what so many men are imagining when it comes to their future wives.

A typical Bosnian woman is tall and slim but with subtle curves. Her hair is dark and slightly wavy, and her skin has that gorgeous olive tone that makes them look like they’ve just returned from a vacation no matter what time of the year it is. Bosnian women have dark eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes, as well as plump, bright lips, which is why they can easily go out with little to no makeup on.

We also cannot talk about the beauty of Bosnian singles without mentioning their unique attitude to fashion. First, Bosnian women are well aware of their strongest features and they are not opposed to using clothes to make those features more visible. Second, Bosnian chicks are true pros at combining modern fashion trends with signature and vibrant Balkan style in clothing. Third, while Bosnian women typically look very modest, you can still clearly see their sensuous features.

They are friendly and chatty

Even when you are talking to a Bosnian girl and inevitably feel shy, this feeling will soon go away because Bosnian women are famously easy to talk to. They can take the lead in your conversation and make you feel like you have known each other for a long time. This attitude is common for Bosnian women even when they don’t have any romantic interest towards the person they are talking to, so you can only imagine how much they truly shine when they are talking to their potential husband.

As a man, you are probably not that used to talking a lot, but that is exactly why your relationship with a Bosnian girl is guaranteed to work. She will become the long-awaited addition to your life and will gradually make you more sociable, while you will balance out her chattiness and will teach you that it’s not compulsory for romantic partners to be talking all the time — sometimes it can feel great to enjoy each other’s company in silence.

They are always optimistic

Life in Bosnia and Herzegovina has its hardships, especially for young unmarried women. However, Bosnian women have a very strong character and they don’t allow any problems in life to break their optimistic spirit. They always look on the bright side of things and see the glass as half-full, which means they won’t ruin your blossoming relationship by constantly complaining and nagging about even the smallest things.

A Beautiful Bride is What You Need!

Find Your Bride

If you have always wanted a partner who will help you see the light at the end of a dark streak, a Bosnian bride is your best bet. These women know how to enjoy life and be happy no matter how little they may have, and they will teach you to do the same in the course of your relationship and then marriage.

Bosnian Bride

They are loyal and devoted

This feature of Bosnian women is slightly outdated, but it’s part of what makes them so attractive as brides. When a Bosnian girl decides to get married, she wants the marriage to last forever. Bosnian chicks want to marry for life, and they are, in part, inspired by the experience of their parents and other family members, who typically marry in their early twenties and stay married until the very end.

When you are married to a Bosnian woman, there won’t be a single moment in your marriage where you will have doubts about her fidelity. It is simply not in the nature of Bosnian girls to become romantically interested in another man while being in a relationship or married, so you can rest assured she will never not only do anything to break your trust, but even think of doing it is completely out of question.

They can do anything on their own

A Bosnian bride does not want to get married simply because she wants someone to solve her problems for her and support her financially. Most of the Bosnian women you meet both online and in person will work, live independently, and be their own primary supporter. Of course, once she starts seeing you as her potential life partner, she will allow you to show her how much you care about her, but she is also prepared to take excellent care of her future husband.

They are perfect for starting a family

If you have wanted to have children for a long time but have never found the right person to have children with, we are confident that you will achieve what you want with a Bosnian woman. Beautiful Bosnian women make not only perfect wives, but also ideal mothers. We are not just talking about taking care of the basic needs of the little ones such as feeding them, treating them when they are sick, and teaching them how to play, read, and write. It’s also worth noting that Bosnian women always feel a deep connection to their children and know for a fact what they need to grow up into happy adults.

They work wonders around the house

When you are living with a Bosnian woman, you cannot help but feel you are married to a Michelin-star chef, an experienced maid, and a home interior designer all in one person. The interesting thing about Bosnian chicks is that they don’t consider housework to be some horrible, time-consuming chore. They understand that they are doing it for the sake of the family and they would rather miss a meeting with their friends than not have time to make dinner and make their husband and children eat a frozen meal or takeaway.

How To Meet Bosnian Brides?

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the underdiscovered countries in Europe. It has enough attractions to satisfy both new and experienced tourists. There is no way you won’t enjoy your stay in Sarajevo or other majestic Bosnian cities, but we do not recommend you going there if your goal is solely to meet the Bosnian woman you will then marry.

