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Why Are Serbian Women So Popular?

You cannot visit a European dating site for mail order brides without seeing numerous single Serbian women. And the interesting thing about them is that they don’t stay single for too long, as there are thousands of Western men who dream of meeting a Serbian bride and creating a happy family with her. These are just some of the best qualities of Serbian women for marriage that will instantly captivate you.

They are naturally breathtaking

Without a doubt, European women look lovely, but many of them have a slightly bland natural coloring. With fair skin, fair hair color, and subtle facial features, many European women have to resort to makeup and hair dyes to add some contrast to their appearance. That is not the case with Serbian women, whose beauty is not only all-natural, but also instantly striking.

Serbian Women

The combination of dark hair, light skin, dark eyebrows and eyelashes, rosy cheeks, and naturally bright lips allows Serbian women to go out with little to no makeup. Serbians are a rather tall and slim nation, but Serbian ladies also have beautiful natural curves, which is a combination that no one can resist.

They care about the way they look

Serbian women are blessed with wonderful genetics and could easily look gorgeous for decades without even trying. However, Serbian brides are proud of their appearance and the effect it has on men, which is why they are doing everything they can to maintain their beautiful look. You will hardly find a Serbian woman who goes out with messy hair, yesterday’s clothes, and in pieces that don’t really match.

Before leaving the house, especially if it’s a date, a Serbian girl can spend hours in front of her mirror, trying on different outfits and searching for the perfect makeup look. Serbian women take care of their appearances in the long term, following a healthy diet to maintain their stunning bodies and using natural skin care solutions to preserve that youthful look.

They only want true love

Serbian girls are not the type of women who will date around just for the thrill of it and have multiple former partners by the time they get married. It’s very common for Serbian women to marry their first partners or date just one or two guys before they eventually settle down. Serbian women are very careful about choosing their partners, but they don’t have any checklist of features they want to see in their potential husband. They only listen to their hearts.

When you first meet a Serbian bride in person, you may get the impression that she’s shy and reserved. Luckily, that is not the case. She’s just very cautious about getting close to a new man due to the fear of disappointment. She just needs to get to know you better, and once that happens, you can look forward to a relationship full of love and respect.

They are highly educated

Serbia is one of those European countries where a good education is considered to be a basic human right. Most young Serbian women successfully graduate from schools and then go on to get a higher education and earn a degree. Moreover, most Serbian families living in major cities have an impressive collection of books, and, starting from a very young age, Serbian girls become fond of reading and educating themselves.

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When you are talking to a Serbian woman, you truly feel like you are talking to your equal, even if she is years younger than you are. You can expect her to be well-versed not only in classic literature, but also in modern works, as well as the main talking points such as art, world politics, and traveling. Serbian women have a wide outlook and they are always happy to show it.

They make the most loving mothers

Unlike many other foreign mail order brides, Serbian girls don’t consider motherhood to be their one and true calling. A Serbian bride will happily spend time just with you after you two get married. However, she also understands that having children is the next logical step in every relationship, and it’s safe to say that she is more than well-equipped to become a mother.

Serbian Women

Serbian women make some of the best mothers for your potential children you could ever dream of. They have naturally calm and balanced personalities, which is why they will never be angry at their own kids. They have strong maternal instincts that allow them to know what’s best for their children without outside help. And they know what a good upbringing is all about, which makes the children of Serbian mothers well-behaved, happy, and successful.

They are incomparable homemakers

A Serbian woman is flexible and can easily adapt to any new situation, which is why she never feels out of place no matter where she goes. However, her home is where she truly feels in her element, and she is prepared to do everything to make it a better place to live. Cleaning, decoraging, washing and ironing the clothes, and even gardening are much more than a chore to a Serbian bride: it’s her way of relaxing while also taking care of the family home.

And it’s impossible to talk about the homemaking talents of Serbian women without mentioning their incredible cooking skills. Serbian cuisine is particularly refined and rarely includes exquisite and expensive ingredients. Instead, it utilizes everyday products and turns them into delicious and comforting dishes that you will inevitably fall in love with. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you cannot put your chef’s hat on once in a while and surprise your Serbian bride with a freshly made dinner!

How To Meet Serbian Brides?

Serbia is far from being the most popular tourist destination in Europe, but the country and especially its capital city, Belgrade, have its charm. If you decide to visit Serbia, you are guaranteed to have a lovely time and meet lots of welcoming locals, but it’s not the best way to meet your future Serbian bride for several reasons.

