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Why Are Albanian Women So Popular?

Albanian Brides

They look like exotic angels

The history of Albania is complicated, and so is the mix of genes in Albanian women. There are so many nationalities and ethnicities mixed in a typical Albanian family that it’s virtually impossible to tell what nation Albanian girls are most like. What we do know, however, is that Albanian brides are some of the most exotic women in Eastern Europe.

Their tanned skin and dark hair makes them different from Russian and Ukrainian brides. Their expressive eyes, perfect noses, and attractive lips make their faces look flawless, but we also cannot finish describing the beauty of Albanian women without mentioning their bodies. These curves and smooth, sunkissed skin have driven thousands of men crazy and you are not immune either!

They can talk about anything

In Albanian families, intelligence is one of the biggest virtues. Albanian families pay a lot of attention to educating their little ones. Albanian girls get as much education as their families can afford. A typical Albanian bride is a university graduate with a wide variety of interests and an endless range of knowledge about all kinds of subjects.

Moreover, Albanian women are interested in culture, politics, traveling, and everything that makes life fascinating. As a result, you can not only discuss anything in the world with your Albanian bride, but can also safely introduce her to any of your high-brow friends and have them as impressed by her as you are.

They are kind to strangers

An Albanian girl is not someone who will treat you differently just because you are a foreigner. If you come to her country or reach out to her online, she will try to make you feel as comfortable as possible, so that you can get the best impression of Albania in general and the girl in particular. You can also notice Albanian women being nice to everyone, not just you, but that’s not a sign of potential infidelity — this is just who they are as humans and they will not change their behavior. They want to exude a positive outlook and welcoming attitude, and it’s safe to say that they consistently succeed.

They want serious relationships

It’s very typical for Albanian singles below 20 or in their early 20s to have little to no dating experience. It’s not due to the fact that they are unattractive or there are no eligible bachelors in Albania. The reason for that is simple. Albanian women want a serious relationship and they are not ready to date around just to get some romantic experience. They prefer to wait for their Prince Charming, and when they finally meet him, they unleash all their love and care on their soulmate. To you, the potential inexperience of your Albanian bride promises only the best things for your relationship.

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They don’t hide their passion

Even despite their lack of romantic experience, Albanian women are no strangers to feeling passionate about men. They dream of a day where they can finally meet their dream man, and when it finally happens, prepare to be astonished by the amount of passion that is poured down on you all the time. Albanian women for marriage tend to be very passionate in and out of bed, and they are not willing to hide their passion behind some social norms. Public displays of affection are completely normal for an Albanian bride and something you should get used to.

Albanian Brides

Albanian Women: 3 Reasons To Date Them

No matter how much you want to marry an Albanian bride right away, you will not be able to do it without a period of dating. It can last any amount of time, but throughout it, you will experience these three benefits of dating an Albanian lady.

They will always support you

Albania women consider one of their duties in life to support the man by their side. It’s a no-question-asked, always-there-for you kind of support. Whether you are going through troubles at work, a personal crisis, or have fallen out with your family, an Albanian girl will always take your side and do everything she can to make you feel at ease. An Albanian bride is someone you can tell everything to without her changing her attitude to you even one bit.

They are happy with what they have

Albanian mail order brides may be some of the most non-materialistic women in Europe. They strive for a good quality of life, but they don’t want anything beyond that. Luxury cars, expensive jewelry, and designer clothes leave them indifferent. What they really want is to get new experiences with you through travelling and trying new things together, so you should definitely be able to afford that. However, an Albanian bride will never make any outlandish materialistic demands.

They are the most skilled cooks

If you have been single for a long time and don’t consider yourself to be the most talented chef, you are probably used to eating a lot of takeaway, instant ramen, or frozen dinners. Well, prepare to take it all out of your life, because when you marry an Albanian mail order bride, you also get the most skilled and inspired cook in your 24/7 possession. And the best thing about them, besides their obvious cooking talent, is that they don’t treat cooking as a chore. Cooking is a way for them to showcase their love for their husband and children, and that’s one more reason to love the amazing Albanian women.

Are There Any Cons To Dating Albanian Women?