The Bosnian women you meet on the streets will undoubtedly give you a warm welcome and maybe even a tour around the places where they grew up or enjoy now. However, they will know you are a tourist and won’t treat you as genuine marriage material no matter how hard you try to prove your serious intentions.

Plus, there can be a problem of a language barrier. Many Bosnian girls know English well enough to correspond in a written form, but they don’t have much practice talking to foreigners in English, which is why you both can have a difficult time trying to understand each other. And things can get even more confusing if a Bosnian woman understands what you want but reacts negatively to your suggestion: they are so emotional that soon everyone around you will know what went wrong.

Considering all those things, we believe that the most effective way to meet Bosnian women for marriage is to use international dating sites with Bosnian brides. The women there are not only attractive and willing to marry a foreigner and move abroad — they are usually hand-picked or even vetted by the local dating agency, which is why you can always be sure you are talking to a genuine Bosnian woman. If you are having any doubts about this way of meeting Bosnian brides, there are lots of success stories from foreign men that will reassure you.

Dating Bosnian Women: 5 Main Rules

If you are getting ready to date a Bosnian woman, we can only congratulate you — your life is bound to change for the better, and very soon. In case you are worried you don’t have enough knowledge about Bosnian women to build a strong, loving relationship, we’ve got a few helpful dating tips that will make your romance easier.

  • Respect her religion and views. Around half of the population of Bosnia and Herzegovina are Muslims, and even if your Bosnian bride is a Christian, there is a good chance religion plays a very important part in their lives. If you don’t consider yourself religious or belong to another religion, you still need to maintain a respectful attitude towards her views and beliefs, no matter how odd they may seem to you.
  • Be open about your feelings. If there is one thing Bosnian chicks love in a relationship, it’s talking openly about each other’s feelings. To put it simply, Bosnian women love the attention from their men and want you to regularly tell them how much you love them. The same goes even for negative feelings: in case you are dissatisfied with something, a Bosnian woman will prefer you to voice your concerns instead of hiding them.
  • Get to know her friends and family. Getting close to your Bosnian bride’s family and friend circle has two major benefits for you aside from meeting some of the kindest, most open-hearted people in your life. First, you can learn more about Bosnian culture in general and your bride’s personality in particular. Second, the opinion of her friends and family matters to a Bosnian woman a lot, and if they like you, she will like you even more.
  • Make her feel like a princess. Bosnian girls are hopeless romantics at heart, even if they don’t often show it. They love watching romance films and reading novels about love, imagining what their own relationship will be like. You don’t need to go out of your way to make your Bosnian girlfriend feel special, but she will notice even the smallest signs of your attention and will appreciate them.
  • Talk about your future together. By now, you have probably gotten the idea that Bosnian girls are very serious about relationships and rarely, if ever, date men just for the sake of being alone. When they make the decision to date someone, you can know they are envisioning a future together. Even if you haven’t been with your Bosnian bride for a long time, you should still take the time and discuss the most major aspects of your future married life, so that you can both know you are a good fit for each other.

Why Do Bosnian Women Become Mail Order Brides?

Bosnia and Herzegovina is not as struggling as some other countries in the world, but it is not as economically and socially developed as many of its neighbors in Europe. Modern women in Bosnia have it better than the previous generations, but many Bosnian girls are still unhappy with the education and job opportunities their country provides to the women. This is one of the reasons why so many Bosnian chicks consider becoming mail order brides. However, it is far from the main reason for the surge in the number of Bosnian mail order brides.

The biggest reason why the prospect of being a mail order bride is so attractive to Bosnian singles is that they are simply enamored with Western men but don’t have any other opportunities to meet them. It’s not that Bosnian women are dissatisfied with the attitudes of local men, but they simply want to explore other options. They also have an adventurous spirit and have no problem with leaving their home country if love compels them to do it. So when you decide to marry a Bosnian woman, you can rest assured it’s a decision she made deliberately and will not change her mind.

How Are They Different From Russian Brides?

