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Why Are Slovenian Women so Popular?

We are talking about the magnificent women of Slovenia and the fact that they make the most amazing wives to Western men. Here is your ultimate guide to Slovenian brides and their many amazing qualities. If you take a look at the statistics, the popularity of Slovenian women is not up for debate. They are some of the most coveted brides in Europe and have numerous positive traits that will charm you from the start. These are just some of the best things about Slovenian girls.

They are the perfect example of European beauty

The beauty of Slovenian women is very hard to describe and is best witnessed in person, but if you want to know what to expect before meeting your first Slovenian woman, here is what you should know about their appearance. Slovenia has a complex genetic heritage: along with Balkan countries, it has been heavily influenced by the Northern region, which, in turn, impacted the beauty of Slovenian brides.
Slovenian Brides

Most Slovenian women have olive skin, brown or black hair, and expressive eyebrows. The facial features of Slovenian girls are not very strong, but they are perfectly balanced and can look even better with a subtle use of makeup that Slovenian women are known for. A particularly attractive feature of a Slovenian woman is her eyes, which are usually brown or hazel and look very captivating at all times.

Slovenian women have athletic bodies and are typically higher than average. Their figures are very toned and Slovenian girls pay great attention to the way they look. However, the women of Slovenia are also very proud of their natural beauty and rarely do anything that drastically alters their appearance like dyeing their hair, getting huge tattoos, or wearing heavy makeup. So you can rest assured that the woman you wake up with will look the same as the woman you met the day earlier for a date.

They value and respect men

When first meeting a Slovenian woman, you may think she is too independent and reserved. It’s the result of the modern Slovenian upbringing, where girls are taught to rely on themselves instead of waiting for a man to cover their needs. However, it doesn’t mean that a typical Slovenian girl cannot appreciate a man in her life. In fact, her reasoning for seeking relationships with men is perfectly sound: she wants an equal partner, not someone to depend on for the rest of her life.

This refreshing attitude to relationships allows Slovenian girls to see the real value in men besides their financial situation. When a Slovenian woman falls in love with you, you can rest assured she loves you for who you are, not what you bring to the metaphorical table. As a result, Slovenian brides are able to form strong, healthy relationships without any inferior motives, and that’s exactly what makes them so attractive as potential wives.

They are intelligent and have a wide outlook

The parents of Slovenian girls put great emphasis on their education. Despite the small size and population of Slovenia, there are plenty of prestigious schools and education overall is not only widely available, but also known for its high quality. Pair that with the natural curiosity of Slovenian girls, and you will understand why they are so fascinating to talk to and you can listen to them speak for hours.

There is virtually nothing your Slovenian bride won’t be able to discuss with you, from global politics to classic literature. And even if there is something a Slovenian girl doesn’t know, she will be eager to read about it to get more shared points with you. Discussions with a Slovenian wife have got to be one of the best things of being married to a Slovenian beauty.

They won’t make you work too hard to win them over

Slovenian girls are not capable of faking an attraction for a man if they don’t view him as a potential romantic partner. And when a Slovenian woman is interested in getting to know you better and dating you, it’s not going to be a one-sided game of you paying her lots of attention and her simply allowing you to love her. A Slovenian bride will make sure to express her romantic interest in you every way that she can.

A Beautiful Woman is What You Need!

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It means that you won’t need to jump through the endless hoops just to get a fraction of a Slovenian woman’s love. She will also work hard to cultivate and grow the love and respect between you, and you will always feel like your efforts are making your relationship stronger instead of going to waste.

They consider cooking to be their special talent

Slovenian women can be fantastic at so many things. Many of them are talented, career-oriented women with a bright corporate future, and the majority of Slovenian girls can’t wait to become mothers and take care of the little bundle of joy that the love between you produced. However, the one talent that unites all Slovenian women is their genuine love for cooking.

If you ask a Slovenian lady whether she considers cooking to be a tiresome chore, she will give a negative answer in 99% of the cases. No matter how tired a Slovenian woman may be after a day of work and attending to the kids, she will always find the time to treat her family to a full dinner. And the cooking skills of a Slovenian bride can often be on the level of professional chefs, which means you will fall back in love with home cooking even after you haven’t experienced it for a while.

Slovenian Mail Order Bride

How to Meet Slovenian Brides?

Slovenia is a beautiful country and you should definitely put it on your to-see list when you visit Europe. However, if you expect to meet your Slovenian bride that way, your search will likely be disappointing for several reasons:

  • First, you will only visit the hottest tourist spots, and while you will definitely meet lots of hot Slovenian girls on your journey, they will only be a small part of the amazing Slovenian female population.
  • Second, Slovenian women will gladly talk to you or even go on dates with you, but they may not be very open to the idea of abandoning their life in Slovenia and moving abroad for marriage.
  • Third, you will only have a week or two to spend in Slovenia, and even if you meet your ideal Slovenian girl on the first day of your vacation, you won’t have enough time to convince her to marry you and go to live with you.