First, the hot Serbian women you meet in the streets may not be free or ready for a romantic relationship. Second, even if there is a mutual attraction, a Serbian girl may not be ready to abandon her life and move away with you after just a few dates. Third, even though Serbian women are pretty open-minded, they may not seriously consider a foreign man for marriage and will instead insist on staying friends.

Considering the fact that a long trip to Serbia can be rather costly and is still not guaranteed to bring you the desired results, we believe that the most effective way to meet Serbian women for serious relationships and marriage is to use an international dating site that focuses on Serbian brides. It’s better than trying to look for your future Serbian wife on the ground at least for three reasons:

  • The women on dating sites are often hand-picked and vetted by the dating agencies, which means they are confirmed to be single genuine women looking for a foreign husband and not someone pretending to be a Serbian bride.
  • If you are shy or don’t have enough dating experience, you may feel lost when trying to talk to Serbian women in person. When you are using an online dating service, you can take your time and gain the confidence you need.
  • There is nothing stopping you from talking to several Serbian women at once trying to choose the right one for you to marry. They won’t know about each other unless you tell them, but you will hardly be able to date several women at once in real life.

Dating Serbian Women: 5 Main Rules

Even though your ultimate goal is probably marriage to a Serbian bride, you will still need to go through a period of dating that can be as thrilling and satisfying as the marriage itself. Your Serbian woman will do her best to make you comfortable and happy in the relationship, which is dating Serbian women is such a fantastic experience for any man. However, to make your relationship even more successful and build a strong foundation for a great marriage, here are 5 most essential tips for Serbian women dating.

  • Be respectful of her culture. Language, history, and culture are a major source of pride for a Serbian woman. She enjoys talking about her cultural background and sharing stories from her life in Serbia. Some of the aspects of Serbian culture may seem odd to you, but you should never talk about it out loud. The best thing you can do is express your genuine interest in your woman’s cultural background and maybe even learn a few phrases in Serbian to impress her during your first several dates.
  • Take care of your woman and protect her. Serbian women are strong and self-reliant when they live on their own, but things change for them when they are in a relationship. A Serbian bride wants someone who will protect her at every step of the way and take care of her when she needs it. After all, it’s the most natural relationship dynamic between a man and a woman, so if you’ve spent a good portion of your life trying to find a woman to love and cherish, a Serbian girl is your best option.
  • Get to know her family and friends. If you want to make the best possible impression on your Serbian woman while also learning enough about her to become even closer, here is a little secret tip for you. What you need to do is volunteer to meet her family and closest friends. Immersing yourself in her social circle will not only win your extra points for being thoughtful and proactive, but will also help you see your Serbian woman from another side and learn more about her personality and roots.
  • Talk about your future together. There is nothing more comforting and reassuring to a Serbian woman than a quiet evening at home where you discuss your plans for the future. Even the most memorable date won’t excite her as much as you being open about wanting a future together with her. Plus, these discussions help your Serbian woman get better accustomed to the idea of marrying you, so by the time you are ready to pop the big question, you can rest assured she will say yes.
  • Don’t try to impress her with material things. Don’t get us wrong, your financial situation matters to a Serbian bride, but only in terms of your ability to support the family, especially if your wife won’t be able to work for some time after having kids. However, Serbian women are not particularly materialistic and they certainly cannot be bought with expensive gifts or impressed with proclamations of your wealth. It doesn’t mean you don’t need to give any gifts at all, but they should be thoughtful and not always expensive.

Why Do Serbian Women Become Mail Order Brides?

When it comes to the living condition of women, Serbia is somewhere in the middle compared to other European countries. It’s not as thriving with opportunities as most countries in Western Europe, but Serbian women still have it easier than most Eastern European brides. That is why, for many Serbian women for marriage, the decision to meet a foreign man and get hitched is partially influenced by their desire to create a better life for themselves and their future children outside of Serbia.

At the same time, the search for more fruitful opportunities in life is not the only reason why Serbian girls decide to become mail order brides. From a young age, they are enamored with the portrayal of a Western man from the media. They find Western men to be not only physically attractive, but also to possess all the qualities a Serbian woman wants to see in her potential husband. That is why, even though finding a foreign husband is more difficult than meeting and marrying a native man, thousands of Serbian women are prepared to take that risk by becoming mail order brides.

How Are They Different From Russian Brides?

Whenever anyone is talking about mail order brides from any part of Europe, it’s inevitable for them to be compared to Russian brides. There are more Russian mail order brides than brides of any other European ethnicity online, and they share some of their qualities with many other mail order brides, including Serbian women for marriage. However, there are enough differences between Serbian and Russian brides to guarantee you a completely new experience even if you have talked to Russian women before. Here are the primary ways in which Russian brides are different from Serbian women.