With our guide to Albanian mail order brides, we want you to have a completely objective idea about life with an Albanian wife. In addition to listing the many benefits of being together with an Albanian girl, we also need to tell you about the occasional problems in the relationship. These things are not guaranteed to happen, but it’s best to be prepared.

There may be a language barrier

English is one of the most commonly spoken languages in Albania, but it’s nowhere near an official language. Some Albanian girls learn English at schools and universities, but there is no guarantee that your Albanian mail order bride will know English to a necessary degree. However, while that may be uncomfortable in the first stages of your relationship, the situation is bound to change for the better. Albanian girls are exceptionally quick learners, and if your relationship perseveres, your Albanian girlfriend will know English well enough sooner than you expect.

Albanian women want to get married as soon as possible

Unlike many Western women, Albanian girls consider a long dating period to be a waste of their time. Typically, they are able to tell if they want to get married to a man within a few months of dating. If you are not ready to make that life-changing decision so early in the relationship, you need to at least have an honest discussion and explain that marriage is still very much on the table, just not in the nearest future. If an Albania woman is truly in love with you, she won’t have a problem with waiting until you are ready.

Your family will get several times bigger

The women of Albania are extremely attached to their families. It’s not uncommon for several generations of an Albanian family to live under the same roof. When you decide to marry an Albanian woman, you don’t just get her as your wife — you also receive a dozen new family members that you need to respect and cherish. They will likely want to visit your new family in your home country or invite you to visit Albania several times a year. They will probably also try and be very controlling about their daughter’s life in a foreign country, but if you are uncomfortable with it, simply talk to your new wife — she will understand and make the necessary changes.

How Are They Different From Russian Brides?

Russia and Albania are located in completely different parts of Europe, but Albanian mail order brides cannot escape being compared to Russian mail order brides. After all, Russian brides are some of the most famous European women for marriage. Here are the most significant differences between an Albanian bride and Russian bride.

Albanian girls are more modern-thinking

Albania is situated closer to the Western world and was less influenced by the USSR era. As a result, Albanian girls were quick to adopt the Western way of thinking. They now want good careers and everything men have in general. They also want fewer children than Russian brides and are not ready to dedicate 100% of their time to their family. Albanian women have plenty of interests and hobbies that they don’t want to abandon after the wedding.

Albanian women

Albanian women have an active social life

A typical Albanian girl has numerous friends, both male and female. Her weekends usually have a tight schedule: between birthday parties, brunches, shopping sprees, and other social activities, she may have little time for everything else. This will obviously change when there is a serious relationship between the two of you, but, unlike Russian mail order brides, Albanian women prefer to keep at least some of their social life even after meeting their dream man.

An Albanian woman will want to share the chores

A Russian mail order bride is someone who will assume all of the house chores, no questions asked. Albanian women are a different story. We have already talked about their cooking talent, but no Albanian wife will refuse her husband to take over the kitchen duties once in a while. The same goes for other house chores. Albanian women are big believers in equality when it comes to housework, and that way, you will learn to truly appreciate what your wife does for your home.

How To Meet Albanian Mail Order Brides

Albania is a tiny European country. It overlooks the sea, has a magnificent architecture and mind-blowing nature. However, it is far from being the most popular tourist destination in Europe, so your chances of going on an Albanian vacation are slim. Albania’s economy is also not particularly dependent on international connections, so you will hardly ever need to visit Albania for business.

And even if you do end up in Albania sooner or later, you shouldn’t hope to meet Albanian singles that way. The women in Albania are rather welcoming to strangers, but they are nothing more than polite. An Albanian girl may not even go on a date with a foreigner she meets in the street, let alone agree to marry him right away.

All things considered, the most effective and smart way to meet Albanian singles is to join one of the popular European mail order brides sites. There you will find hundreds of Albanian brides for every taste. Most importantly, these women made a conscious decision to marry a foreigner and will not only gladly respond to your messages, but may also reach out to you first. If you have decided that an Albanian woman is your ideal wife, there is no better place to look for Albanian singles than a specialized mail order bride site.


If you feel like all that is missing from your life is an Albanian mail order bride, then we have got you covered. On our site, you will find not only honest guides to all kinds of European mail order brides, but also objective reviews of international dating sites where you can find your loving partner. Don’t miss a chance to bring love and harmony into your life — use our resources to meet the Albanian woman of your dreams.

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Toni Muller

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