If you don’t have any time to waste and want to meet your Slovenian bride as soon as possible, your best option is to sign up to one of the many Slovenian dating sites. Looking for Slovenian girl online is a foolproof way to find happiness in your personal life and meet someone who shares your beliefs and wants to build a future with you.

Plus, communicating with Slovenian women online has a couple of other important benefits. If you don’t have a lot of romantic experience or simply get shy in front of women, talking to Slovenian brides online will help you gain the confidence you need since there won’t be any pressure to respond immediately. And you can talk to more than one woman at the same time until you make the decision and choose the one you want to marry.

Why Do Slovenian Women Become Mail Order Brides?

Compared to some other countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Slovenia is rather well-off. The country’s population is a little over 2 million people, but there are plenty of opportunities for women to get a world-class education, find respectable jobs, and practice their favorite hobbies. That is why marriage to a foreigner is not a means of survival for a Slovenian woman. They can find everything they need in their home country, but still, more and more beautiful Slovenian women look for foreign husbands.

There are two main reasons why many Slovenian girls choose to become mail order brides. First, they are naturally adventurous and want to experience what it’s like to live abroad. They are fascinated with Western culture and can easily see themselves living like that day in and day out. Second, Slovenian women cannot help but find Western men attractive. They are in love with their looks, voices, accents, ambitions, and attitude towards women. Needless to say, they see marriage as the most effective way to get all those qualities in one partner, and they are definitely not wrong.

How Are They Different from Russian Brides?

Russian women are some of the most popular brides Europe has to offer, so it’s inevitable for any other European women for marriage, including Slovenian brides, to get compared to Russian mail order brides. But while there are clearly some similarities between them, such as their genuine love for cooking and their respectful attitude to men. However, there are enough differences between a Russian and a Slovenian woman to make you choose one over the other. Here are the qualities of Slovenian brides that make them different from Russian brides.

Slovenian brides know how to have fun

It’s not uncommon for Russian girls to make their men the sole focus of their lives. Many Russian women gradually abandon their friends and lose most of their interests after they meet the man they want to marry. In marriage, they also don’t like to find and explore new things, preferring to spend their free time at home in front of the TV.

Slovenian Mail Order Brides

A typical Slovenian girl has a wide social circle and plenty of hobbies and interests that contribute to her fascinating personality. She always knows a new trendy restaurant to try, a street festival to attend, and a fun thing to do on a weekend. What’s even more important is that she wants to do all those things with you, and the ability to share some experiences promises great things for your relationship and marriage.

Women of Slovenia prefer to openly talk about anything

When you are in a relationship with a Russian woman, you need to get used to the fact that these women rarely talk about the things they don’t like or are unhappy about. Russian brides are the masters of a silent treatment: they will act cold and reserved with you all of a sudden, and you will be left guessing what you did wrong until her pent-up disappointment unleashes on you.

Slovenian women have a much healthier attitude to resolving the issues in a relationship. Whenever you do something she doesn’t like or doesn’t consider appropriate in marriage, she will let you know about it. Slovenian brides don’t like shouting, throwing dishes, or making loud scenes otherwise, but they are able to create a calm and understanding environment where anyone can talk freely and problems are solved much faster.

Your Slovenian bride will likely want to continue working

When you marry a Russian woman, you can almost always expect her to quit working completely and fully dedicate herself to her family and home. And while that can be great in some aspects, it also means that you will have the sole responsibility of providing for the family financially and possibly even supporting your wife’s family back in Russia. Plus, women who don’t work can often get bored and you won’t have as much to talk about as you’d hope.

Slovenian girls are brought up in a tradition of financial independence. Most Slovenian women work full-time and don’t change their working habits even after getting married, although they will definitely take a break from work when they have children. As a result, your household budget will get twice as big and you will spend enough time apart to be genuinely happy to see each other after a day at work.


Given the experiences of thousands of men who married Slovenian women and are now happier than ever before, we are convinced that a decision to marry a Slovenian bride is one of the best ones you will ever make. If you want your search for a Slovenian woman to marry to be successful and safe, make sure to find some Slovenian brides reviews on our site. Plus, our dating tips will help you charm your Slovenian bride without any extra effort!

Toni Muller

Toni Muller

Toni is a certified dating coach and matchmaker with over a decade of experience. Toni Muller has spent most of her career researching the psychology of romantic relationships. She knows exactly what people look for in potential partners and she uses her expertise to help our readers meet the person who will make them truly happy.

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