Serbian women know English quite well

If you have ever talked to Russian women online or in person, you have probably learned that it’s nearly impossible to maintain a meaningful conversation with them without using a translator. Many Russian women know some English from school, but it’s not at the necessary level to talk to foreign men in English without employing a third person as a translator or using an online translation service.

Serbian girls also learn English at school, and we don’t know whether it’s the higher quality of education or their natural talent for languages, but most young Serbian women know English better than their Russian counterparts. Their English may not be on the same level as yours, but they are more than capable of communicating freely without the use of a translator. Plus, Serbian women are quick learners and will do their best to help you understand each other.

Serbian brides are proud of their careers

Russian women may work between graduation and marriage, but most of them only do it out of necessity and not because they are compelled to build a career and advance in the professional world. That is why they are so happy when their new husbands suggest they leave work to spend more time with the family and they never even give it a second thought. Of course, if the family struggles financially, a Russian woman will return to work, but at her heart, she truly doesn’t want to do it.

Serbian women are different in this regard. To a Serbian woman, her career is another source of pride for her. Whether she holds an entry-level job or is a respected professional in her field, a Serbian lady treats her job seriously and will not willingly abandon it for anything. She may take a break from work as a new mother, but she will be eager to return to it once her maternity leave is over. However, if your financial situation allows it, your Serbian wife will also be open to discussing leaving the work completely in case her family needs her.

Serbian Brides

Serbian women have interests outside of the family

Many Russian brides go through a drastic change when they meet their future husband. They may have a variety of hobbies, follow an active lifestyle, and spend lots of time with their many friends, but once a suitable man appears on their horizon, they are quick to leave everything behind and focus on the relationship and future marriage. On one hand, it means you will have 100% of your Russian woman’s attention, but on the other hand, it can also get pretty tiring and you may eventually find yourself running out of topics to discuss with your wife who sits at home all day.

Women in Serbia are not that quick to abandon their interests and social life for a man. She will make sure you are the centre of her attention, but she will also want to keep the things that contribute to her personality. You will need to accept your Serbian wife’s need to spend time with her friends, practice her hobbies, and dedicate time and attention to her other interests. Thanks to Serbian women’s excellent multitasking abilities, your relationship will never suffer from it and will instead grow stronger since you both will value each other more.

Serbian women have a European mindset

Russian brides are the epitome of the Slavic way of living. They are loyal, protective of their families, and practical. At the same time, Russian women are used to being very dependent on men. A typical Russian bride is dreaming of a patriarchal family where she does not need to make any difficult decisions and can instead focus on working around the house, taking care of her appearance, and spending time with her family, which includes not only her husband and their children, but also her parents and siblings.

Serbian women grow up with a very different mindset. Like Russian women, they also value family and will do everything for their sake. However, they also think of themselves as accomplished individuals who are perfectly capable of surviving without a man in their lives. When a Serbian woman gets married, you can rest assured she does it out of love, not to have someone as the leader of the family. Serbian women prefer to share both the rights and the duties with their husband, and it’s part of their Europe-oriented upbringing.

A Serbian woman tells everything like it is

When you are in a relationship with a Russian woman, you will need to work very hard to find out what she’s really thinking. Even when pressured, Russian women prefer to keep their true feelings and thoughts a secret, only sharing a small portion of their emotions with you. In the opinion of a Russian bride, not disclosing everyone to the husband is the most effective way to keep him interested, which, in turn, leads to a longer and more passionate relationship.

Serbian women have a different view on the communication in a relationship or marriage. They believe that when you conceal one thing, it will soon lead to secrets piling up and to a rift being created between the spouses. In their opinion, an honest discussion is the only way to keep the relationship thriving. It may take you some time to get used to the openness of Serbian brides, but you will soon learn to appreciate their willingness to talk about everything.


When we are saying that Serbian women are perfect for serious relationships and marriage, we absolutely mean it: a Serbian woman has everything you are looking for in your ideal bride. If you are determined to meet a Serbian woman but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered! Find detailed Serbian bride reviews, testimonials about international dating websites, and online dating tips on our site to make your search more effective and discover your true love sooner than you ever hoped.

Toni Muller

Toni Muller

Toni is a certified dating coach and matchmaker with over a decade of experience. Toni Muller has spent most of her career researching the psychology of romantic relationships. She knows exactly what people look for in potential partners and she uses her expertise to help our readers meet the person who will make them truly happy.

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