It hasn’t been easy for Bosnian mail order brides to get noticed in the competitive international online dating world, and their number one competitor are the Russian mail order brides. It’s difficult for Bosnian brides not to get overshadowed by Russian women for marriage due to the notoriety and sheer number of the latter. And while there are some big similarities between Russian and Bosnian brides, there are also a lot of major differences to know about.

Bosnian women are not as dependent on men

A Bosnian woman likes to feel protected and taken care of when in a relationship, but she is also able to carve her own path alongside the man she loves. A Bosnian girl does not dissolve herself completely in a relationship and she can take care of herself. This is a big upgrade from Russian women, who prefer to find a man and try to truly become his other half. It’s not uncommon for Russian brides to be unable to solve even minor problems in their life without the help of their boyfriends or husbands, but that is not something you should expect from Bosnian chicks.

Women in Bosnia love their families but have no problems with separation

Both Bosnian and Russian ladies love their families — that’s one of the things they have in common. However, their attitude to their families differs. A Russian woman can hardly imagine life without her parents even after she reaches the age of adulthood. Many Russian brides continue living under the same roof with their parents for a long time after graduating, and even if they eventually move out to get married, they will spend hours talking to their parents on the phone every day.

Bosnian girls are not like that. They also have a strong connection to their parents, but they are willing to live their separate lives once they become grown-ups. You will hardly find a Bosnian bride who still lives with her parents and has no intentions of moving out. At the same time, Bosnian women are very close to their families and will do anything to help them.

Bosnian Women

Bosnian women want to contribute to the family budget

Russian women are notorious for their lack of desire to work after the wedding and their belief that it’s the man’s responsibility to be the sole provider for the family. Russian women believe they are created to raise children and work around the house, not go to work every day and make money. They may be somewhat right about the duties of a woman, but their unwillingness to contribute to the family income may put additional pressure on you.

This is one of the big differences between Russian and Bosnian women. Bosnian women are hard-working and are willing to put an extra family into supporting their household. You and your Bosnian wife may later agree that she doesn’t need to work and you can support the family on your own, but until that happens, you can expect your wife to continue working even after the wedding.

Bosnian brides believe in sharing household duties

Russian women largely believe in the rather outdated opinion that the woman should perform 100% of the chores at home. Even if you volunteer to help, a Russian wife may tell you that she doesn’t need any assistance and can do everything on her own. However, after years of cleaning and cooking by herself, a Russian woman will inevitably get tired and may even feel some resentment towards your lack of help.

A Bosnian woman, on the other hand, is a big believer in equality within the household. If you work full-time and she doesn’t work at all or only works for a few hours a day, then she will be fine with doing most of the housework. But if she also works full-time and raises the children, then she will probably insist on sharing the chores, and that’s perfectly fair.

Bosnian women are not very demanding

It’s very common for Russian women to have a whole list of requirements for their potential husband. He needs to be good-looking, well-mannered, preferably never married before and with no children, ambitious, caring, good with kids, generous, well-education, and occupy a high position. Russian brides either spend their best years for a man who will fit all the requirements or settle for someone who doesn’t have all the necessary features and then can develop some resentment towards him.

This is not something you should fear with a Bosnian woman. For a Bosnian bride, it’s important to love and feel loved, but your material goods, your job, and many other qualities won’t matter too much to her. Of course, a Bosnian woman wants a man who is able to support the family financially and is ready to be a father, but other than that, you can simply relax and enjoy your relationship with a Bosnian lady.


After finding out more about Bosnian women than you ever knew before, you are now probably convinced that a Bosnian bride is the last missing piece of the puzzle that will make your life seem complete. Personally, we believe that Bosnian women for marriage have so many advantages that no matter what you are looking for in your potential partner, you can find all that and more in a bride from Bosnia. And now that you also know where to look for your Bosnian woman, there is nothing standing between you and your happy married life with a Bosnian wife. To find out more about the most trusted international dating sites and everything related to Bosnian women for marriage, check out our Bosnian brides reviews and we have no doubts that you will achieve your romance goals very soon.

Toni Muller

Toni Muller

Toni is a certified dating coach and matchmaker with over a decade of experience. Toni Muller has spent most of her career researching the psychology of romantic relationships. She knows exactly what people look for in potential partners and she uses her expertise to help our readers meet the person who will make them truly happy.

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