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  • Over two decades in the industry
  • Lots of attractive female members
  • No paid membership option


  • Very outdated site design
  • Women are not very eager to meet in real life
  • Mobile app only available for Android
  • Being an active member of the site is expensive
  • Not all female profiles seem genuine


AnastasiaDate may have been a reliable and effective option for meeting Slavic brides in the past, but right now, there are many far more efficient and safe dating sites out there. The only genuine advantage of AnastasiaDate is its big audience of female members, but given that there are some concerns whether they are real, it’s not a big advantage anymore. Your experience with Anastasia Date can be very hit or miss. If you value your time and, more importantly, money, since the cost of the service is far from budget-friendly, we don’t really see a reason to give AnastasiaDate a try.

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There are some positive reviews from thankful clients who have successfully used AnastasiaDate to find their significant other, but there are also plenty of negative Anastasia Date reviews and even the occasional mention of the AnastasiaDate scam. So is there any truth to those allegations and does this site give you a decent chance of meeting your ideal woman? Today we will try and answer those questions with our AnastasiaDate review.

What Is The AnastasiaDate Dating Site?

Before we can move on to investigating the features and audience of AnastasiaDate, let’s cover the basics first. So what is AnastasiaDate and how can it be useful in your search? is an online dating service that was designed to make it easier for Western men to meet Russian women.

AnastasiaDate is not just an exclusively Russian dating site: it also caters to a few other Slavic countries. Launched back in the 1990s, Anastasia Date became one of the first dating sites in this niche and understandably attracted a lot of members. However, soon members began asking questions: “Is AnastasiaDate trustworthy?” and “Is Anastasiadate legit? There is no definitive way to answer those questions without thoroughly testing the service, and that’s exactly what we will do today.

My Experience Of Using AnastasiaDate wasn’t by far the first dating site we’ve reviewed, so we knew what to expect from a good dating service and which signs point out that the site is not particularly good. The first disappointment with happened right when we signed up and were taken to our dashboard. The design of the website looks like it hasn’t been updated in at least a decade. The colors, the fonts, and the visuals on AnastasiaDate are completely outdated and make you feel like you were taken by a time machine to the internet of the mid-2000s.

As soon as we created our profile to work on our Anastasia Date review and went on to browse the women of the site, we noticed the never-ending stream of messages and chat requests from good-looking women. Those messages were made to look personal, but the truth is that they looked absolutely generic. To us, those chat requests looked like another way to make the man pay for chats and letters out of sheer curiosity.

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After we’ve spent some time on, we became even more confident that the primary goal of the site is to make men spend as much money as possible, not to help them meet the love of their lives. The women will invite you for a chat and try to make it last for hours. When you want to take the communication further and possibly even arrange a real-life date, the female member of AnastasiaDate will likely put off the meeting and insist on communication online a little longer. So while we cannot confidently give a negative answer to the question “Is AnastasiaDate real?”, we can at least say that it doesn’t look particularly trustworthy.

How Does AnastasiaDate Work?

If you want to give Anastasia Date a try, you are probably wondering: how does AnastasiaDate work? The AnastasiaDate dating site doesn’t allow you to see its members, let alone communicate with them, before you create your own account. You can fill out the registration form in about two minutes. The site does not require you to confirm your new account via email right away, but the reminder to do it will be the first thing you see when logging into as a new member, so it’s best to do it to avoid the irritation.

At first glance, functions similarly to other Russian dating services. As a new male member, you get access to the whole database of Slavic members. There is no matching system, which we consider to be a big oversight. So you will need to rely on the site’s search function to find who you are looking for, or wait for the women of AnastasiaDate to discover you first.

There are two types of search offered by Anastasia Date. There is a simple search, where you can specify the location, interests, and age range of the members. Here you can also choose to see only members who are online or available for a video chat. There is also an advanced search, where you can find more ways to describe your perfect partner, including the women’s physical parameters, smoking and drinking habits, number of children, and even the preferred age range of a potential partner.

anastasiadate review

You can see the results of your search on a page with the profiles of women who match your requests. Along with the women’s profile photos and names, you can see their age and ID. From here, you can launch a chat if the woman is online, send a virtual gift, or get in touch with the member using several other communication options.

anastasia date review

The profiles of women at AnastasiaDate are rather detailed but don’t look like they are filled out by the women themselves. They contain the same fields you would find in the advanced search plus a few answers to generic questions that were supposedly written by the woman herself. Many women also have an interview tab in their profiles, where you can check out their answers to a few more questions about their personality and tastes to see whether there is a match between you.

anastasiadate review

In the majority of female profiles on, you will find several profile photos. Most of those photos seem to be professionally made, which makes us think that the women of AnastasiaDate have professional help when signing up for the site and creating their profiles. Some women also have introductory videos that allow you to see them in action.

If you like what you see, there are several ways to get in touch with the woman who caught your attention. If you want to reach out right away, provided that the lady is online, you can launch a chat or a video chat that is called CamShare on AnastasiaDate. If your dating style is slower and more old-fashioned, you can send an email or arrange a phone call. Finally, if you want to make a bigger impression on the woman, you can send her a virtual gift or even a physical gift that can include flowers, perfume, a new webcam, and gifts for children.

Who Can You Find There?

By now, you have probably realized that AnastasiaDate is a site where you can meet Russian women for dating and marriage. However, the female audience of is not limited to Russian ladies only, as there are several other Slavic countries represented on the service. These countries include Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, and a few other Eastern and Central European states.

If you are wondering who is the average woman you can meet on Anastacia Date, here is what we have to say. The majority of women there are in their mid-twenties to late thirties, although there are some women who are 18 or 19, as well as ladies in their fifties or even sixties. The older the woman is, the bigger is the possibility that she has been married at least once before and has children from a previous marriage.

The women of AnastasiaDate are typically good-looking and fall under the traditional Slavic standard of beauty. Unfortunately, it’s obvious that many women are interfering with their looks with the help of cosmetic surgery, although you can still find lots of natural-looking beauties on the site. Finally, all women of AnastasiaDate claim to be on the site for serious relationships and marriage, so if you are looking for something with minimal attachment, this may not be the site for you.

Is Anastasia Date Legit?

“Is Anastasia dating site legit?” is one of the most common questions we get from our readers. Considering how many male members the site attracts and how its prices are in the upper range, you definitely want to know whether you can trust the service. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of nice things to say about AnastasiaDate in this regard.

So is Anastasia Date real? The site itself appears to be real and it has been around for more than two decades. However, the same cannot be said about its female audience. We have no doubt that the women in the profiles on Anastasia Date are real and that they have made the decision to have their profile posted on a dating site, but we have a hard time believing that those women run their own profiles.

There are several reasons why we don’t consider to be a fully legit dating site. First, the profiles of women typically look too good to be true. They are written in nearly flawless English and the profiles look exquisite with professional studio photos and styling. On AnastasiaDate, you will hardly ever find candid photos of women like they would post on social media.

Second, as a new member of, even if your profile is nearly empty, you will face a constant stream of chat requests from women. Some of those messages are overly suggestive, and some simply look like very generic pickup lines. We highly doubt that young, beautiful, busy women have all that time to spend on a dating site sending out chat requests to complete strangers.

Third, we have met plenty of AnastasiaDate reviews claiming that it can be very hard to land a date with one of the women from the site. You can spend months of your time and a substantial amount of your money on communicating with one of the female members of AnastasiaDate, but there is no guarantee you will successfully be able to meet her in person even when you are very persistent.

Is AnastasiaDate Safe?

At the moment, there is no evidence that your time on AnastasiaDate can be unsafe. In the past, there have been many reviews claiming that the site misuses customer data, but right now, Anastasia Date claims to thoroughly protect the information of its members. The customer data is securely handled on the site and there are advanced SSL encryption mechanisms to ensure it’s not going anywhere. However, given the site’s less-than-spotless track record regarding user data, we would still advise our readers to share as little information with AnastasiaDate as possible.

Does AnastasiaDate Have A Mobile App?

Given how outdated the look of seemed at first glance, we definitely did not expect a mobile app to be available. However, AnastasiaDate managed to surprise us, as there is a special mobile app you can download to your smartphone. Unfortunately, the app is only available to Android users. It has most of the features you will find in the desktop version of the site, but it is known to have occasional running problems.

If you’re an iOS user, there is no app you can download yet. Instead, you will have to use the mobile browser version of We can’t say that it’s better designed than the desktop version, but at least it allows you to take your communication on the go if you don’t want to be confined to one place just to stay online.

Which Features Are Free On The Website?

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that Anastasia Date is a paid dating site. You need credits to pay for features such as chat, sending gifts, and arranging phone calls. However, there are some things you can do on AnastasiaDate for free, which include:

  • Creating your profile
  • Browsing the members of the site
  • Reading mail and chat requests from women
  • Sending virtual gifts
  • Using translator services in phone and video calls

The positive thing about AnastasiaDate is that there is no membership fee and you can remain a free user of the site for as long as you want. However, if being a silent observer is not enough for you, you will need to pay, as a free account on Anastasia Date is nearly useless in terms of communication. You can buy credits in packages, but keep in mind that even the biggest credit package won’t last you for a long time since the prices on are rather steep.

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